Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 28, 2021

Post Full Moon~ Pre May

Here we are, finally at the end of April and most especially post full moon. Lord did this moon kick my ass. I woke up the day prior (It was a 3 day cycle) no voice, low grade fever all day, my skin was super sensitive to the touch and my body just felt like crap. Next day (day of) was not as bad, except I still had no voice or energy. Yesterday I felt fine, unfortunately, the field didn’t lol. There was a red X over the moon, a red X that stretched from under the moon to the top of the person I was trying to read for, head and each person had a different series of X’s along their body.

What I do understand from yesterday is that the moon is going thru an energetic transformation. The air space between the moon and us also, transforming. Both area’s assisting the enhancements of the individual primarily where the X’s are located. One lady had them all over her head, neck, down thru her arms and hands. Another completely down her core. I will be reading for them today, so will advise what happened.

We must take a look at the energy of May as well. It is ruled by the Sun. I am hoping to get more information before we actually arrive in May, but the sun will assist in the enhancements that are now available to all Life on earth.

Our New Body Template is enhancing yet again. More attributes and abilities coming online for use. I am also seeing the earth opening up wide. I cannot tell for sure of it is literal or figurative. We will also have more assistance from our friends in the skies than ever before. They will be assisting us from our greater consciousness as well in dreamtime.

I am also hearing that there are doorways of opportunities coming available to those who do the service of Light and Love, inside and outside. Which I find interesting because in our class this past Saturday, a doorway, unique to each class participant, was very important in the meditation we did.

Well, that reading was rather informative, as I had hoped it would be. As we entered April we entered ascension 2.0. Now we are entering new earth 2.0.

We will be seeing many enhancements in our life fields. The earth will be doing a lot of shaking and revealing. Intensifying the energy we have available to work with.

The lady I read for is the one who had the X’s all over her head, neck and down her arms. When I seen inside her head, I swear I was seeing all kinds of wiggly worms. Her team quickly corrected me and replaced it with the words “String theory.” Alrighty then. What does that even mean?? lol

So I just looked up string theory and here is what we get: In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.

They obviously also propagate thru the brain too lol.

I was also able to see a secondary enhancement of her third eye complex. Within the energy beaming out was a ring that looked like a ruby bracelet sort of. It was explained (not necessarily understood) that this is to enhance her prisms of life. It was explained that all life is made of prisms. This enhancement will clearly show her the truth of all things. It is more complex than what I am saying and more than I can currently understand.

There is also an enhancement in her magnetic push and pull frequencies in her palms.

She did ask about telekinesis in relationship to her hand work. The reply was that everyone has this ability, the majority of life (people) do not trust in their own minds ability.

She equally had a Pleiadean show up that is going to help her with her new attributes and expanding what she is capable of doing with them.

With this information I am going to put together a one time special for this moment. A 30 minute reading to look at your doorway, your new enhancements and introduce you to your ET helper and whatever they need you to understand. Because we are always in a state of change and evolution, I will discontinue this special as we enter May.

On that note, I will close for today and share again when we have more information to understand.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with sunshine and adventures.

Lisa Gawlas



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  1. Thanks, and much love and gratitude!


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