Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 8, 2012

The Holy Re-Union Re-Opens a Portal to the Pleiades!

From the moment I woke up yesterday (at 2:30am) with the bright light of the moon staring me in the eye balls thru my window, something felt different.  I felt different, and yet, couldn’t tell ya what I meant by that either.

When I sat down to write my first blog, and most especially that second blog, a new energy was running thru me.  A stream of consciousness that felt like the first rain of spring.

During my first sharing, I became so aware of the in-pouring of this energy, consciousness, that I shifted my awareness to what was happening in me, around me and thru me for a moment.  There was a momentary familiarness to the way this energy flowed… and then I remembered… and wondered!!

The most beautiful night of slow dancing I have ever had in all my life.  The energy field that seemed to solidify, or maybe unify… something… as Rick and I danced to Elvis’ Love Me Tender.

And there it was again, streaming thru my fingers into words.  Sharing an understanding I would have never understood before.  When the second sharing came out about what is the dream, the pure gentleness of unconditional love that flowed into each and every word, I didn’t want the sharing to end.

The energy flow didn’t end with the sharing, it stayed very present for a long while, not as something separate from me, but something that was flowing within me as me and yet I knew, something more was happening.

I have said many times before, I “see” things very differently whenever I am doing a reading, my connection to the field of life enhances and expands because of our connection with it.  I was curious to do my first reading, a lovely soul I have been connecting to for some time.

Nadda!!  A weird nadda at that.  As I attempted to connect with the field, all I got back was like a slate blue screen blocking the entire field.  She laughed when I told her I couldn’t see anything.  I gave her this reading to snoop around from her last reading… wanting to know the rest of our collective stories.  Of course, she reminded me of that, I forget everything the moment we are re-connected which keeps each connection new and untainted by past memory.

I was now curious, was she correct in saying that I was just being blocked from her… well, yes and no.

My second reading of the day, effortless.  It unfolded with clarity of vision and understanding.  Of course, my second reading connection was new.  Someone I never read for before and her field of life had things she needed to know immediately.

My third reading for the day, a beautiful (and now pregnant) couple I had read for before… there was that pesky slate blue screen blocking my vision.

Now I was just boggled.  Truly, still am.  I know there is something bigger happening, especially with the re-connections, but I have no idea what.  Yet.

I decided to take a bath.  Half of me just wondering what is happening energetically, the other half contemplating the opening of the door.

Nothing would give me understanding about the slate blue block in the readings…dammit, so I glanced my inner eye over to my front door, yup, my half-naked Indian still standing there, peering in.

I took a deep breath in and said alrighty then, lets open this door!  Immediately a voice unfolded at my feet, a voice I have never heard before, masculine for sure saying “There are consequences to what you are about to do.”   Yup, I know that.  I have opened enough doors that changed my reality to the core over the last 12 years, I am ok with whatever unfolds.

Once again, that voice said, your reality construct will change.  Yup, hence my hesitation to this moment.  I affirmed I knew this and was a willing participant thru it all.

Now my front door is a double french door, so as I moved my consciousness (rather slowly I might add) to the door where that beautiful man still stands, I decided I better open both doors just to be sure I am not only letting half of him and all that goes with that, in.

I surely didn’t expect what unfolded.  At all!!

No big lightening zaps at all.  Instead, he changed his dress to a very simple something or another.  Obviously a dress not from this timeline.  It seems the moment I opened both doors wide something brought my consciousness back to the bathtub, and I simply watched everything unfold.

He was not alone.  There were a stream of people all coming down the dirt road behind him… everyone walking slowly, the feeling really was, reverently.

He had a hand-held drum in his hand as he entered my house.  He was slowly beating the drum and his footsteps seemed so purposeful.  There was a slight dance in his step that became even more purposeful as he moved deeper into my living room.

As he drummed and danced his way to where he was going (the middle of my living room) I watched as all these other people filed in rhythmically behind him.  My living room was no longer my living room, instead it was a place outside somewhere.

These folks filed in behind him in a spiral type motion, he stood there softly beating his drum, these folks sat down in an outward spiral, single file for as far as I could see.

I became very aware of a woman next to him.  The dress, not from this time period, my body (which I now realize was His body) surely not the one watching and feeling all this in my bathtub.

All the people now sitting in a spiral all around us were playing instruments of some sort, softly, rhythmically and some sort of unrecognizable chant began.

I watched as these two people faced each other, what was felt in that I will never have the words to describe.  I realized this was their wedding day, our wedding day, but not like the weddings we think of today.

This was a Re-Union of Spirit.  A true marriage of the soul into each other.

In this day and age, we take residence in each others life, how often to we really take up full and pure residence in each others soul energy?

I watched and felt everything… as they seemed to get lost (actually better stated as found) within each others eyes a depth of connection that was humbling, I seen an energy field emerge from both of their hearts.  The energy field was wide, like at least a foot wide, soft white and blue each of them, soft rippling energy moving from one heart and blending with the other and rippling upwards as high as my vision could see.

I watched (and felt) as they touched each other so gently, so purposely on the cheeks, the hair, the shoulders.  It was so much more than touching… it was pure feeling.

I watched and felt as they undressed each other, for each other.  Altho the entire area was filled with a community of people, to them, nothing else existed.

I started to realize the energy field that was being built by this community of people sitting purposely in an unfolding spiral of energy.  They were witnessing and participating in the soul Re-Union at hand.

There was something my words can never describe filling the evening air.  I watched as these two amazing Beings explored every inch of each other, first with their hands and then with their mouth.  Slowly and purposely.

Each touch, each kiss was like witnessing the opening to heaven itself within each other.  Even the sexual energy was not from the animalistic side of our selves, but an expansion of pure bliss from the heart.

Even the spiral of people surrounding them seemed to sway to the energy, the music and chanting steady, yet they were as much a part of the energy field expanding as they were witnessing it all.

A Reverence permeated the air, the ground, the skies.

I watched as he laid her down on the ground, on some sort of ceremonial wedding cloth.  I knew she was a virgin and his tenderness, his knowing… still takes my breath away in remembrance.

Thru the intensity of feeling that was everywhere, came the understanding of exactly what was happening.

The breaking of the hymen, ya know, no matter how I attempt to describe this understanding, I feel like I am taking away the sacredness of the experience.

The breaking of the hymen was a purposeful entry into the cosmos.  The man’s penis I saw as the Tree of Life joining with the depths of the cosmos in penetration.  A portal, a connection of entry that will never cease to exist.

There was not a single moment of pain from her, quite the opposite really.  Upon the breaking of the seal, there was an increased flow of ecstasy between them, around them, thru them.

Then suddenly I flowed with their combined energy to the stars.  I could see the constellation in which their love, their ecstasy was now expanding, just in-front of the star cluster we know as the Pleiades.

They were pure energy, pure bliss expanding with the sky.

In all my life, I will never forget the view of the Pleiades so close to my vision, the depth of night sky and the pure aliveness of it all.

As all of this came to a crescendo, and truly this precious moment in time had nothing to do with orgasm… it was about the intimate sharing and full expansion of not only these two souls, but the community in which they lived as well.

I watched as they took their cloth that they were laying on, now slightly stained with blood and semen and they buried it at their front door of their new life.  Buried sounds so much like the wrong word, they planted it into Life, to grow and expand with.

All I could think of was… how did they know what to do?  This was their first moment of union and yet, the unfolding was effortless, beautiful.  Celebrated!!

The children of the community bore witness to this event, sang and made music just as the elders did.

Puberty was not a time to hide and distract yourself from the awakening hormones, but a time to fully explore yourself and the pathway to heaven that is within.  Puberty was celebrated as Holy.  Ceremonial and Joy-Full.

Altho I did not witness anything beyond this incredible, humbling experience, I am hearing that even same sex relationships were honored and nurtured by the whole of the community.  Not a single soul judged love, it was all celebrated for the wonder unfolding and re-uniting.

There was so much more within this experience, but my words could only serve to dilute anything else within this Re-Member-ance.

All I could do was wonder, how did we lose this part of our Self’s?

The one thing I did know, is in that moment of time, whenever it was, we seeded something in that portal of sky energy that we have retrieved thru this remembering moment.  What I am not sure…. yet.

It is funny, I was expecting thunder bolts and lightening… rapid change of something or another, instead, I emerged onto a sacred land that created a stairway to heaven… and became one with it All.

And yet, I know, whatever is really unfolding, we are just at the beginning!!  I do find it interesting that I was in his memory and not the female.  I understood and felt her thru his deep unwavering connection within her.

It is also going to be interesting what this portal of energy that I know (now) has been reopened thru yesterdays experience… means to us.  And why do I have this really strong feeling there is a connection to the slate-blue block in two of my readings yesterday.  Ohhhh the things left to ponder and explore!!

May you All feel the liquid rain of Heavenly love penetrate your soul and take root in your life.

In humbleness and deep gratitude,

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Boy, I could actually see and feel your guests, great vibes !


  2. Ahhh….


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  4. Your post so gracefully given…


  5. Geeze, my life is so boring. You get naked Indians and this other guy I just met gets ETs showing up. I get nothing. 😉


  6. Blessings Lisa…As I was reading your post, a voice came in and so I wanted to share it. It said you are getting the slate blue readings because these particular beings do not need readings, they are meant to find their way on their own now. Don’t know where this came from or why, just wanted to share.
    Enjoy your weekend. VK


  7. Thank you for this post. I felt thier experience through your words. Eileen said it best…….Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!


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  9. liquid rain of heavenly love………my cells came alive with this as remembrance poured in. this is our truth, the reverence that we felt all the time about life and living. Thank you for opening every door and allowing us to journey with you. Have asked to have all my doors open and am poised to walk through into whatever awaits. I too get that this is the beginning……so much more awaits!


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  11. i have noted the same thing on my FB TL..check it out~


  12. What a wonderful sharing Lisa, thank you! 🙂
    Love and (((hugs)))


  13. this is exactly what i was just “seeing…” a sacred marriage… my marriage…
    thank you for posting.. this truly serves as a confirmation.


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