Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 22, 2013

The Winds of Change Are Within Us!

heart wind

I started writing this blog Tuesday morning, but the bitter cold got the best of my fingers and I tapped out for the morning, expecting to just pick up where i left off on Wednesday.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  The air was way to cold for productive typing, but also, something was happening within me too.  I want to call it a void, but that would really be an inaccurate description.  Maybe, a “deep within” would be more accurate a description.  I am still going to share all that I had written Tuesday (which will be in italics) and fill in the rest of the day, the day of my dads funeral, after it, but first, I want to talk about these last two days.

I knew things were changing Monday, at least with my father’s voice.  In life, he had a deep, kinda gruff voice and that is the voice I had heard even after he passed, at least, until Monday morning pre-funeral.  He started to change the way I heard his voice, taking away the gruff and even most of the deep, giving him tones of communication that I am familiar with when I hear “spirit.”  He had said the reason he was changing the way I hear him was to remove the energy that was so familiar in his voice… judgement, anger and a lot of hostility.  I was fine with that, if not even a little thankful.

When I sat down to the keyboard Wednesday morning, besides my fingers being instantly frozen, even with two sets of gloves on, my mind was non-responsive to sharing.  I just stared at the screen blankly.  I decided to go inside, maybe I could plow thru the energy in the house to write a blog, nope.  I finally gave up trying and came back outside to at least have a smoke and surrendered to being in the void.

Over the last 14 years, I have been in and out of the void more times than I can even count.  I have always known (well, at least eventually understood) these absolutely needed down times I call the void, have everything to do with being “upgraded,” what I never seen before, was what happens to us here on earth during these upgrades.  My Dad was very happy to show me, because he too, was going thru an upgrade as well.

I was shown a room, like a domed room that had thick clearish, bluish energy for walls and all these points, that if I had to relate it to anything on earth, it would be kind of like electrical outlets.  The room itself I would consider to be small, just large enough to house the core soul energy within it, and that energy filled every nook and cranny in this energy room.

The soul, in its natural state, has no form at all.  It is a mass of energy, reminding me of the most beautiful cloud ever seen.  The core itself, it always on the other side of the veil.  I am being shown a picture of a tree, with the trunk representing the “core” always connected to Source, the branches connected to every incarnation, the leaves we can look at as spiritual growth thru it all.

I watched as these outlets started to produce energy into the soul and the soul itself started to radiate an intense thread of super white / blue energy stream from every outlet.  I also started to feel the surge of that energy run thru me, gently, but excitedly.

Going back to the analogy of the tree, this energy from the core is available to each limb, if the incarnated limb (aspect) allows for it.  The allowing comes in many different ways: Being open to change.  Releasing more density from the incarnated mind (ego.)  Sitting still for as long as is needed (within the incarnation.)  Just to name a few.

If this wasn’t exciting enough, I was also shown a massive choice point, one of those points where you can only go one way or the other and there are no do-overs.  For me, it was coming here to Pennsylvania.  However, I did not come here alone.  For all those that helped us on this journey, you consciously choose too.  Your prayers, financial assistance, love, prayers (I know I said that twice, because it was that important) meant as much (spiritually speaking) as me getting on the plane.  So you too, are in a domed electric room within the core of your Being (or will be.)  We will talk more about this once I get back home to New Mexico and my fingers don’t have to keep thawing out as I type (smile.)

I sat again yesterday, trying to finish the sharing I started on Tuesday, but frozen fingers and sluggish mind just kept it at bay.  Once I gave up trying, again, new news was on the horizon from my father, or should I say, the soul who played the part of my father on earth.

His voice change was a purposeful ploy on his part to help me move thru this transition.  He explained yesterday that altho he played the part of my father on this earth stage, on the other side of the veil, he is a very close soul mate and not a father to me at all.  I had to smile at my silly self, I knew that, but it is funny how easy it is to forget that.  He reminded me that life is very much like a play or a movie, where the actors get in character with each other, but once the movie or play is done, they really are much more to each other than the roles within the show.

This is kind of exciting because now we get to live large, beyond the confines and constructs of father and daughter.  But, because of our human relationship and the heart bonding that took place these last 18 months (and especially these last 6 weeks) our connection and ability to communicate and experience whatever is to come, is powerful.

Had we (me and you) not taken this journey together at this critical choice point, well….

So, let me continue the sharing I started on Tuesday (in italics) and finish it up from there.  The next time I write again, will be from New Mexico (I arrive Monday night.)

I suppose, school has officially started for both my dad and I.  My only grumble about it, it’s freakin night school!  On Sunday morning, about 2:15 am, I started waking up, looking at the clock, closing my eyes, flipping around like a fish trying to find my way back to sleep.  I would finally doze off for 10 minutes and wham… awake again.  My father had already told me he was going to be busy this weekend and would be back stronger than ever on Monday, so he didn’t even cross my mind.  That is, until he woke me up at 1:30 am on Monday.  He was standing at the side of my bed, half in his human form, half in his light body, just kinda look at me.  I simply said, I will see you when I wake up… and rolled over.

There are some qualities that my dad decided to keep in his energy field, getting what he wants, is one of them.  I found my way back to sleep for 10 minutes when I woke up with such a strong feeling of heart burn in my gut… just shit, gotta go get the pepto bismal and start the coffee. I was awake and it was just 2 am.  It was my fathers funeral day and the last thing I wanted was to be draggin ass, but dad really didn’t care about that.

He reminded me of a kid who just learned how to ride his new bike and was gonna pester his parents until he got to ride it again.

I slugged my body out onto the porch, coffee and computer in hand, and walked out into some serious rain and wind.  I was bummed, I already sent out the request to the “weather gods” (smile) to have a clear sunny day for dads funeral, a warm day would be even better.  

I sat out on the bench that’s on the front porch re-schooling my dad about time and sleep.  I was quite peeved to be awake this early after not getting much sleep the night before and I really wanted my psychic antenna’s fully energized for this day.  He could care less!  However, he eventually told me why the middle of the night was important for him.  This goes for our guides that wake us up in the middle of the night as well as the paranormal activity that gets stronger at night…

When the sun starts to come up, it changes the electromagnetic energy on the earth.  As more people awaken for the day, it puts kind of like little divots or hmmmm dimples in the energy field that surrounds an area, making it more difficult (especially for a for the spirit remembering how) to interact with the density and diversity of life on earth, more difficult.  

As I sat there, having no desire to even open my computer, I just looked out into the yard and grumbled.  My eye was suddenly caught by a single leaf on a bush that lost all its leaves, save three, spinning like mad.  There were two other leaves on either side of this spinning one that were completely still.  I paid attention to the air, the wind was not blowing… what the hell!!??  I suddenly felt my fathers joy and he said, he is remembering how to interact with the energy and material matter of earth.  How flipping exciting.  Ok, I will stop grumbling at being awake so flipping early on the day of your funeral.  He did, after all, forewarn me he would be back in full this day, I guess I was just expecting it to be at his funeral and not in the middle of my much-needed sleep time.  I should know better than to expect anything to be a certain way.  

He played with that darn leaf for a good half hour, enjoying it like crazy.  Suddenly, big gusts of winds would start to lift up and hit my face and I would grumble cuz it was cold.  He reminded me of his connection with the wind, even his email address was windwalker and he said he is remembering how to interact with the wind and concentrate its flow where he wanted it to be.  I was so excited for him, shivering…. but excited.

He then redirected his focus back to the last two days he was alive, Wednesday and Thursday.  He made the conscious choice to move into the end zone Tuesday evening and made sure he told his wife.  He told her (again) that he just cannot take the pain any longer, she told him she understood and to do what he needed to do.  

He then showed me how little he was inside the body, but was surrounding it with his soul energy, sidestepping the actual pain that intensified on Wednesday morning.  He said his body, what we know as the ego mind was what was going thru the moans and motions of the pain, but his consciousness was not feeling it like we had thought he was.  He was busy slowing down the body functions and would pop into his body for very particular moments, to tell his daughter Hopie he loved her, to hug his wife and his son, to sing a lyric to me, to send a wave of love to his grand-daughter and so many other moments in between.

He also made sure to tell me, that all this was possible because of our conversations of who he really was outside of the body, how he worked outside of the body.  

That crazy leaf on the bush in the yard kept spinning like crazy.  Suddenly, he and 6 of his spiritual team donned their light bodies right there in the yard and started clapping and bowing to me.  Celebrating.  I did my Namaste bow, then in a split second, they were all gone and about 10  feet above the house across the yard, a streak of light went zooming.  At first I thought it was a shooting star, but realized, it was my dad.

The rest of the morning was rather quite until we got inside the viewing room at the funeral house.  He had this grin on his face, like the cat that just ate the canary.  It made me laugh, coupled with the fact, there he is, laying in his casket holding his cell phone.  His wife kept her promise to him to put his phone in the casket incase what I was saying was correct and he could call her.  I took pictures!!

Once I sat down, there is my dad, yapping in my ear.  He was telling me how good he looks, considering how he looked at hospice.  We sat with his body at hospice for 6 hours before the undertaker came to get him.  By that time, he was rather yellow and blowing bubbles from his lips.  Altho in life he was pretty set on not having a viewing at all, he really was grateful that this grinning dad, husband and friend was the last image people will hold of him.

At his graveside, the wind was blowing like crazy, a signature of his I am coming to recognize more easily.  In life, he related himself to a brother of the wind calling himself “windwalker” and he is that in full now.  The winds of change are blowing….

I will see you all in New Mexico (and some of you in Denver on Monday… hurray) and I will catch up on all the emails sitting waiting for my fingers to thaw out.

Thank you from the depths of my soul for Being here with me and for all of us.  We all love you so much and honor your loving presence in ways that is yet to come and be shown!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude, wonder and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Awww Li li! There really is nothing to say, no way to interpret the feelings of deep love and gratitude that you were able to be there to go through this process of healing with your dad and now the transition into non-physical and how that is all working! His joy at being a full blown windwalker is palpable! So happy for you and happy for your family that you were there to make this extremely difficult 3D situation more flowable as you shared the truth about it…what a comfort that has been for your step mom!

    Huge hugs…safe travels and a big welcome home to you from the guardians of the mesa. It has been a blessing certainly to be “with” you on your journey and at all times. Much love! alex


  2. Second time I’ve been reading one of your posts since papa passed & this song came to mind, so perhaps it has some meaning for you…we love you SO MUCH! ❤️


  3. what an amazing story..and exciting…sometimes we keep ourselves so small and we are the exact opposite!

    hope u have warmed up!


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