Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 19, 2021

A Channeling Of Shift and Convergence (From my team.)

Spirit is rather yappy this morning, hence this sharing. There are two things being repeated since I woke up and it is driving me crazy so I release to all of you!!

There is a major shifting coming up upon the earth. There is also a convergence of energy underway.

I decided to take to google to be sure we are understanding the two as it is meant to be:

“Convergence is when two or more things come together to form a new whole, like the convergence of plum and apricot genes in the plucot. Convergence comes from the prefix con-, meaning together, and the verb verge, which means to turn toward.”

Of course, the two are related. So lets focus on what the hell they are meaning with the shift. I get several replies back

A major shift in consciousness (yay.) A major shift in the landscape of earth. (What the hell does that mean.) Yes, I give you my dialog with spirit. lol The reply is “exactly what we said.” They are as sassy as I am to them. So what… an earth shift, a shift in power, a shift what and where… The reply:

“There is a serious amount of energy building up inside the earth. It must be released outwards. This will cause a great shift on the earth. This is also when the massive convergence of energies will take place. (I ask, as always, when) “We do not know an exact time. Time is not stationary as we look at the earth. It comes from all directions, bends, blends and varies. Humans are hung up on time and it is too elusive in this grand awakening of the human species.

We are also watching the convergence of alters.

(Lets get clear on the meaning they are using with “alters.”)

“change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way. …In some cases, the person may benefit from a particular alter (for example, a shy person may use a more assertive alter to negotiate a contract).”

(This is from my perspective in the readings this week.) We are pulling into our energy and biological fields tremendous energy from other place and even various planets and stars from our own solar system. For several of the folks I read for, even “alters,” other incarnations from other worlds blending in and become a part of that person. Expanding oh so much.

From my team: This becomes a great shift in awareness as the alter’s abilities and expandedness settles in and becomes part of the person. So we see and experience a convergence of the soul mind energies thru each person. This is also happening with the earth. Highly evolved earth planes are now blending into the earths core. The sun energy of May amplifying its Light field, making it absorbable for this human race.

The earth is wise and very intelligent. It knows exactly what to do, where and when. Humans on the other hand are still filled with self doubt. So the energy is within, but often times, does not get used.

We have embedded many things in the classes (I) will be running. (gulp) Both designed for Self discovery.

When the earth releases energy, it will appear violent on the surface, as child birth appears violent to those who have not experienced it. These energy are vital to the evolution underway and we ask (as well as prevent) any interference with its expression.

And so we begin a new era on earth. An era led by You in change and accessibility. An era that IS Giaya’s Gold IN Age!!

(Like I said, they are yappy this morning. Been a hot minute since I have done direct channelings.) I do want to explain the Gold IN…. in my readings since I began 20 years ago, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see in readings. So it goes without saying that we are evolving into the highest form of incarnated spirit that we can. (Wish it didn’t feel so damn painful to do, Sounds sweeter than the actual experience lol.)

On that note, I shall let you ponder and meditate.

I love and honor each of you soul very very much!! Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with Self illumination and Awareness to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. possible Earthquakes, I guess?

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  2. Thank You w/Much Love/Gratitude, Peac3!

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  3. Thank You so much for sharing Your insight and knowledge about this crazy-turbulent-joyfull-challenging evolution. Reading this text feels like a duster, clearing my Soul-connection from matter-/ego-related fog, very energizing.
    I am whishing ALL a birthing process only as tough as needed and surely as smooth as possible.
    May You be surrounded by loving, healing and supporting energies, flowing to You whenever You are willing to receive them.
    – NiSha

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  5. Thank you, Lisa.💖✨💖
    Loving hugs🤗

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    • Happy transitioning Lisa & thanks for your jokes, dedication and service.
      May you be painfree wherever you are ♥️✨

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  6. I have read that Lisa has passed away. Is this true? I have been shocked.

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  7. Lisa Rising Berry said she passed away at 11am yesterday morning my heart is sadden by the news. I guess this was the change in scenery she was talking about in her last blog for her. She has shifted into Gold en light.

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  8. Rest in peace beautiful one. I am sure you will have the angels in stitches soon.

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  9. Sweet Lisa…….see you soon…….you are hopefully in no more pain….words fail me, what WILL I do now? You were my rock….sorry, I am not being selfish, (really, just missing you)……Golden Light indeed…..sending you all LOVE & Much Much Light…..xoxoxo Sylvia….

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    • De-light-ful hugs from all of us Golden Ones upon the Earth for your return H💓ME Dear Lisa G🌟lden Heart dear Sist🌞r❣
      I am feeling your angels hugging you here and at H💖ME 🎈 Thanks for all you are and have ever been 🎊

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  11. When are Lisa Gawlas’ heirs going to refund the money for our sessions that she can’t now fulfill?

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