Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 1, 2012

The Opening of March and the Golden Lightening Bolt!!

If yesterdays phone readings and massage session was a preview of March, man oh man sign me up, and sign me up quick!!

I knew when I concluded my sharing yesterday, the field in which I read was going to be presented differently.  I could feel it thru the information that was coming thru.  But man, I surely didn’t expect it to turn into a split screen effect.  But just remembering the information coming thru the last several months, it makes sense that it would.  As Above, So Below!

The first reading in a new atmosphere always takes me by surprise.  And the one thing about 2012 is the atmosphere changes frequently!!  Phew baby does it!!

I have said before, I see months long before they arrive.  They always a color and texture theme to them.  March has been so consistent since the last quarter of last year.  Yellow.  But a very waxy yellow feel.  For the last 3 months of 2011 there had always been a very large tsunami wave that was yellow and waxy and still.  It had always showed up in the last week of March with its curve of the wave heading into April, which is still very violet and white in my field of vision.

Once I moved here to Jemez Pueblo, the coming months that I had seen was always set up on top of the Mesa Cliff where the dome of energy seems to be literally molten in my camera lens.  Last year, these months were set up on an energetic line way up in the sky.

During the course of this year, the wave dispersed and a very protect dome of waxy yellow energy formed itself within March.  Within March not over it.  As we moved closer to the March in our timeline, that dome of energy seemed to shrink and the field had said it was concentrating itself.  Which means, anyone aligned with it will be in a field of super concentrated energy.

I tried every which way to Friday to get inside that waxy energy to have any sort of peak… not even!  When I finally figured out a way to stick my head into the dome all I could see and feel was more waxy energy.  Very very yellow tho!

Even as recently as 2 days ago… still waxy, still yellow, still no change for our collective understanding… until Yesterday.  Holy Freaking Cow Batman!!

I am not even sure how to describe it with words, bear with me as I try.  March was no longer waxy at all… actually it came alive.  Very very alive.  It was filling my entire field of vision with this yellow/white thready vibrant energy.  It also has a pulse.  A resonance if you will.  As I seen my first reading of the day, she was standing up on the Mesa Cliff facing the energy that is March.  As she stood there and I oriented myself into the field of Light that was both her and March and try to figure out what is happening… I had seen it… a well hidden portal at the opening of March.  Well, there really wasn’t an opening, more like a pulling.  A magnetic pull that March was in charge of.

Thru all the treads of yellow, as she stood at the beginning of March, I could see a radiant tube like field of pure white light.  This is what was pulsing… magnetically calling anyone who is aligned to its frequency into the belly of this super charged month.

Until yesterday, no one ever showed up on the Mesa Cliff top to start their reading… the field I usually read from is on the ground, 1000 feet below!  Up until yesterday too… I have always just let the field of light unfold and I would simply read it.  Life now wants us to be interactive with it.  Actually is demanding out interaction with it…

I chose to look at the field on the ground level (the below aspect of the above opening…smile) and there was the lady standing straight in the center dome of energy at the West Field.  I could see the old antique doorway into her harvest. It looked so much like the one in the hypnosis event called “The Planting.”  Actually, everything about yesterdays readings made the entire hypnosis event understandable in purpose, more than I could have ever imagined!

There is only one thing that can truly open your door of harvest, at that is the exact resonance of your heart field.  The very key that will pull you into the energy of March (and keep you out of the undertow) as well as fully releasing the accumulated harvest of your Lives.

Let me say here about the West, the Harvest.  If your body is both on the top of the Mesa Cliff and anywhere near the outer band (that orbit) of energy or within the dome of the field… there is not one trace of negative karma in your harvest.  It is all pure energy, pure spiritual attributes for you to use.

Nothing less than pure goodness can or ever will exist within this high frequency field.  To access it, your heart must… MUST resonate with it in its vibrational frequency!!

My second reading was slightly different.  She was set up about 10 feet away from the field of March.  Still very much on the Mesa Cliff… but further away from the entrance of March.

Keep in mind too… March as I call it, is a field of frequency now available to us… not so much a literal month, altho it has been made available within a particular Month in our timeline.  There are people who may not step into this field until later in the year, or next year, or in their next lifetime.

Between her and the opening of March was a rolling area of smokey energy that extended from her feet to March.  I understood this to be the last remnants of the Fires of March… and she still has a little processing to go thru.  However, she was still aligned with the opening of energy that I call March, and slowly is drawn towards it.

I then shifted her down onto “the field” and god knows I had to so literally laugh out loud.  She was on the outer band of energy (that orbit) about 2 feet away from her West point of entrance on the field.  She was banging her fists on the dome of energy she knew was before her with this feeling of screaming (let me in, let me in.)  Have we talked yet about patience (grin.)

We talked about the geometric magnetic heart key of the hypnosis event and how important that key is to the alignment of both her magnetic field of harvest as well as the energy of March.

The most exciting part of my job… my readings… is when someone has an immediate shift during our sessions, I see it and even more information comes thru…. because you opened a part of you that was a moment prior, not available.

As we were talking about heart keys… all of a sudden I could see the month of March again, this time she was in the center of it.  (This information was also a part of the first reading as well… I just forgot about it until now.)

I could see a beautiful but intense gold lightening bolt come into the center of March.  You talk about Ionic energy everywhere!!  It intensified everything!

From what I understand thru the reading was that those of us in the upper atmosphere of March will be fully and completely energized by this event… those in the undertow… it will be like intense pressure… highly charged pressure.  But there is more to it, and I suppose each additional reading will provide more information.

Now this information really tripped my trigger… well, really it all did, but this one more than anything of the days wisdom!!

One of my readings asked me about her finances… and let me tell you, I am sooooo thankful that she did. (Funny, I can usually keep everyone apart in what information came thru who, not today… there is no separation of one from the other… save my massage client!)

For me (and so many others) not only did February burn everything away… it seems it came with a huge…. HUGE financial drought as well.  My own income reduced in February by at least 2/3 of my monthly average over the past year.  Gulp!  Let me tell you, I keep hearing Archangels voice saying “stay present, we got your back.”  Talk about a challenging exercise that seemingly produces very little!  Trust, trust, trust!

So when she asked about money, income, ya know that crazy thing we all need to live each month… I immediately seen a thread of gold energy come out of her heart… and spread out like a fan. I thought… what the hell?

I pray I can regurgitate this information clearly… Up until yesterday… we have set up our finances like a watering hose.  A single stream of energetic focus within our garden of life.  This stream goes to water the mortgage/rent, this stream to the utilities, this stream to the car note… well you get the idea.

Now that water is drying up (you don’t have to tell me that lol) and is droplets instead of a stream.  Now it has turned from water to golden energy.  But instead of one focus (created by our instinctual survival skills) it someone comes from the heart and spreads out like a fan over all of life’s garden.

I could not see or understand how this change takes place, I just knew it is taking place… and is somehow facilitated with that golden lightening bolt mid-march.  Trust me, the moment I have more information on this… I WILL share!!!

We all need a golden fan instead of a trickling garden hose lol!!

Last but ohhh so far from least, my massage from yesterday.  Because of my secluded dwelling/working space…. I do not have many massage clients these days… but I am grateful to have had the pure privilege of connecting to the human body again in this way, in this incredible moment of pure change in life. I am also grateful to have had a fully charged battery pack in my brain at 3pm in my day.  It must have been the energies of the days readings… I was singing and dancing all day long!!  And cleaning my home and body too!!

This man was in pristine energy condition.  The colors flowing thru his body was like nothing I had ever seen before in my 6 years of reading massage clients.  In his head area, at the nose and mouth was pure red energy… root chakra energy.  I understood that his greatest psychic ability comes from his sense of taste ad smell.  Again, this gives rise to the hypnosis transcript of really breathing in the air of change.  Everything you need to know about any given environment, conversation… anything comes from the air you breath and taste as you breath.  His was fully visible, in a way I never understood before.  Or maybe better stated, have taken for granted for a very long time!

Then to see his chin and neck… it was dripping blue energy.  Now blue is the color of the throat chakra… but again, until yesterday I had always seen this inside the body, not as part of the skin coloring on the body!   And let me tell you, thru the years, 99.9 % of the folks on my table… this chakra has been so blocked… rarely ever seeing any blue.  He was wide open in his blueness!  Not to say he talked a lot… he didn’t… he LISTENED all the way thru.  That too, is our most important part of COMMUNICATION!!

His heart area was a bubbly field of rich green.  I felt it was like the lava when it is bubbling inside the earth before it explodes outwards… again, his explosion was aligned with mid-march… in the greatest most intense way possible.

As I cruised down into his solar plexus.. the stream of yellow energy was amazing!  Also tho, light bulb after light bulb was simply turning on.  Phew!!

And in his sacral chakra… a very large generic fish.  This fish was almost pacing back and forth… waiting… ready…. and as I tried to understand why he has a big ole fish in his belly I heard “When the waters of March release, swim like you know how.”  (For indeed he did, he was already set up with his fish ability.)  Again, I felt this massive release of intense waters mid-March.  Keeping in mind waters are also aligned very much to our emotional field.  Just swim, don’t pause cuz let me tell you… the undertow is as strong as the fluid current, no need to get pulled under in hesitation!!

He also had a pansy growing out of his belly button!!  It had a stem and a tiny flower head… it was sooooooooo exciting to see this!!  Can’t tell you exactly what it means… but I know it means something great!!!

Before the light body and field started changing so rapidly, I was able to take a stroll into your physical bodies thru the phone readings… it gives us a very different and enhanced look at your own field of life… I am hoping this is the case again.  He got a lot of very personal details thru our exchange… Perhaps we can now really look at “Above, Below and Middle!”  lol

That is enough for one day (smile)…. Thank you so much for being that reflective mirror of the great expanding universe!  I love and honor you all soooooo much!  Thank you for coloring my world and our world of expanded understanding!!

Ohhhhhh wait… lol.  My team is reminding me of one more thing to share.  I almost forgot about my own meditation yesterday.

My “rock man” was out in the center field dancing quite intently with the fiery Lion.  It seemed like they had a really good waltz happening between them and I really had to make my self known to get his attention!  What he had said, and this is sooooo important for all of us to do….  He was dancing with his power.  His fiery Lion is his soul aspect, his body (yummm) is his earth aspect… and we need to learn to dance together.  Step in harmony together.  Feel the oneness of the heartbeat together.  It is only when we can dance in our power center can we really start to dance with each other.


Lisa Gawlas

Special Note:  I will have the first of three hypnosis audio’s available today.  If you would like to receive an MP3 audio of each event (the other two will not be recorded and available until after the scheduled event) just hit me up with a donation.  I have to water my garden here in my world and any donation will help.  If you would like to have these recordings on a CD, please be sure to donate at least $10 extra for materials and shipping… and please let me know what you prefer in the information field of the donation.  Thank you so much!!


  1. I love how we are all sharing so much in the field. I was speaking with a friend yesterday and she was talking about creating her new home and community space. She was talking about a tiny place and how much money it would cost. I told her that i was envisioning a huge estate with more beauty, and luxury than I had ever experienced in this life. She asked how I could afford it. I told her that we are not creating with money any longer, we are creating with heart energy……and i have an abundance of that!!! So, yes, Lisa, heart energy will create everything we need and desire. I KNOW this!! Let the fun begin. happy magical March to all of us. No mistake that St Patrick’s day falls in the middle of the month, I am feeling the fairies and lephrechans dancing with joy! Magic awaits!


    • Yes, Linda, I too have been planning my “estate” –why, just yesterday I was furniture shopping on Pinterest. Ha ha ha. My Dream House and Yard pin board is huge. I keep envisioning what I want, I also have a file folder full of notes about what I need to create my perfect space, and I don’t allow anybody who says, “Why did you (make note of) that (thing)?” to get me down.
      They may use their “you obviously cannot afford or use it” tone and/or look, but I don’t let Dream Dashers get me down!
      I’ll get my pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, and everyone gets to come over for a tea party (where I can use my new handmade sea urchin teapot and seahorse teacups.


  2. Hey sunshine,
    thanks for the uplifting message!
    LOL I Got an alert from my bank last night….down to 2.56 in my acct.
    I forgot about the home insurance that gets deducted.

    I fought that sinking fearful feeling in a big way. I won!

    Then I got to thinking about how what we do affects the whole, in an energetic sense, not necessarily in a 3D way. Thanks for sharing your gifts, connecting us to the reality of our energetic selves.


  3. Remember you had another client a few days ago holding a flower with a stem and she said in a meditation it gushed out water…

    Can’t wait to talk tomorrow! 🙂

    Has anyone here heard of Matias de Stefano? He is a self described (I think) Indigo child who since age 3 has had full recall of past lives, his purpose here specifically, what is happening to this world from his vantage point etc? I watched 2 hours last night and I am still digesting/processing the information in a manner I’m sure Lisa is familiar with.

    I was born on the edge of the Indigo “cutoff” (there isnt really one, but for discussions sake) knowing I had a very important reason for being here. I knew this at age 10, in fact I detailed this to my mother yesterday as she has premonitions which I’ve only experienced a few times. This young man (he’s 22 now) blew my mind to pieces which I actually enjoy so I only put this out there for those who resonate with information such as this. Google him, but watch his 1 hour interview before the 2.5 hour conference talk or you might get stuck on HOW does he knows this…he explains that part in the 1 hour interview.

    The most resonate thing he said, was the Indigos are here to stop the current systems. They are acting through non action, non participation. This is in fact what I have been doing all this year! My soul was demanding I act now and so I have leaped into it fully embracing this! I spent the last 3 years studying the law and how to accomplish many things using their system. I feel this is the honorable thing to do since my ignorance accepted the shackles I have worn, so I accept that and own it. So when Lisa talks about DOING, not just BEING right now, I really understand that…from a place not here 🙂

    One Love Adonai!


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  5. Found this on Wikipedia…

    The name ‘pansy’ is derived from the French word ‘pensée’ meaning “thought”, and was so named because the flower resembles a human face; in August it nods forward as if deep in thought. Because of this the pansy has long been a symbol of Freethought[11] and has been used in the literature of the American Secular Union.

    Humanists use it too, as the pansy’s current appearance was developed from the Heart’s Ease (a small wild pansy/violet) by two centuries of intentional crossbreeding of wild plant hybrids.

    How appropriate… We can certainly use some ease of heart!


    • Oh, and if pansy means thoughts, then I suppose it refers to how reality is created by our thoughts and that thoughts of ‘pure intent’ are becoming very powerful. Pure Intent means unattached to outcomes.


  6. The wind howled here yesterday and I had so much energy! I knew something was up – thank you so much for the sharing of what it was!


  7. Lisa,
    I feel I understand the water becoming golden energy. It’s us manifesting. We have been wanting a change and you can feel it in the air. Everything old falling apart. Yet with that said the old is being replaced with the new.
    For example in my blog this week I wrote about Homes for Free.
    I never understood why we use money first off and why we pay for everything including our most basic needs when our ancestors and other living creatures on earth don’t.
    We created one crazy illusion. And honestly we need to wake up and create a new one. A life with no illusions or lies, but of our truths.
    Sarah :0)


  8. Boy do I want to come back for another reading! Last one we had, I had a headache and it just wasn’t meant to be at that time. However, maybe you remember a reading we had in Jan. where you saw me dancing with a Crocodile?? I was reminded of that when you described your man dancing with the Lion. Cool!!


  9. Opening up to that golden fan….my garden hose has barely been on trickle the last few years. It’s about time…but oh yeah, that patience thing 😉


    • Hi tropicalangel (((HUGZ)))… the one thing I am absolutely sure of… something is changing. Each day I awake, I feel it stronger and stronger… also the feeling is the change from garden hole to spread out golden fan is within us and not outside in our “systems”…. but those pesky details… still elusive for today. More watery rich ((((HUGZ)))) to you!!


    • Hi tropicalangel (((HUGZ)))… the one thing I am absolutely sure of… something is changing. Each day I awake, I feel it stronger and stronger… also the feeling is the change from garden hole to spread out golden fan is within us and not outside in our “systems”…. but those pesky details… still elusive for today. More watery rich ((((HUGZ)))) to you!!


      • You are so kind Lisa to reply and encourage! I love your “down to earth” way of sharing your insights too 🙂
        Love ‘n Hugs ~ Michelle Hazlewood aka tropicalangel ^j^


  10. Posting this link for your evaluations:

    From what I had learned, it was us Indigo’s task and contribution to learn and “hold” the knowledge in our consciousness. Since we are part of the Planetary Consciousness, that adds to those who are unawakened.
    Now this website is saying that is not enough and we need to be “spreading the word”. Where were “they” when I did that years ago, and was left “holding the bag” and NOTHING took place?
    I sincerely believe that Lisa’s visions of March are exactly right “on-spot” with what is being described on that blog. This is what has been inspiring to me emotionally since I read it! It looks like all the pieces of the puzzle are about to fit together, and I did watch your astrology link too, Patrick. About the Star of David alignment. That also corresponds with Lisa’s visions….
    Now if we could just manifest more hours in every day! lol


    • TELL ME ABOUT IT (more time!)

      Awesome! I am prepared for it and have informed my family/friends to BOLO and dont get caught up. It appears they are driving gasoline prices up through various means…The next shoe is soon to drop.

      I would say to your question regarding the site, it simply wasn’t time. Have you heard of Inelia Benz? She claims to come direct from source, manifested in body and no prior incarnations and she will return straight to source when her mission is complete.

      She stated her only mission was to raise vibration. She accomplished this and back in Dec or Jan of this year she got “Active” and started holding workshops. I got active in Jan 2012 in a major way lawful canceling all contracts with government and reasserting my sovereignty. So we must ground this light energy into Earth and bring Earth to heaven 🙂

      One Love Adonai!


      • Greg Giles does not resonate with me in the least…I find him to be disinfo…to each its own though…


  11. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!


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