Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 1, 2013

The Light of the New World is Expanding and Solidifying on ALL Levels!

new light

There is a super party happening in my heart, in every cell of my body and probably everywhere else on earth too.  Something happened yesterday, the Light got brighter here in Pennsylvania, there in readings and even my Daddy was feeling it, speaking it (how good he feels, how happy he is.)

Maybe that is due to the very first reading, setting pace for the day.   I set myself up in the beautiful backyard of my father’s home, cranked out the antenna (the heart tentacles have not worked here) and the sound!!  Holy Heaven, the sound was like a chorus of angels flooding into the funnel cloud above the creek in gold strands of energy.  The sound energy circled the entire length of the funnel cloud, spinning it faster and faster until it was just a massive blur of angelic sound.  What a way to start a morning!!

It was almost comical to see the 4 ropes with those four funny looking spirit/creatures hanging onto the bottom of each rope, they started spinning so fast that it reminded me of helicopter blades spinning.

And then it started happening… the imagery, the understanding got personal.  The angelic sounds spinning that funnel cloud into the next dimension started to release information for my precious lady on the phone.  This sound is her addition to the solidifying new ground of the new earth.  She will be using this part of her, her soul expression via her voice as her next exciting adventure in the coming weeks and months.  What made this even more exciting, bless her heart, I woke her up out of bed (been doing that a lot these days) and she has been dealing with congestion and throat issues for weeks.  To me, that is huge and confirming what is coming thru.  Whenever this biological being called our body goes thru intense acceleration, it clears, purges, brings in the new to it first… the weaving energy off the solar eclipse took her to several new octaves higher… quickly.

As I walked from the back yard to the front yard to reschedule her “real” reading to when I was in Virginia, I could feel the golden energy of her angelic voice embedded into my back, right between my heart and solar plexus and the sound was everywhere and now connecting the front funnel to the back funnel in sound waves of Heaven!!

As I was in the back yard, preparing to connect my second lady on life’s agenda to the funnel cloud over the creek, my father decided to fire up his riding lawn mower.  I had to switch from the back yard to the front yard to do her reading.  At first I wanted to grumble (well, actually, I did grumble about the timing) but I really see how divine the timing really really was.  I steadily seen the images of yesterday, Ganesh, I dream of Jeannie and the silver chain link rope where they had been, but her connection, her reading became very different.  It became personal, sketchy, but personal none the less.  It is only this morning that I realize how important it was to connect to her in the front and what her imagery really brought to this massive release of old old energy.

I could see her way behind the funnel cloud that sits just off the front porch, she was in a large body of water, ocean water.  This water covered the entire landscape of hilly grass and about 100 feet or so to her left, was a large ship.  She was dangling in the open waters, flailing to stay afloat, when someone who I couldn’t see tossed out a very long rope that somehow wrapped around her waist and ever so slowly was pulling her towards the boat.

This image unfolded from the feeling within me that she was going to move, literally move from where she is at now.  But the where could not be discerned, at all.  Everything is water energy.  But her ship has come in (smile) and is already pulling her towards the landscape she will call home as everything settles once again.

This morning, I am once again seeing that calm ocean water, the most amazing blue ocean one could lay eyes and heart upon, this is her contribution to what is already underway and a glimpse of what she will be doing in the weeks and months to come.  In the vastness of the soul of the ocean, we all have the ability to be that lifeline of hope and help to others.  The ocean itself is not restricted by river banks and is free to flow and Be in its vastness.  As her soul is flooding the down spout of the funnel cloud with clear, cleansing ocean waters, she too will become the captain of that ship and assist others to their destination.  For now, the how and where is not yet solid yet… the change is still happening.

She had asked a series of questions and altho the replies from spirit were not clear, they were energized, the replies forming in the depth of ocean water and once we hit land, will be revealed.  I was and AM sooooooo excited.

It became unmistakably clear, something huge happened over night.  A release of the old energy so permanent that we can now bring in the higher soul energies to hold and harness the Light of the new world, even in the densest versions of the old worlds.

As I was processing first two connections of the day, something became abundantly clear in what is happening to all versions of earth.  I have landed in one of the densest frequencies of earths, the work we are doing together is serving to completely suck up all the old chunky debris and transmute it into pure love energy.  As the last of the debris leaves, every earth above here is completely affected.  I realized the funnel spout in the back yard is serving to transmute the chunks into the new landscape, the new, higher vibration of the desists of earths, which increases every other landscape, every other vibration earth in existence.  Everything shifts an octave higher.

Even as I write that, my mind shifts over the those landscapes (collective of energy) filling with the blood of war.  The way I see this energy… very much like being put into quarantine.  Removed from the interconnected soap bubbles and placed in a realm of space far away.  They will eventually burn themselves out.  Over the coming months (and perhaps years) we will see more and more soldiers laying down their guns and returning Home.  We will see nations withdrawing their energy from war and truly serving the greater good, in part, because mother nature will divert their attention and resources.

My 3rd beautiful man of the day, he just tripped my boggle trigger, at least for a moment.  We were in the back yard and out of the creek bed came 4 crocodiles!!  Each aligned to the 4 directions, and spirit kept saying over and over again, they are crocodiles not alligators.  These crocodiles were standing up on their back legs and with mouth open in bite mode, attempting to chomp down/connect to the intensely spinning funnel cloud.  All I could say was… what the hell are crocs doing here!!??  Since I do not have my “Animal Speak” book handy I went to my go-to website which combined the alligator and crocodile energy into one.  I have to pay attention when the field is insistant that they are crocs and not alligators.  This morning I found a wonderful website that gives us so much more clarity.  You can read all about them by clicking here, but let me share something that really popped out at me from this site:

Mayan legend tells of four crocodiles supporting the entire world – keeping it’s delicate balance in-tack by the strength of their backs and with fierce determination.

Can I just say that this precious man is also a very talented architect and is shifting from designing buildings to designing sustainable, natural life structures and so much more.  His energy, his crocodile nature is already in place and the way, the how, there where, will soon be revealed to him.

I wanted to show you what the backyard looks like:

my dads backyard


As I moved him to the front yard, where my computer is, to reschedule his reading to Virginia time, I could feel the pull of his energy from deep within my solar plexus, he too will be moving to do his new work.  Again, the where and when I could not pick up… yet.  He asked a series of questions, in which, we were getting replies.  Altho nothing like our “regular” readings, but something most differently shifted into the higher light of Life and I could feel it.  Then he asked a question about his last reading, which of course was done on the Mesa and I about had a baby when we could reconnect to that visual, granted wayyyyy up high in the sky, but this was the very first day we could bring any aspect of the Mesa energy to here.  Something truly magical, heavenly happened.  To the energy of Ganesh, I dream of Jeannie and the chain link rope and the precious souls who seeded the front funnel cloud with that energy… THANK YOU!!!!

I felt like I was feasting like a queen.  There is something much more than I ever realized when your soul energy runs thru me visually.  It is an elixir like nothing else in all of creation and nourishes every cell of my Being.  The visuals are YOU coming alive within ME!!  A oneness like nothing else in all the created universes.  So again, I say thank you so much for your gift to my soul by connecting.

My last lady of the day, the threads that bind it all together.  On the tails of each of the crocodiles she brought a bright yellow string of energy that went from the tail of the crocodile to the very top of the cloud bank that houses the funnel cloud.  Altho spirit said this equally represents what she will be doing in her next version of life, I had no idea how to bring that into a tangible understanding for her.  But interestingly enough… she too is literally moving.  What spirit told her, like my sudden change in plans to get to PA, it will be sudden, unexpected and completely supported by the universe itself.

And here we are, June 1st.  A month that brings new solidness to the feet, a solidifying of the energy you brought to the weaving wheel of the eclipses and the way forward will soon be revealed.

I am just sooooo excited!!!  By the end of the day, I could feel my heart tentacles moving!!  Hurray!!!

I love you all, so so much, I thank you, from the depths of my soul, for loving me so much too!!

((((HUGZ)))) of the deepest of gratitude and giddiest of joy!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Li li! Whooo hooo!!!! YES, i definitely feel like the energy bounced UP a notch! Doing the happy dance for you and Us that things are flow flow flowing! The picture of the stream is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it and i am so glad you have access to that flowing water! The ocean in your visual so speaks to me as well and the elixir of shared energy and love–spot on in my bookie wook! BIG hugs baby girl! Alex


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  5. I’m soo excited….and I just can’t hide it….sung to the tune of the Pointer Sisters….and I agree with you Oystergirl….the backyard creek is sooo beautiful!! Wish I had a backyard like that!!! I am loving that things have shifted even more….and lot’s of us are moving from our homes to new locations. This must obviously be a time of GREAT change…..for everyone!!! WOO HOOOO……I have moved….but I couldn’t bring my 17 year old with me….he is staying with a friend and their family temporarily. I’m hoping we can get another place soon….we had to quickly move because I could not afford that most expensive apartment any longer. Sigh….hopefully very soon things will have changed sooo much that we can soon afford a really nice place of our dreams!!!


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