Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 5, 2013

The Energy of June Into July and the Big Cleanse!


I think the space between phase 1 and phase 2 must have completely unplugged my energy pack from my body!  On the 3rd of June, tired hit me about noon, like a ton of bricks.  By 3pm I couldn’t fight the lead weights hanging on my eyelids any longer and gave in to sleep.  I feel into a coma like sleep until 9pm, waking up thinking it was the next day and ready to go, until I realized it was way to dark outside to be 9am.  Just shit, I had a whole nights sleep as a nap.  I stared at TV until my brains went back into the fog bank of sleep… about 12:30am and had scattered sleep until I finally got up at 3:30am.  One would have thought I would be like the energized bunny yesterday.  Not even in the slightest.  By 8am, I was ready to go back to bed.  So I took a bath instead.  I just want to know what the heck is happening in my crazy body these days.  To tell you how slow on the uptake I am these days, my team showed me an image in my bath, over and over again and for the life of me, I could not figure out what it meant.  Dah!!

Over and over again I kept seeing a man with his back towards me, the entire image set up on the left side of my vision (physical life) sweeping a sidewalk with a wooden broom.  The side-walk was made of large cement slaps connected by a small space to the next large cement slab.  I kept asking my team, is this street cleaning?  There was no street, it was a sidewalk.  Well, sidewalks are personal, a place to walk on when you are not driving.  A place your feet meets the pathway of where you are going.  From what I am also understanding now too, each slab represents an energy change/path change.  For me, this would make sense as I am heading out to Virginia this coming Sunday, with grandson in tow (can you feel the excited heartbeat in my chest!!)  So my sidewalk sweeper man is cleaning off the slab called Pennsylvania.

Today, I finally get it.  I guess my body is the sidewalk itself, my bowels have undergone a massive cleaning, My uterus, a place I thought was happily resting in the space of menopause, was getting a massive clean out.  Obviously a tough job!! lol  At least from my body’s point of view!

So I moved my meditation query from whats up with me, to whats up with everything else.  I wish, with all my heart, I could show you the image I was shown… but, I will do my best to paint a worded picture.

Imagine hundreds of earths all aligned into and above each other (each one overlapped the one beneath it.)  The energy of these earths were most black with what could very well look like veins and arteries made of blue and violet thru out each earth.  My view was in the center of the very bottom earth, and then my vision was taken upwards… a hole was in each and every earth above it, completely and perfectly aligned to each other above and below (the hole that is.)  On all sides of this upward hole, were threads of energy that were kind of just dangling towards the center of the hole.  The threads weren’t very long at all, it very much reminded me of very frayed fabric.

From what I understand this morning, our mission, no matter what version of earth frequency we are on, is to move to the center… where the hole is.  How and then what, I suppose, will be revealed in June, once I make the transition to Virginia.

Feeling more puzzled than enlightened from my bathtub meditation, it was time for the first reading of the day.  I pulled as much energy as I could muster to create a connection… and for a fleeting moment, got one.

Wayyyyyyy up in the upper atmosphere came the brightest metallic flash of sun energy.  It felt like for a fleeting moment, the clouds parted and a massive flash of sun was exposed and beamed downwards.  The image last maybe 10 seconds, then went away as fast as it appeared.  My screen went blank for the rest of the day.  It must have overloaded my antenna, cuz that went completely offline too and tired hit me harder than it had in the hours before.  At least it wasn’t just me, my father felt it, he even took two naps yesterday.  I am now in nap-aphobia mode, I just moved slow.  When his wife came home from work, she had felt it all day, even her co-workers did, putting production way behind for the day.

This gotta be good. exhausting, but good!!

The one thing I am realizing this morning, in one of my readings last week, the only two days of this Pennsylvania journey we got to see anything familiar… we had seen the energy of July.  It was from my architect man and something from his prior reading from the Mesa was parked between the energy of June (which has always been like a royal blue color) and July, which was black with blue and violet energy intermingled into it.

The royal blue of June is spirit, our collective and individual souls, living out loud, in full expression of the higher realms, of pure radiant LOVE, embedding itself, ourSelf, into created matter on every frequency of earth.  This is already causing a massive ripple thru the fields of time and mother nature is working over time to clean off all sidewalks of life… and her sweeping really just started.

For those who keep moving, keep following the energy trail of their lives, of their hearts, you will find yourself within the center, the hole if you will.  The movement will continue thru the solstice when (somehow) we are transported into the blood flow of spirit… what I see as July.

Alive, unencumbered, changed from the inside out.

The last piece of information I received in my meditation yesterday, was my return date to New Mexico.  Three times I heard my team say to leave out on July 10th.  So, as of this moment, I am planning my last cross-country trek on July 10th to return to my beloved (and very much missed) Mesa!!  There just might be a party in store too!!

OMG, I just had another revelation!!  Those three images on the front funnel before it changed… Ganesh removed the obstacle of non-alignment thru all the earths, the silver chain link connected all the earths together… and the beauty, the magic of the Divine feminine… I dream of Jeannie, is becoming the reality!!  Holy cow batman!!!

Big big energetic ((((HUGZ)))) to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. […] P.S. Only a few seats left for:  Reading the Field of Life and Light.  A 6 Week Intensive course that will change the way you see and connect to the world!  Now Forming.  Online class will be held twice a week from June 22nd thru July 31st 10 am thru noon EDT. Click here for more information:  This will be the last interactive course I offer for some time. / link to original article […]


  2. Two sidewalk sweepers caught my attention today and I was also shared the vision of clearing the personal debris of life. I live in berlin and they are about golf cart size with huge circular brushes that vacuum up the dogshit and leaves. The first one came up towards me, and I crossed the street to avoid it. Then a minute later another one came up and almost nicked me from behind before I quickly tucked into my front doorway of my apartment to avoid being run over. I was curious about the significance of this and I came up with the same thoughts. I am making a trans-atlantic move and everything in my life is being cleared and restarted, so thank you for this well-timed confirmation.


  3. I have to laugh! I wondered why I felt called to weed wack my entire lawn which had sprouted tall grass seed heads! My husband could have mowed it saturday but NO, it had to be done today! LOL Li li, we certainly have been cleaning our paths and sweeping into the new earth! big hugs! Alex


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