Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 4, 2011

WE ARE the Perfect Storm…

I woke up this morning with such an intense vision.  I tried to ignore it and just stay asleep, but it was pretty insistent about me seeing it and understanding it consciously.  The vision was of a cylinder of light with massive a massive hurricane cloud surrounding it at the very top of this solid white cylinder.  It was blowing here and there in a field of wind…. adrift in the night sky.  Not connected to earth and not connected to the sky.  It was not straight up and down either… more like a 45 degree angel… every time I tried to ignore it and stay asleep it literally got in my face with both vision and energy.

The one thing I really started to understand last evening, as I keep reflecting, integrating everything that has been happening within me the last week, I am leaving myself clues of what is to come, and even the timing, within my dream state.  At least since the day I had a bathtime meditation with what I will just refer to as the Keeper of Shambhala… turning batman into my bathman (smile).

The previous nights dream…

I was in a city somewhere watching a bus that was colored a beautiful glowing blue and white getting ready to pull out.  I walked onto the bus, and there were people on it, all my children, my mother and a few others I felt like I should know but didn’t recognize.

I first approached my son to ask where they were going.  He had no clue who I was.  He truly no longer recognized any part of me.  I was a total stranger on that bus… except to my youngest child.  She knew she knew me, just couldn’t remember how.  In the dream I was upset that my own kids had no idea I was there mom.  Upon waking I started to understand… today… I really get it.

We recognize others in human form first, by their appearance.  This is how the lower brain works.  My biology changed it’s vibration to such a degree my own kids had no conscious recognition of me.

And the last super vivid dream I had, I already shared about.  Waking up in that house in the energy (I refer to as Shambhala) … but I missed an important piece of it… at least until the other day as it (the dream) was once again placed in my face as if to say… look look.

At the very end of the dream, Marc’s wife came back with a bag of groceries in her hand.  There was no visual form to her at all… I just knew who she was.

I forgot that in life, she actually owns a grocery store in Thailand… in Bangkok which has been undergoing some major flooding.  Cleansing.  Her part in the dream was simply to say the earth has been cleansed and the food ready to be prepared.

Now going back to the Cylinder of Light with the hurricane energy around it.  Thru my readings and connections with others, I have been (unconsciously) watching the potential of energy grow in relationship to 11/11/11.

First it was an unseen potential… then it was a white glowing solid block of energy sitting next to me within every reading.  Then it moved from where I was sitting to  the center field of creation (within my readings that is) just under my ceiling.  And then, it took form from floor to ceiling as a divider.  An energetic divider.  Readings became “on the other side of 11:11” in reference to anything outside of the moment we were reading in.  And then, it became a solid white glowing cylinder of energy.  It was now alive and breathing… the only thing I knew was that on 11:11 I was going to be inside that cylinder of pure white light and breathe it in before I breathed out in the 11 minutes of group meditation.

Something new was added at the end of October, a forming of clouds all around the top part of this cylinder.  I sure didn’t “get it” but it was constant and growing larger and larger each time I “seen” it.

On November 1st… I realized it not only had a perfect eye wall (think cat 5 hurricane/cyclone) I was in the center of the eye wall.  And I had company!

Today, I really understand what is happening.  We (all of us) have created the Perfect Storm.  The cloud formation is every single soul aligned with the potential of the new energy.

We, our collective consciousness, have created the Perfect Storm.  But now what??


I do believe we are starting to get our Marching Orders.  I will post this in a seperate blog… titled: We Are the Awakened Energy of Shambhala

It’s about to get very very Real!


Lisa Gawlas








  1. Strange!! I had a dream the night of the 5th of november, on waking I remember a similar sight to your hurricane picture, I was looking up at it, a huge cloud, swirling gently that looked like an ordinary cloud but I just knew it was different? I saw it as a huge space ship and saw people “abseiling” towards us ( I was with my neighbour) on what looked like wisps of smoke not rope and after reading your page thought I have to reply. :0) i also remember train references?? riding on a train and number 9..I don’t seem to remember my dreams lately, have trouble staying asleep and have felt really tired and lethargic, also the head pressure rings a bell, as I suffer pressure headaches when I feel a thunder storm only this hasn’t passed and has got worse??


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