Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 1, 2021

A Wall of Water Enhances Our Entrance into May

This is just a little quicky, but I feel important enough to make sure the information gets out before we enter May.

The moment I woke up yesterday I started seeing a wall over and over again. The kind of wall like you could buy in stores:

wall of water.jpg

No frame of course and only about one panel wide. So I was not surprised that it showed up in all the readings yesterday too. What I do find very interesting is that is that it positioned itself unique to each person. One was between her center and right (emotional/spiritual) fields, the next was directly in front of her (path forward) and another was situated diagonally from her left (physical life) field) and her path forward.

Even the effects of this wall of water were different for each person. One was highly electrical, creating lightening surges to the field and my lady. One was all about germination, sprouting new life opportunities as she entered May. I cannot remember what the other was, but, it is the big finish for the April energies.

Not surprising that the sun rules all of us in May and evaporates the wall of water we are enduring.

If I am understanding the information that came thru yesterday, there is going to be a dramatic increase in our personal magnetic fields.

All of that in mind…

It has been raining here in my world for days. So the rain complemented the water in the readings. Between my 3rd and 4th reading I got a call from my daughter that my 5 year old grandson was melting down at daycare and would not stop, so she asked me to go get him. I was trying to rush to get him and be back for my next appointment and he was in full defiance mode. Refused to get in the car and I had to pick up my little tank (He is 65 pounds and much stronger than I am) and force him into the car. Without realizing it, my phone jumped out of my pocket and landed in the street parking area. Of course, I only realized this when we got home and I could not find my phone anywhere.

My daughter was already on her way home, so my son asked her to look at daycare to see if its there. It was.


My heart sunk to the ground. It got trapped in a puddle and cars ran over it again and again. Thankfully my son to be x son-in-law let me put a new phone on his account. I drove to the smallest Verizon store I have ever seen, wasn’t even sure they sold phones there and was relieved when they said I could finance one. He wasn’t sure since he is behind on his bill. And then pure panic set in when they said I had to have the $91 tax now. I had just paid my phone bill the day before which zeroed my cash flow.

It is crazy to realize your whole world is contained on a phone. I do not have any of my kids phone number memorized thanks to speed dial. I do not have my log in passwords memorized thanks to fingerprint logs. Of course I tried my bank cc hoping they would just let me have a loan, lol, nope. So I sent up a prayer and hoped something was in my paypal lol. I had to use the guys phone to even log in and check. Much to my absolute relief, a precious angel seen my facebook post about my phone and donated enough money to pay the tax and get my new phone.

So my wall of water is all about communication upgrades. I went from a Galaxy S8+ to a Galaxy S21. I will take this damn phone to the grave with me. An expense I didn’t want or need but I guess spirit thought it was important lol.

At least now I have an internal speaker. On the S8+ the internal speaker died on both the phones (they gave me a replacement one because of the speaker on my first one.)

So I anticipate clearer hearing thru May!! lol

My suggestion to everyone is go into meditation and see where your water is. What type of energy is coming from it? Where is it targeting within your body, within your field(s). It will give you a heads up on where the sun will shine on your abilities and enhancements as we enter May.

Hope this provides assistance for you. I love and appreciate every single one of you.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with electrical germination to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. I tried to convey your situation to my husband, but OMG! We ended up having a row! LOL! Commiserations my dear…..Can’t you get the ‘Angels’ etc to help? LOL! Yes, I am well aware of what is involved LOL…..but it is just laughable if it wasn’t so complicated! Thank Goodness I am nearing 80! I really do not like mobile phones! Read between the lines! Love you! SylviaMelaynia XOXOXOXO


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