Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 2, 2014

The Song of Creation Starts With Emotion!! (E-Motion)


Given everything that happened within the first few hours of awaking into November yesterday, I was chomping at the bit to get to the connections part and see how everything looks now.  I hope everyone was able to feel the avalanche of love that just permeated everything.  Even the energy of love seemed to contain a more energized energy to it, at least for me.  I broke out my DDP Yoga again and renewed my vows with Diamond Dallas Page and lasted a whole flipping hour and seriously thought about putting on my sweating to the oldies, until I tried to walk, I had noodles for legs, I figured I will wait till tomorrow to add to my exercise regime.  Not once did I cough or have a lung spasm.  I like this… a lot!!

And yet, the field was not cooperating to my likings.  My first lady missed her appointment, hmmmm…. Anytime the first connection is MIA, the day of readings tends to be a bit strange, yesterday was no exception.  I connected to my second lady, nuttin.  Not a shimmer of light that I could see, just my desperately needing a washing, floor.  What the hell??  I tried to see her in my kitchen… nope.  Now considering I woke up with my guides schooling me on heart and sound, I knew I was “on” and yet… nuttin.  Finally her team chimed in and said this is not a day to see, it is a day to feel.  Feel the energies!!  The whiney baby in me came out and insisted I wanted to see, but nope.  We rescheduled.

I sat at my computer, wrote an email to everyone else on the day’s agenda warning what was happening and yet, I couldn’t send it.  Something kept saying, just connect.  So I left the composed email sitting on my desktop until after my next connection, lets see how that one goes.  I started out forewarning her of the prior non-connection and the feeling message that came thru, but I am going to try anywayz.  I got my floor.  (Incase you are wondering what I mean by getting my floor, when I start every connection, I sit in my chair, aligned to my back door and literally bend my body in half so my eyes are parallel to the floor, my way of moving my physical vision out-of-the-way and also my cue to spirit that we are ready to begin.  I only ever visually see my floor on the days I am down.)  Just as I was sitting up to whine even more, suddenly I could see this massively huge red heart (think Valentines heart) floating out in her field.  I perked up… I acknowledged the visually reflective message from the lady before her, it’s a love fest day and we are seeing it on steroids.  I am not even sure how we got to her asking questions… but we did and suddenly there she was, in my kitchen.

She had mentioned or asked about selling her house, it has been on the market since January and really needs a buyer to come release this from her.  If i am not mistaken, she asked when the house would sell.  Her team said as soon as you make it happen.  Instantly, I was taken back to my morning schooling from my guides and she added so much more detail to the lesson.

I could see her standing in my kitchen, hand over her heart, feeling the house selling (not hoping, not wishing, not asking anything outside of her to do it for her, but the knowing and the feeling that comes with the knowing) and I could see the energy link to the sound in her ears.  Let me expand on what I understand in this connection.  The heart center is the pure energy of spirit, the pure light of creation itself.  As it moves up into the head, it becomes… dulled down in a way.  It is starting to resonate with the field of matter.  Keeping in mind, our mind itself resonates with matter, with the physicality we find ourselves in.  So that little trip of moving from the heart to the sound in the ears changes the pure light into the frequency of earth light.  Then things started to get really strange in her presentation….

At first, I seen a two adults and a small boy who is looking for her house, the more we talked about that, suddenly her image started to… refract.  Her body was in my kitchen (representing physical matter) and then the next thing I know, the image of these people who will buy her house, was out in the middle of her field of light (representing unlimited potential.)  This alone was strange because it was as if there was a bend in her light field of creation creating a reversed C wave to her desires.  Her team even used the term “refracted light.”

Without getting all sciency, but still having to honor some of the science, I went to a website called (yeah, I need it simple lol) and looked further into refracted light.  Let me share a little bit from that page and mix it into what I do understand with this:

Eventually the refracted ray will make an angle of 90° with the surface normal. If the angle of incidence is increased beyond that angle, then refraction does not occur! All of the light incident on the interface is reflected back into the incident medium! The smallest angle of incidence at which total internal reflection occurs is called the critical angle, qc. Using Snell’s law

With all of this, we are using two elements to create with.  The pure light of your soul and the sound frequency that is creation itself, wait three things, it is the emotion itself that creates the light wave.  So feel it, then see the feeling turn into light, run it up into hear ears (looking like an internal ear buds being used) then turn the frequency in your ears from static to creation sound (the sound will be different every time.)  Next watch the manifesting light stream from your head out into the field of creation (a yard or someplace other than where you are doing this.)  Pay attention to the frequency, you want a perfect backwards C shape in the bend of your light field.  You can think of it as moving from you, out into our perceived future then bringing back to your world of creation the thing you are desiring.

Having all your innate, very very natural spiritual abilities on is going to make this process easier.  When you can see the frequency of light, you know how to adjust it with your emotion.  When you can hear the frequency of light, you can clear the static (if there is any) with your emotion.  From what I am understanding in this moment, too much or two little emotion will result in the sentence I created as bold, refraction does not occur, meaning there is a delay in the arrival of your desires.

We are creators creating now, our teams cannot and will not do it for us, but the will give us the guidance to do it ourselves.

My next lady after her, nuttin.  I had assumed that maybe this was going to be the only one I could see for since she came carrying the needed addition to my waking lesson.  Wrong….

My 5th lady on the field, she brought a little more to the party, at least for the ongoing lesson of the day.  I once again could not see the field itself, but suddenly this thing started to move from just inside my backdoor to right in front of my feet.  It moved thru my floor as opposed to on top of my floor.  There were 4 really dulled down bands of thick color that really reminded me of 4 marshmallow ropes stuck together:

marshmellow ropes


They were all smooth and not on top of each other, and each was one color, not multicolored.  I used this picture just to help you see what I see.  What I found really interesting was how dull the color was.  And her team let us know why.  But I am going back up and string this together for clarity…

So there you are, finding the frequency of your internal creation via the heart, sending that energy up into the ears to create the audible sound that can be heard and felt on earth itself, sending it out into the field of creation, a light frequency hitting targets of potential and drawing them to your world of desire because they desire what you are desiring.  As the target starts to move in your direction, the light spectrum dulls as potential becomes outcome.

Her marshmallow ropes formed a spiral at my feet, her team said that is the outcome manifested.


I must also go back to my mornings preview of myself, the tendrils that surrounded my body and was swaying in the wind, gently.  When we put our focused attention on anything, those tendrils reach out and bring that focused energy back to us, turning from swaying energy to fractal energy of creation (the coiled up part.)

In the world of physicality, our light field is no where near as intense as it is in spirit, it is condensed for matter.  So when we are purposely creating, we can gauge the arrival of desire by the entrance of the dulled down light moving back towards us.  When you see the spiral at your feet, its arrival is imminent.  Your done.  Like seeing Santa Clause on the radar Christmas Eve, you know he is on his way.  Rest.

Well, if this all didn’t shoot fireworks thru my every cell… my last appointment for the day was going to be the fire to ignite it all.  I met him on skype, where everyone else was on the phone, putting me in a different place in my house.  While I am reading via skype, I am nowhere near my computer, I have an uncluttered line of site from a space near my kitchen table that aligns with my back window, I sit there.  But when we are just talking, I do move over to the computer to yap.  I never even got my alignment with the field because I knew I was not seeing it, so we talked.  Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, I could see his body merged into my computer screen.  What the hell??  But his body was not physical, instead he looked like the pillsbury dough boy and was made out of light itself.  I suppose I could say his mass was made of white light, thru his entire body running head to toe and toe to head were striations of various colored light that really resembled morris code.  The closest example I could find to share is:

oil lamp


Now get rid of everything except the oil running up and down the strings, all strings on him were straight up and down, dots and dashes of every color everywhere.

To contrast just for a moment, the marshmallow rope coming thru my floor was used to represent desire coming thru physically.  He showed up in my viewing screen as spirit’s way of saying we work very much like computers, constantly processing information, working only to the degree our encoded software allows us (think belief systems and even the truth of know that you have within.)  We change every moment, energy single moment we breathe,we change.  We alter who and what we are and how we work now.  For those who have removed all the old software that got us to here… the downloads and uploads and everything that goes with it is going to show you want an amazing creational machine you are!!!

Seeing the moving light within him shows us that we taking information in, both from the earth as well as spirit and it changes us, changes the codings within our working matrix.  If we never dump old software, our hard drive becomes full and you will move beyond the old system… until you do!!

I do want to end this sharing with a wonderful statement from my marshmallow lady’s team.  She was talking about living at, deeply desiring to be part of an aware community that is self-sustained.  Her team started rambling on about community and we need to learn ourselves first, how we function now in this supped up magical computer we call us before we can move into A SELF FLOURISHING COMMUNITY.  She picked up on their words immediately, FLOURISHING as opposed to sustained.  Think about the word sustained, it really could be… boxed in, limited… it provides what you need and nothing more.

When they (her team) started to talk about the flourishing community, I could see this huge, I mean HUGE flower heads kinda like easter lilies, only in dulled down various colors.  it is already Here, we just have to learn us before we come together and flourish one another with each other.

I have a feeling 2015 is going to be one hellofa life changing year!!

On a completely different note, as I went on a smoke run yesterday, my team reminded me of one more package I can give to you to help you polish your antenna’s.  I have two months worth of the soul gym online, in MP4 format in my dropbox account.  I am going to give you the links to listen to the vast information and exercises that were done.  So here are the two links:

May 2014:

June 2014:

For whatever reason, after June I could not convert any other files from webex to MP4 format.

Again, practice, practice, practice.  Do not EVER give up or give in.  You can do this!!  I did not see or hear or do anything I am currently capable of doing until the year 2000 when my world fell apart and I had that Ouija Board experience.  Dedicate yourself to YOURSELF.  You are a treasure and deserve to wholey and completely invest in yourSELF!!  I have given you all I have to give, to assist, I pray it is enough to at least, motivate you to Self dedication.  Truly, it is barely the tip of the iceberg!!  The payoff is beyond comprehension!!

Ohhh and before I completely close out (smile) spirit mentioned this morning as I started to write about the love fest yesterday, if you did not feel it, look to see what is within you or around you that needs removing.  Often times, old structures impede the new ones.

I love you soooooooooooo freakin much!!  I honor you and celebrate you every moment of every day.  YOU are cherished!!

((((HUGZ)))) of full potential to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:





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