Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 5, 2021

Ascension 2.0 Underway!!!

Wow what a rough ride into ascension 2.0 I had!! I am still not feeling well, but wanted to get this information out side Wednesday, but my body had other demands.

In the readings on Wednesday, it was stated thru each one, that we are now, officially into ascension 2.0 or the active second phase. Let me explain…

Everyone on earth is on an ascension journey. It is truly how the soul evolves. It is also how the earth and all life in and upon it evolves. I understood spirits use of the word ascension was to clear our bodies enough to hold and use the higher frequencies of light. We hit critical mass as we entered 2013 and the earth was officially ascended as was/are many beings upon her, including some (let’s just say, enough) humans for the energy to continue and accelerate.

I honestly thought that was it. Much to my surprise on Wednesday, we are now in the throws of the 2nd phase of ascension. The way I am understanding this was the first part was like being a new born baby. Growing, adjusting, getting familiar with our new environment (the ascended body.)

As we entered the 2nd half of last year, puberty set in. This when the New Body Template came online.

As all us tweenagers became accustomed to the new body template and started using it, that brought us to here, ascension 2.0

There are now new energies and attributes coming into us thru this second phase. I was shown some of them on Wednesday (which sadly, I can’t remember at this moment.) I have said many times before, reading is an interactive sport. We are there together, sharing energies and wisdom. Wednesday night my body started to get the spiritual flu. The head congestion became intense. By Thursday morning, I was cooked. The head congestion, sore throat, voice loss, lung funk left me unable to do anything. Saturday and Sunday brought fevers to my body. I knew exactly why tho, even tho I felt like shit.

It has been a long while since we had a sudden and intense shift in the field, on earth period, I forgot what it was like.

Today I am significantly better. My fever broke last night and my voice came back. Head and lungs are still in rough shape tho. I was able to do one reading today, for which I am very grateful.

We are in the midst of a massive influx of light to speed our already accelerating body. There will be a reboot as we go thru the new moon on the 12th, which will be a 3 day event. So from the 11th thru the 13th, the humans in the 2.0 phase of ascension will be completely rebooted.

What all this means to us, I do not know yet. But I find it very synchronistic that we are starting the full spectrum use class of The New Body Template on the 10th. Much will be revealed and learned thru it. This has always been spirits way. There are still 4 seats available for class!!

On that note, I am going to lay my body down now. It’s so stuffed up lol.

I love and appreciate each one of you. This is not an easy journey to dedicate yourself to!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with ascension liquid to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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This is a 4 week class, limited to 10 people max. It will run every Saturday at 4pm CDT. Each class will be between 1-2 hours. (We have been known to go longer than 2 hours on occasion.) Be sure to click on a date (just one of the dates) to be able to proceed with payment. Thank you.

Start Date is: Saturday April 10th at 4pm CDT

End Date is: Saturday May 1st

All classes will be on zoom and will be recorded. I will send out class invites upon payment receipt.

Class fee for all four weeks is $99

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