Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 14, 2021

The Triad Energy System We are Now In!!

Well we are seeing this next energy system and it is enclosed around each person. Yesterday everyone was in a state of quantum flux as it settled into this large orb that each person is inside of. The large energy sphere is outlined in black, taking in the energy of the eclipse, within that is also the moon and sun energies too.

Of course the sun played right into the energies of our next system yesterday:

ANOTHER CME IS COMING: A minor CME billowed away from sunspot AR2822 on May 13th (around 1600 UT). NOAA computer models suggest that it might deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on May 18th. (from

Today in the readings, what I see is everyone in a large bubble. It is not completely spherical and it moves. Something sorta like this:

energy sphere.jpg

The entire circumference is outlined in black because of the eclipse energy. And it changes shape depending on the position of each person inside.

I had one person with hands and legs spread and touching top and bottom of their energy bubble. Another sitting buddha style, yet another bent over at the waist, butt touching back, head touching front, arms touching left and right sides.

I will use the last one as an example of what this energy is doing (to her, remember, everyone is getting hit differently.)

She is touching all four directions, The spirit of the north, east, south and west will be assisting her. As her back is completely exposed there is a tremendous energy being inlaid for her.

Also, everyone’s bubbles have spiky energy all around it. It is moving into various parts of your field or path forward to remove the old energy and make room for the new opportunities. and experiences. My 4 directions lady has her forward path completely affected by these spikey things as their bubble rolls forward then back into place.

Changing so much about her path forward. Where she thought she was going, she isn’t. Good thing for her, she had no idea where she was heading. Now she will!!

Also, the moment I opened this blog, I could see how all the bubbles are touching each other. Sort of like this, and true everyone is a different shape and size:

cluster bubbles.jpg

On a completely different note, one of the precious people in the New Body Template class suggested I bring back my Learning to Read course. Of course I said no. And every day since then, spirit has been on my ass to get it out and open again. We are in new energies, new abilities, new ways of doing things. And it has been years and years since I taught that class. I can so no to a person, but spirit is on my ass too much to completely refuse. So today I put a class together, well, 2 actually. Co—creative meditation for those who are not really having full experiences in their meditations. It is important to be able to do the basics like hear and see for the Reading class.

Co—Creative meditation class will be 2 weeks long, done the 2 weeks before the Reading class starts. Anyone can join the meditation class without participating in the Reading class. However, if you do both, you get 50% off the meditation class. Use coupon code 2classes.

On that note, my fingers hurt. I just wanted to make sure you had this information to take into your meditations.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with fresh new energy and experiences!!


Lisa Gawlas


2 week course. It will teach you how to go into meditation and co—create with your spiritual team and teachers. With a focus on seeing, hearing, feeling to understand your experiences.

2 Saturdays June 5th and 12th from 4pm — 5:30pm CDT ~ $49 or $24.50 with Reading Class. Use coupon code: 2classes

I will send you an invite to our zoom classroom. Yes, it will be done thru Zoom.

Seating is limited, reserve your spot here. Click on any date to get the screen to pay: .


Everything on the earth communicates. We will learn to read it all. From what we consider non living things like your car or house, to very alive things like plants, animals, people and the fields of energy that exist everywhere (even beyond earth.)

Having an established ability to meditation, so important.

4 Saturdays June 19th and thru July 10th from 4pm — 5:30pm CDT ~ Fee $99

Seating is limited, reserve your spot here. Click on any date to get the screen to pay:

I can create payment plans if you need. Any questions email me at


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