Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 21, 2020

The Double Vortex Solstice and Moving into 2021

Happy Solstice everyone!! This is indeed a powerful, as well as a very unusual solstice! Every solstice and Equinix has shown up a magnetic pole in readings since I’ve been doing readings (close to 20 years.) This one today, nope. Instead it is showing itself as a double vortex. Even the vortex is very unusual. It starts at the ground and go up to the energy frequency I see as 2021. It is a very skinny vortex tho. The opening at the top is not bigger than a basketball hoop (going to scale of my vision of course.) A second vortex comes down thru the opening of the one at our ground from the platform of 2021, it goes thru the center of the one going upwards from 2020 then the opening of the one coming down from 2021 goes outwards around the starting point of the 2020 one. Jezuz that sounds like a riddle. Hope you can follow what I am trying to explain.

When I woke up this morning feeling the best I have felt in a long while, I suddenly seen ET lights of many colors (from a ship) at the top of this double vortex. It was explained they are putting in new frequencies into the energy that will be 2021. We are assimilating that now thru the last of 2020.

In the couple readings I have done since yesterday, it seems we are inside this double vortex and being stretched up to 2021. It’s actually a funny visual because each person get long and skinny. So their feet stay on our ground and their head touches the energy of 2020, then back down they go as the other vortex comes down. Needless to say, each vortex is spinning in the opposite direction from the other.

In one reading today, as her body was stretched upwards to the 2021 energy line, suddenly these cords (for lack of a better word) emanated from her and went out into the ground in various spots in this last week of December. Keeping in mind there is (and has been) an overlapping (more like flapping lol) energy with the last week of December and the beginning of January. A merging and assimilation of the energies.

These cords were like rubber (they actually had a texture I could feel) and her team explained their were marking out the land and energy experiences where she must go. This felt like the 1st quarter of 2021 rather than just the month of January.

As we were talking, her team said she was going to be essential for the big event that will happen. Again, this felt as if it was within the 1st quarter of next year. Try as I might, I could not pick up on what this event is. However, it did not feel like a single day event, rather one spread over time.

Now, to change the subject, but it will tie in…

I read in the new yesterday that there is a new strain of the corona virus that is spreading 70% faster than the one we are dealing with now. When I read that, I immediately thought about the information that came out towards the end of the 1st quarter of this year. I kept seeing what looked like a drop of honey fall to the earth and started to spread quickly around the earth. I had asked repeatedly if that was referring to the virus we are currently dealing with. The reply was no, it will mutate into a very different form. Of course, thru the course of this year, the virus had mutated several different times, so I am truly unsure of this is what the event is, or something different. Of course, spirit always releases bits of information, a little bit at a time, which I think is quite pesky lol.

In one of the body/et readings today, OMG I was in heaven. I was able to experience my ladys ET helper’s planet. What he said was many realms away from our solar system and the closet our language could come to the name of his planet was Zachstar. He showed me the energy of his planet. I never realized that there is a whole network that exists in the airspace around us, until today. The network on his planet left me longing to pack my bags and live there. The energy appeared in the frequency of a bluish purplish color. Like a massive spider wed and at the intersections (of which there were many) there were sparks of energy constantly being emitted. Then he showed me our planets energy and holy shit what a drastic difference. There was so much density bogging it down. He explained this why the full spectrum of what we know as telepathy is not a way of life for us yet. Too much density that blocks the energy pathways of communication.

That said, as more and more people use the new body template abilities (which has become tremendous this last month) we will be cleaning up more and more of the density that holds many of our natural as well as new abilities back.

In another body reading today, my lady’s focus was the power of the throat power center (connected with the crown and heart power centers) and codes she will be releasing thru her soul expression. Her helper is the now super active AA Michael (He has been showing up as a help in many of the body readings) and the focus was on a group of trees that felt like they were in Syria. They were dying because of the tremendous hate in their area. Of course, all trees are connected to all trees, so this disease can easily spread to other places where tree’s live. I could see the codes going into the trees, strengthening them, changing their makeup and created a major resistance in them. Then suddenly this luminescent shield surrounded them above, below and all around. It will deflect all hate back to the sender.

I instantly remembered my experience in Idaho many many years ago. My landlord was a miserable man and was sending out so much hate towards me as he did lawn work in our yard. I called all my crystals and the crystal kingdom to protect us and instantly I seen all my windows light up with the same luminosity and the shields were placed. I was friends with his wife and the next day she told me he was taken to the hospital with a terrible case of hives that got into his lungs. He had a heart attack and died for a minute or two. (Yes, he had an NDE experience too, which of course he wrote off as a hallucination.)

With that said, it is going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out in 2021. It is time to Light up this world and we are a major factor in creating the Light!!!

On a personal note, I am traveling back to Virginia on the 26th to return the jeep to my daughter. Valorie had her court hearing on the 10th of December and they gave her 3 more years of probation but did not require her to remain in the rehab she was in, so she left that same day. I supported her choice as they did not offer therapy or life skills, instead, it was all prayer. I am a huge fan of prayer, but it is not enough when one does not know how to cope when things in life go bad. So she is looking for out patient treatment centers. I’ll fly back to Texas on the 2nd.

Enjoy the Holy Days, I love each of you soul very very much.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the luminosity of All that is Love!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. So glad I heard from you at last…I gave up on FB so all my lovely former friends are no longer, even my wonderful ‘besties’ !! After my stroke, writing became a bit garbled, so Kevin has done Christmas card duty since then, poor man, he so did his best, but I’m afraid a few were missed this year, (my right eye now is useless, there is light there but no vision lol!) So if anyone is still following you & I, so sorry, no cards this year, due to my disorganised self! But I still send lots of Love to everyone when I can make my brain work. As well, my family have truly disowned me, To Wit… sweet granddaughter was married in 2018….& no-one told me! Not even my Sister, who I have always kept in touch with, even told some of my bad stories to, as I thought she understood, seems she has been in the middle of the family poor Love! So my Spirits have been low, thank goodness for my wonderful Kevin……we both had bad experiences….Sorry to vent….thanks for listening! To say you have had some awful experiences too, well you have always listened, as I have to you, wow, what a roller coaster ride, hey! I hope we all come out at the other end as good people! Must go now, sorry to witter on, thanks for listening! Much Much Love to you all…….the signs seem to be getting better…Yay! Love you all….XOXOXOXOXOXO


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