Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 28, 2020

The Multi-Cycles that will Culminate in 2025

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone. But then again, everyday is thankgsiving in our hearts, or at least, should be.

Now to try and remember all the important information that came out of the readings this last week. Before I forget again I want to lead off with the end of this major cycle that we started in 2020. It will complete itself at the june equinox 2025. The most important part of what I heard about that is people will be forced to “shit or get off the pot.” Of course, we are in many mini and subcycles as we navigate our way there. What is really interesting, in one of the readings yesterday, speaking directly of this 2025 completion, I was able to see this large cycle in a nonuniform circle (not spherical at all.) With my humble ability of using ms paint, it sort of looks like this:

2025 cycle.jpg

The gold loop being the 2020-2025 cycle, the ones inside are the many we will experience and fulfull on our way to 2025. I could see their lines explode then add themselves to the outer cycle. What spirit has said was that they will create the fulfillment of the 2025 cycle of completion. No other details were added. since we are at the very beginning of this cycle, there was a lot of space outside the smaller cycles I have included.

We are currently in 3 smaller cycles with the two eclipses and the ending of 2020 on the solstice.

What I do find interesting with these eclipses is that the light energy is so prevalent. Even tho we are coming into the lunar eclipse, the focus has been about the sun energy reflecting from the moon and how it is affecting each person (of course, each person is affected differently.) Then we come into the super concentrated sun energies of the solar eclipse next month.

This lunar eclipse seems to be putting me to sleep all day and all night long. I am taking naps in-between readings and after readings.

We are starting to get little bits of information about our part in 2021 and/or the changes coming up for us. Moves, new people in, old relationships out and more body changes. There will be a major opening at the DNA level which for some, will play havoc, others, enhance their lives and abilities in amazing ways. To be clear, the ones in the havoc zone are those still caught up in deep density on earth.

There is a quote I want to share that came out of one of readings yesterday: “Don’t push the river, it is already flowing.” How often do we want things to happen now, when all that we experience is within a process. As we clear the energies up on earth, we will start to experience things quicker, even our manifestation abilities will become more accessible, usable. We will see a rapid acceleration (of everything) as we move into the next energy cycle of 2021.

Interesting, I just got a visual of each one of us squeezing into an elongated bubble as we enter 2021, as we squeeze it is removing things from us. I am not sure what the things are tho. I am being reminded of yet another reading this past week where my lady was told some of her DNA are being wiped away so new attributes can be dropped in for opening, so there’s that.

For now, just hang on tight as we move thru the remainder of the mini systems we are going thru.

On that note, I will close.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with illuminating adventures to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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