Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 16, 2021

A Friction is Building!!

There was something I forgot to mention in my last sharing, well, several somethings really. We are in an elongated double energy system. One that started at the entrance of 2021 and fulfills itself at the solstice in June. Bumping up to that is the next elongated energy system that runs til the last of this year, altho it hits its peak with the December solstice.

Obviously within these two elongated systems are many many other little systems. Little not in anyway meaning weak. From what I can see and come close to understanding, there is a friction like energy building up between these two elongated energy systems already. Where there is friction, there are earth events that will be inevitable. What kind I do not see yet. That said, thru the reading these systems came thru from, we were reminded of hurricane season, but no elaboration.

I am also seeing a very strong relationship with these doorway readings and various planets in our own personal solar system. We are seeing them when they were alive with tangible life. Our memories returning from those incredible times of evolution thru each particular planet. Our abilities expanding and become brand new in many ways.

These eclipse energy spheres we are in are bringing about amazing attributes/abilities. The man I just read for was bent over with his head pressing against his energy sphere at his left field of life. He was drawing in the energy (removing many things from his created life) and doing this odd and continuous thing with his hands. His upper body was weird looking as was his stubby arms and hands. His team explained he is bringing in energy and abilities from another world.

His hands were manipulating the energies he is drawing in from his life field and before this eclipse ends, will release brand new energy into his field.

It was exciting to see and as he progresses in understanding what he is doing and how, he will be able to assist others in that way too.

Another lady looked like a porcupine with its quills all out, but only on her head, her whole head. Her team explained these are what I call antenna’s and are bringing in transmissions from many planes to overwrite what she once knew and expand her entire field of life. I had to laugh because I had a feeling if I was looking at my own head, it would look similar. Able to pick up every frequency except the quantum deep which no human can. Hell, some spirits cannot either (which I was just told.)

Well I know there is more, but thanks to these fingers that are so challanged to type, it will have to wait for another day.

Enjoy our ongoing non-reality. We are changing so fast. I love and appreciate every one of you soul much!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with radiance and love,


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  1. What an amazing intuitive understanding you have. Thanks very much for your insights.

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