Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 23, 2014

The Source of ALL Things Is Moving Thru You… If You Let Him/Her!!


Ohhh my goodness gracious how the winds of change are developing, embedding, wrapping around the whole of you.  But even more than that, these winds are full of Source energy.  Creator goodness and movement.

That beautiful, electric white-blue energy line that I had once seen 20 feet above the earth, now holding your feet, your body, your Presence upon it, is pure Source energy.  Before I go on, lets really understand what that means… Source, God, Creator, in spirit it is simply called “The Presence,” is pure love, unconditional, without judgement and filled with desires of love.  For the ground we walk on to be made of Source energy, that means the ground itself MUST be made of the same thing.  The new earth, fresh like a baby.  No trauma embedded within it, no tears from separation and hate.  The very dream Gaia knew one day would be manifest and that day is Here.

Around every person in yesterdays field came a unique wind of sorts I had never seen before.  It took me close to the 4th or 5th reading to really understand what was being shown. Pure Source energy coming in from above and wrapping around each person, creating a circular funnel like engulfment from the ground to above the head.  Pure love, pure creator energy engulfing your biological field, triggering your cells, your heart, your mind of dreams that is your responsibility to help make come true.

The intensity of love I felt in each reading, the support and the unconditional-ness… but also, coming in thru the element of wind… gearing up for action.  Remember, the Source of Love must always nourish itself first and foremost.  Never forsaking itself (yourself) and find a way to know… to KNOW deep in yourself, for this to happen, just like the new earth, YOU must be new too.  No more digging in your past healing stuff, no more thinking you have so much inner work to do before you get to where you are going… you’re there!!  The only job requirement now is to become so intimately familiar with your Source energy, how to enrich yourself and others with this amazing, aliveness of love.

Do not think for a single moment you are going to stop being human too.  Which means, you’re going to have days the energies coming will flatten you, maybe even evoke some tears of sadness, frustration, all those crazy, wonderful things that comes with Being Human.  That does not mean you have to start all over again, just let it all pass thru you.  Keeping in mind, you are now a transmuter, taking old energy and revitalizing it into pureness, into love.

However, going back to yesterdays sharing, there are things both felt in the head as well as things you may be choosing to surround yourself with, that keeps this Source energy  (as experienced in the 2015 frequency, Source will never, can never be separate from you) and cannot sustain its pure power in separation, only in full unconditional love.  Mean people, manipulative people, thoughts and actions of separation and so on.

I had an experience the other day, which now is much more understandable as to why I seemed to randomly, which I don’t think is as random as it seemed… I was watching the CNN news clip of Obama talking about immigration reform and in this clip John Boehner (Speaker of the House) started saying stuff, I have no clue even what he said, I was busy watching the effect happening with the air itself.  You have heard the saying “sucking the life out of the air” well… it’s actually truer than we ever realized.  I could see the air itself, being sucked out of the space around him and moving inside his mouth.  I watched as it formed this…. hardness within him, his heart itself, impenetrable by the very love molecules that exist in the air.  Yesterday, in between these amazing readings, I thought back to that in the moment visual and his heart was so locked away, tons of locks and big metal chains all I wanted to do was hug him, but even with that desire, the chains pulled tighter.  That anger not only keeps him separate from Source energy, but from his very soul too and he cannot see the souls of others, the true needs of others, he can only see the 3D construct of material creation and separation.

How many people do we know like that, maybe even some of you feel like he does… if you want to live in bounty of heaven on earth, then go in and address the heart and why separation is so strong within you.  If you are living with or working with people like that… a change of address or work environment may be in order.  This is where the serenity prayer becomes a major player in our world:


If I cannot change another, then I can only change myself and the environment I place myself in.  Some people are open to change, others not even close.  Knowing the difference is key and putting a choice into action is crucial… depending of course, Who you want to Be in this phase of our evolution.

There were two phrases that was repeated thru yesterdays connections “Use your voice of authority” and “Move into inspired action.”  How many of us had the number 3 and 33 stalk us lately?  3 action and communication, 33 Christed energy which is divine action and communication.  God/Source/Creator is a verb… an action word and trust me, we are being Primed for action!!!!  We must remember to move with the wind, to fly with the currents of change and swoop in to assist those who desire a hand up!!

Do not think for a moment, we are here only to serve others, service in all ways must always be to the Self first and foremost.  Dare to dream, and dream big and employ the Source energy within you and all your helpers from the other side of the veil into the action of dream creation.

Miracles happen and now you are fully surrounded, embedded with the energy of the miraculous… USE IT!!

My first reading gave us all a visual to feel with.  She was standing on the vibrational frequency of 2015, to give me contrast it was about 2 feet above the earth we just left, below her, all these hands reaching up towards her needing her loving guidance, assistance, hugs… See them, connect with them, Be the loving Source in body.  Please also know, loving source does not mean clouds and harps, it means truth, redirection (if needed,) firm boundaries so no one can ever suck the life out of the very air you breathe.

I find some things funny… Obama gets law suits planted on him for trying to help others and Arnold Abbott gets fines and the potential of jail time for helping those in need.

As I was typing yesterdays sharing, a bird I had never seen showed up for me to see him.  First I seen him thru the back door and took this picture of him:

coopers hawk

I had to look him up and found he is a Coopers Hawk, his nature is eating smaller birds, smaller, more helpless pray.  I feed the birds just to the left of where he is perched and yet, he wasn’t swooping down to eat them… Change of appetite is in the air.  Love of ALL Creatures, including our more helpless humans… that’s the key to living… to BEING Heaven on earth, in spite of perceived obstacles and laws.

You are more powerful than you every realized, step into it and USE YourSelf!!

I love you soul freakin much, especially those whose hearts are made of locks and chains!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with tremendous joy and acceleration to ALL!!  I am going to leave you with a great song I heard all day long, most especially that one powerful line that says: “What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us.”  Would you give God a helping hand or a warm bed or medical care???  See god in all things and allow God to See you in ALL things too!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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