Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 17, 2021

Post Reboot ~ A New Oneness

Well this sharing is a long time in getting out. These last several weeks have been rough in the body. Between the lungs and the digestive system… lordy!! I even took myself to the ER in small town Luling, and they could not do a thing for me. This tiny ER does not have the ability to run the tests that is needed on my digestive system. So I got some prednisone and was sent on my way. Now I just kind of look at things as a good diet. I am losing about 1 pound every 1-2 days. Gotta find the good… lol

Things have really gotten interesting after the reboot we just came thru. It seems every person in the high frequency field of life has become partnered with an element and more. It is not even partnered, it is become one as.

So far we have seen oneness with the wind, the air, lightening, fire, soil, clouds, water, snowflakes, etc.

All that it is capable of doing, so is the person partnered with it (again, it is a oneness, I am reminded over and over again lol.)

I will give a few examples. The wind blows around everything. In it’s journey, it can and does pick up various attributes that is needed. For example, blowing thru the forest it can (if needed) pick up the attributes of trees to enhance the strength and sturdiness within its power.

The snowflakes were interesting because no two are alike. So it’s power is in constant change and reconfiguration.

Then we have water, which flows thru everything, again, picking up attributes that are needed for whatever its adventure is.

The trick is to etch into your knowingness is that you are THAT.

From what I am understanding, the remainder of April is all about training, remembering how to Be That. How to use it for your creations, uncreations, desires and assistance.

When we move into May, it is fully ruled by the energy of the sun. At the very least, intensifying what you are capable of doing and much more. The much more has not yet been revealed. I cannot see past the energy of the sun in May, yet.

I did forget to mention that the days before we went into the reboot of the new moon, everyone I read for had a celestial body connected to them. Some more than one. Most unnamed bodies in our sky. All in relationship to what we are seeing and experiencing now.

On that note, I am going to close as I have to get prepared for todays Body Template Class.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with radiance and Oneness!!

Lisa Gawlas



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