Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 13, 2015

The Shadows, the Darkness, the Brilliance of Pure Lunar Love Penetrating.

shadows and light

Ahhhhh… shifty, shifty!! (sung, not said lol.)  It really does take a village to bring the puzzle pieces together!!  Two common threads now unfolding, this upcoming full moon, which I now know is on the 27th and what looks like snow from the milky way down to earth.  Spirit has been saying this next phase, the one we are in now, stretches from the 11th to the 28th, now I see why, all spirit eyes culminate on this coming full moon.

My first lady showed up and I was instantly confused (my natural state these days lol.)  To the left side of her field, in the upper atmosphere there she was, reminiscent to my own glimpse in the shower the day prior, wearing a white parka, fur-trimmed hood over her head, throwing snow from the milky way down to the ground level.  Several people showed up wearing this same attire, the ones that had this snow in their reading.  I watched as the snow spread out and became more than what could have been released from a hand down to her biosphere area, which too was now a white outline on a ground that had what resembled a dusting of snow upon it.

Each snow flake that landed on the biosphere thingie, melted into it and released something, I am not fully sure yet, what that something is, but if we look at how the biospheres started to look going into the 11-11, a mosaic of lights, tons and tons of lights that was illuminated from within the biosphere (by the human within it.)  Now each single snowflake landed on I guess a single point of light from the mosaic (but I seen no color at all yesterday, just the memory of what I had seen and brought it forward to understand what I was seeing.)

As each snowflake landed, the energy of the biosphere changed, created a spark actually and the dome itself was evaporating with each snowflake connection.

This is obviously much more than snow!! lol  But what the hell can it be representing?  Ask, and we shall receive.  I will share the metaphor that was repeatedly shared thru the readings.

Remember the time when we drove cars that took leaded gasoline, our version of love was very much like the leaded gas, filled with additives… conditions, expectations, even fear debris.  Then we realized this was not the most efficient way to power our cars and removed the lead out of the gas and now unleaded gas is the norm, less toxic to the atmosphere and that which it runs thru in our cars.  This snow is representing the new, pure love being released unto the realm of earth creation.

Just like our cars had to change to handle unleaded gas, so to do we.  Many of us have, which is why this pure energy looking like snowflakes is being released now.  Pure, untainted love in the form of geometric patterns, snowflakes, changing our reality constructs even further.  Giving us a freedom, a power source we have never had on this side of the veil ever before.

Thru other readings, the ground itself was visible (yay, I love reading on the ground, it’s so much easier lol) with a dusting of snow, some bare patches where the snow has melted and was absorbed into the persons entire energy field itself.  This absorption of pure love energy is what is germinating our current reality.

But lets really look at the word love, it’s now that relationship love that I instantly think about.  I love you, you love me.  That is just a tiny part of what the pure energy of love is, the most common and felt.  If we take the word love and look at it as unleaded gas, completely free of any impurities, that is what creation, ALL of creation is made of.

One precious soul showed up to really help us all understand the enormity of what we are experiencing.  This lady works hard for the field of evolving light, but she also has her focus on what many would call the dark side, to use her words “the cabal, the illuminati and even some pesky implanting ETs.”  Her reading was interesting and beyond informative and I am so grateful for her presence, her soul teaching in this way.

She was like the 4th reading of the day and I was now getting familiar with the odd, white landscape we have arrived in.  The area I know as the accelerated earth was where it should be in the readings, a light dusting of snow encircled it so I could have my orientation to what I was seeing.  She lady on the ground, head to the south (past) and feet just about connecting to the accelerated earth where she belongs.  Her body was encapsulated in a bizarre looking gel thingie, and her body itself, inside this gel cap was black to my view.  Not black negative, but toned down to match the lower frequencies of the filtered earth, where she choses to put her focus.

This is where the difference of running leaded gas makes what is being shown, clearer to all of us, I hope.  When we take a step out of the present and move into the density that is already falling apart, albeit slowly for most of our desires, we can only run on leaded gas because our focus is on the impurities of what was needed to get us to here.  The gel like capsule surrounding her kept her protected, and yet, at the same time I could see it slowly dripping into the filtered earth and her team said this is the germination period.  Hmmmm… it took a while but eventual realized that by her focusing on what many perceive as “dark forces, controlling forces” she was planting herself in that realm, rooting herself to that story.  And yet, she had worked her ass off to be here in the accelerated zone, running unleaded gas to use for creation instead of dismantling the old, which again, is already falling apart.

Then we focused in on the position of laying down.  We can only do so much flat on our backs, we become restricted in our movement and what we can do.  Not as a punishment at all, life does not punish, ever.  But if you are going to chose to play in the quicksand, your whole vibrational field must slow down to meet that frequency because it cannot handle the purity of love that is now here, it would do more harm than good.

She even mentioned that a couple of days before the 11-11 she got hit with sciatic nerve pain, no doubt her soul saying…. lets move up, not down.  Plop on your back you go!!

I am not even sure what was said that prompted her inner energy change, her focus, but suddenly she sat up and I knew she instantly changed the direction of focus within herself.  I was dancing with DeLight!!  I cannot wait to see her again after the full moon!!

Speaking of the full moon.  Holy heavens, its enormous in the readings.  The full moon is aligned directly over center field, where the milky way thingie is to the left.  Meaning, the snow being tossed down by our souls, our evolved souls is affecting our physical life and the moon, even tho to our perception and movement in the story won’t happen until the 27th, it is already releasing the new emotional field of creation, its reflective light made manifest and germinating thru us, now.

Of the 6 readings I did yesterday, 2 just puzzled me.  They were in direct relationship to the moon itself.  They were not wearing parkas, instead dressed for summer (hay, I wanna play there lol) is flowing chiffon like dress.  Can I trade parka, please?? lol  One was encircling the big ass moon (did mention how freakin big this moon is, take a kiddie pool and stand it on its side, HUGE!!) with what looked like yarn from bottom to top.  There was no earth, no snow, just her, the moon and her long yarn looking thing.  Ohhh and the moon is a dull yellow color, her yarn was just a shade darker than the color of the moon.  I was lost, completely lost and had no idea what this meant to her, nor could I hear any of her team explaining either.  I rescheduled her to today, maybe a good night’s sleep will raise my vibration to understanding!!

Another lady gave us more understanding.  The moon, the source of emotional flow here on earth.  The source of the ebb and flow of the oceans, of our hearts, of our emotional reality.  This lady was swinging on a long thick rope, same color as my yarn lady, but distinctly thick rope instead of yarn.  She was straddling this rope and swinging to and fro, south to north, north to west, and eventually I understood her swinging was what was creating the geometric shapes I see as snowflakes.  Very distinct emotional patterns working from the core of the moon and the moon said we can call her Luna.  However, she is quite androgynous even tho I call her she.  Her teacher, the male counterpart to Luna we will call Lunar set himself up underneath my lady’s butt still straddling this rope.  I could not contain my laughter not only from the visual of this form feeling very masculine to me, his hair matching the color of the rope and his crown energy fully connected and move up thru her butt… excuse me, root chakra.

OMG, finally, I get the difference of attire.  Holy shit this suddenly makes sense!!  Those working directly with the new formation of emotional energy work in the higher vibrations, its hotter up there.  Think of the fires to create liquid gold.  This on the ground level are the coolers, taking this new rarefied energy of Love and cooling it into form, into living aspects of matter.

Oh, I am a roll this morning lol.  Which gives fuller understanding to my beloved lady who has voldemort as a teacher and helping to embrace the darkness as a beloved strength, and attribute and compliment to this amazing world of shadows and light.  Her reading came at the ground level and there was what looked like a light snow tunnel, her team called it a portal, stretched across the ground itself, connecting east to west.  The west field has changed its expression in the readings.  It is now the living chemistry lab of life.  Everything you will ever need to create and uncreate, lives there.  The deep unknown becomes visible, understandable, fully usable.  The dark, ALL parts of the dark is filled with as much creator energy as the Light is.  It can be no other way, since all is birthed of Source, of Love, even if it is disguised as not.

And even this builds on one lady I seen in an eclipse energy of the moon.  The focus is on the shadow energy of earth, and the incredible things that have been hidden from humanities view for such a long time it’s not even part of anyone’s consciousness.  With her, the earth shadow as it moved to cover half the luminous moon, was dropping black balls of energy onto her field.  It just dawned on me, her moon, well the part I could see, was a luminous white energy.  The sun reflecting the hidden secrets long held in the earth’s shadows.  This was as precious and life enhancing as the white snow.  Maybe we can think of it as a new kind of oil to run our bad ass cars with now.

OMG and it keeps on unfolding.  If we see lets say the cabal as anything less than love, then we take ourselves out of the field of love and play on their turf.  If we can find the gift in what is termed the cabal, or anything others may deem to have power over us (I promise you NO ONE has power over me, I own my LOVE and Power period.) does not see the love, the gift that has been given to us.  Remember we understand ourselves first by understanding what and who we are not.  Once we embrace that gift, it turns on the light of who we are and the dark transforms into light, a new living energy of life.  We are building the new right here, right now because we know the love source, the light source, the powerful, unrestricted Love we are.  As we build the new, the old denser energies have no choice but to become lighter.  We cannot force light into the darkness, but we can and must create the pin pricks that will one day serve as the avalanche that will happen there too.  Change our selves, our focus and fully realize our empowerment, the world MUST change around us.  I am living proof it can happen no other way… and so are you!!

And my daughter, living proof that your pin pricks of Light has changed her irrevocably forever.  The hearing she had scheduled for today, postponed until Dec 8th, the second time in a row it was postponed (the stealing from car charges.)  But more than that, she went to the ER yesterday, for two days she has been having intense body tremors.  Her blood work revealed elevated thyroid chemicals.

“The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the front of your neck. It produces tetraiodothyronine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which are two primary hormones that control how your cells use energy. Your thyroid gland regulates your metabolism through the release of these hormones.

Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid makes too much T4, T3, or both. This can cause rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and hand tremors, as well as a host of other symptoms.”

Our endocrine system comes pouring in when we change.  Changing the chemical make up that forms our reality.  Your love has transformed her forever and she sees life in radically different ways.  The love I hear in her voice as she said last evening “you have so many friends” I could feel her love for you.  She had even asked if I could give you her home address since she only was able to receive 3 of the letters mailed to her in jail before she got released.  The jail would not hold any future letters for her to pick up, so if you want to just put a new address on what you sent her, she is home for a long while and I pray, forever.

  • Valorie Gawlas
  • SUFFOLK, VA 23434-8142

Thank you for loving us so much and building anew with your loving kindness!!  You are my superheros!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of melting snow, germinating the love of a new world construct to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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