Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 6, 2021

Thru the Light of May.

When spirit says and shows a particular energy system being ruled by something (May being ruled by the sun) What I hope for, and what we get, two different ballparks most of the time. This is so true for our entrance into May. The sun is in play in all the readings for sure, but in individual connected ways.

During this first week of May, energy from the sun is directly connected to each person (that lives at the leading edge of light.) It’s connection and what it is doing is unique to each person I see. For example, one of my guys had a tornado like sun filled sheathing around him and it was spinning so fast., his team kept reminding him to be mindful of his equilibrium until this system subsides. Along with the inner energy it is rearranging within him, so to is it spreading outwards. Another person had sun tubes connected into various places on with body. Creating electrical as well as magnetic upgrades in various places. Yet another had liquid sunshine streaming into the crown, saturating the brains, enhancing the throat (Self expression) and running thru their hands.

All of this bring our electrical and magnetic currents (especially the brain and heart) to higher levels. This allows our emerging new skills and abilities to have a more profound effect and less time laps.

This brings us into the new moon, where once again, we will go thru an energetic reboot of our internal systems. Many will be assigned new assistants that will help you understand this Light enhancement and how to use it.

We have a total lunar eclipse coming up on the 26th. It will be a 7 day event (release of its energy.) So we can look at the 23rd thru the 29th as even more intense. It will combine and infuse a hybrid energy of earth, moon and sun into those at the leading edge of Light.

Equally as we move thru May, we will be assisted by our families from the stars. Especially the Pleiades and Sirius.. Both planetary systems are at the forefront of our DNA changes and assisting greatly with each person as it unfolds. We will also experience upticks in the energies being brought to us by these two areas as well.

Ohhhh and the doorway experience in readings is amazing too. In my one lady, her doorway was opaque except the upper section. In that area it was a prism of many light strands going from a singular point them bursting outwards. I could see her heart had the same energy within it, and it went from outwards to a singular point opposite her doorway, creating a pyramid shape from one to the other. I was then shown what reminded me of ancient Egypt, but was told it was a lifetime she had lived on Venus. She was bringing back to this earth, this time, the magic of the heart of Venus. She was told that she would meet up with her family there. She would be going to what I call the temple of sleep and will be worked on by “magicians.” This will help her energy assimilation go much quicker and her ET helpers of course are the Venusians she had incarnations with.

It was also explained that many of the ancient temples of Egypt were built by them. Brought here to enhance the earth people of that time.

On that note, my day is well underway. My body hurt too much yesterday to even think about writing a blog. Everything seems to kick my ass any more lol. Today is much better in body tho.

I am going to bring the Doorway/Body Template/Reading back thru the 11th by request of spirit. Who am I to argue!!??

I love and appreciate you all soul very much. Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with illuminating Light and Energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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