Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 5, 2012

The Wonder, The Electricity, The Grizzly!!

I am so happy to say, I stayed awake all day and afternoon yesterday!  I am hoping that the intense tired and lethargy that has been here since July 1st arrive, is part of that 3 day linear process of new energy taking hold.  But who knows!!  We are all finding there is nothing normal or usual about the times we are in any longer!

We have hit an unprecedented acceleration point in our collective history.

I have now officially sat here at the computer for over an hour, truly, wanting to talk about anything else other than what spirit keeps putting in front of me to share.  I would really like to know where the contract is that I signed that stated I will never have unshared moment in my life again (smile.)  But as I unfold package after package of information in my resistance to share, I really see how incredible, how beautiful our path is laid out for us.  Every single thing should be seen as a learning lesson.  A lesson in progress that builds to the next amazing lesson, even in those times it may not feel very amazing.

I am reflecting on all my amazing meditations I had with Jorge (My Rock God / Native American energy within meditation,) from the moment he first appeared back in Feb., to the amazing moments of bathtub bliss and everything in between.

The one significant thing I had asked about many times, and even wrote about… was the lack of energy connection within the meditations.  I suppose, I so remembered my energy connection in meditation with my mentor in 2001-2002.  The kundalini exchanges, the vibrational shifts in both consciousness and body.  This never took place with Jorge and even tho I asked him why, I never got an answer.  Ohhh our pesky universe keeping things hidden until after experiences are had.  But that has been the nature of my entire path to here.  I get enough information to keep me going, but not enough to taint the experience.  I call this “On the job training.”

Yesterday, something happened so suddenly, not to mention surprisingly,  that seemed to fill in all the blanks/questions I had in reviewing the fullness of my experiences in June.

I signed onto facebook sometime during the day, and I am really noticing the very first picture I see when I log on, it always seems to hit whatever I am feeling, understanding… whatever.  Well this moment just took me by surprise. It was an image of an Indian talking / smiling to a grizzly bear (I have included this picture as my art for this sharing, as well as the site it came from with info on the grizzly as a totem, just click the image itself.)  My internal reaction to that image was strange even for me…. I stopped in my tracks, my heart started racing and I could feel something burn right into my heart.  Weird.

I was having company last evening so decided to whip up a batch of bar cookies as a treat.  I was standing by the stove (which puts my front door directly behind me) mixing up the cookies when all of a sudden I felt this shock of electricity run thru my heart and suddenly within my inner vision I had seen, so clearly I swear it was real, an Indian man moving from the left side of my door (physical life) to the center of the door looking in.  It was so real, so incredibly real I had to turn around to see if there was any one there.  Of course, in this vision, he was not wearing a shirt.  Had I seen a half-naked indian really at my door… I swear I would have thought I hit the lottery!! lol

When I turned around, obviously there was no one there.  Back to mixing my cookies…

Once again, that bolt of electricity ran thru my heart… like something I have never experienced before… a wonderful, high frequency explosion… and there was that same image of the Indian.  All I could think was my god, that picture my friend posted had more of an effect on me than I realized!  Sheez.

I suddenly remembered the bear in the picture and the very first thing I had seen when moving here and realizing the huge significance of where Here is, I seen a bear protecting the golden door at the Mesa base.

I decided once my cookies are done, I must have a meditation.  And so I did and got so much more than I bargained for!!

My intention was to connect with the grizzly, instead I have this beautiful Indian hovering above me in my bathtub, just looking at me… and I could feel the intensity of the electricity that now filled the air around us.  And then the shock of my life (no pun intended.)  I could see his entire heart center and as it opened up to reveal what was inside… a very very familiar image and vibration was staring at me.  A huge, glowing white Kundalini serpent.  I instantly became confused.  I know this energy signature well, it was that of my mentor from a decade ago.  My own rainbow serpent seemed to recognize the energy staring straight into my heart because suddenly, my own kundalini serpent emerged from my heart and the two entangled like so many years ago.  Mine going into his heart, his into mine… with energy sensation I never felt before in my life.  Maybe because this time, there was a physical body connected to the energy… when my mentor and I had our kundalini experiences, he was always an energy body, never taking on the appearance of a human at all.

In my struggle to stay “awake and not just aware” I had to ask the only question that mattered to me…. please don’t tell me I am getting on the merry-go-round with my mentor from long ago again.  I really don’t want to do that again.

I was suddenly shown the soul and the vastness of a highly developed soul energy.  I was shown how the soul itself takes parts of its pure energy and connects with many humans on earth.  So one soul may have 5 humans walking around at various ages at any given time (and I am just pulling the number 5 our of my hat… not meant to be a real number, could be higher or lower.)  Even tho the human is different, the energy signature of the soul is the same in all incarnated bodies.

So I was relieved to know that this was not my former mentor wearing a guise that I would not kick to the curb… and trust me, I would!  Some games are just to exhausting to continue to play.

The crescendo of this bathtub experiences exploded like nothing I have ever experienced before.  The energy seemed to blow out of every pore of my body, not like in white light… more like in lightning bolts!  I could feel the air so differently and when I opened my eyes… there was no sense of solid anything around me, not even my tub.  Every thing was in I guess molecules floating about excitedly.  It really reminded me of what I call my “meeting god” experience, only on a lesser scale.

I couldn’t even move after that, and I dare not ask a question I am really not ready to hear the answer to.

So I changed the channel back to my original intention of meditation… grizzly bear!!  Instantly I seen him walking from the Mesa base and crossing over the water of the Jemez River.    He looked so real in his movements… to the point of his fur rippling with each step he took.

All I could think was…. I cannot handle any more of this and made the effort, and let me tell you, it was an effort, to recollect my body and get out of the tub.

The air never reduced its electrical output… not for a long long while.  So just ignoring what happened was not really an option.  All I could do was feel… and know, this is the true and absolute connection needed between divine counterparts.  Everything else was a story building in experience and understanding…

Like I said, I really didn’t want to share this story this morning… but god forbid I am ever in charge of what is shared, if I was, that would be purely from the ego looking to diverge.

In my avoidance (which really is not possible) I seen the greater story unfold.  My mentor from a decade ago… it was always a pure soul connected energy mergence… never meant for the physical.  With Rick, it was always meant for the physical connection but not the intimate spiritual connection.  And yet, he came with the greatest catalyst needed for my own growth and release… the dance of the fire lion.

I am a leo, so I would be represented by the lion.  The fire is a purification of everything.  Funny how many times I had seen Jorge dancing with this fire lion and it was the very evening of mine and Ricks dancing, literally, that exposed a part of me still blocked… and was kicked wide open in my tub.  What an amazing gift I will treasure for all my days.   This allows for whatever the fullness of this next adventure holds.

Last evening, with pendulum swinging, I asked Archangel Michael to give us a message.  Seems the first thing on Michael’s mind is the last thing I want to think about.  He said:  “Keep your bold games alive.”  The moment he finished that message my inner vision seen, once again, the man, the serpent and my bathtub once again.  I am not 100% sure I have the energy to keep this bold game alive.  Sheez!!

Archangel Michael spent the rest of the time giving Rick messages as he readies himself to go back home.  So I asked Michael if he had a last message for me.  God forbid Michael doesn’t have something to say (smile.)  And so he says:  “Freedom of Love is at hand in ways you’re going to be surprised to experience.”

I am already surprised.

But, I also understand, why in my heart exploding vision that Indian didn’t have a shirt on (which was nice eye candy I might add) …he is not trying to hide his heart or any aspect of HimSelf.

That alone would be such a nice surprise and surely not exhausting to bob and weave with.

What we are endeavouring to undertake in these times must be with the wholeness of body and soul, anything less…. well, is less and incomplete.

I sit in such a state of gratitude for all the incredible earth angels who have shared so much of themselves, always pushing me further into places and understandings I surely would have loved to avoid.

Can I just say, my cookies came out so wonderfully and filled with a taste explosion all their own.  Yummmmmm on so many levels!!

With so much love and wonder!


Lisa Gawlas


  1. Such a beautiful share. I think it so wonderful what you do. I don’t know if there are others that have this beautiful gift that you have.


    • I agree. And if only we all could pay Lisa triple for what she has to go thru for us… (maybe someday we will be able to)


      • Joining in with heart felt appreciation.
        Love ya Lisa!


  2. Thanks for another heartfelt sharing Lisa 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me the similarities of our lessons for all they are slanted slightly differently depending on our own lives… but of course we are both ‘Michaels’ lol. I found the info on different incarnations of the same soul very interesting and it echoes my own experience. I have had flu now for a few days and am in the process of waiting to hear about a new home (currently living in mams back room… not fun!!) so havn’t written a blog for what feels like forever, but when I do I’m thinking all this stuff will filter in.

    Thanks again… much love, Kel xx


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  4. Oh please please , bring it on!
    I am right here with you!


  5. Lisa, when I saw that pic of the gorgeous Indian man and grizzly bear, I thought “That’s what Jorge looks like!” Love it!

    I have had my own Michael come into my life lately! I certainly realized it is about the energy he brings through and not necessarily the human suit he is in. Although, I do hope there is more to our interactions to come! (I will “keep my bold games alive!”) If not, it’s okay and I am grateful for the energy gifts he has delivered. “Freedom of love is at hand in ways we will be surprised to experience.”

    Thank you for all you do and share.

    Much Love,
    Mary Ann


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