Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 20, 2020

The Upcoming Full Moon Eclipse Energy and More

Sorry it took me so long to get to this update and sharing. I swear most days someone caked mud in my brain and the flow of information just gets clogged up. But then again, we just went thru a very powerful super new moon which has set up our fields and bodies (again) for the coming full moon eclipse. This one is proving to be very different.

The few readings I was able to do since arriving in Texas has our field energy concentrated, as well as the sun energy coming off the moon concentrated.

The way the fields are showing up is with a sort of eclipse upon it, each in unique formations, especially since spirit has created our current fields in square shape instead of round. From what I am seeing and understanding, the energy that is darkened out on our field, has purposely pushed all the light energies into specific areas on the field, concentrating the energies of the whole field.

Similarly, the partial eclipse of the moon is squeezing all the light energy of the sun bouncing off the moon to the area that is not eclipsed, it is equally concentrated. The artwork I used depicts one of my lady’s field. The penumbra parts were beaming with light while the umbra part was eclipsed in her field.

These concentrated elements of Light (field and moon) have a magnetics attraction to them so they connect effortlessly and enhance those areas. Don’t think for a moment the body is being left out. These enhanced light elements in the field are equally activating and opening very specific DNA within the body. The parts of our DNA that have been dormant so far, waiting for this earth frequency we are now traveling within.

Of course, this is all happening now, slowly as we close into the full moon eclipse, which happens to be the longest eclipse of the year lasting 4 hours, 20 minutes and 59 seconds. In my personal numerology, the 4 equals a cycle of earth completion. Since this incorporates the earth, sun and moon, it is a completion for all three. 20 would be duality with potential yet to be experienced. 5-9 is change within completion. Added together it is a 1-4 new beginnings within the earth completion of its cycle, which of course reduces one more time to a 5… change.

December 14th we will experience a total solar eclipse just before we end this year (energy cycle) with the solstice on the 21st.

We have all got to remember that energies have zero bias to them. They are not amplifying only the “good” but all energies that are in a state of concentration. So it is not surprising we are seeing a massive spike in covid throughout the earth. Fear becomes concentrated too. All living things… ALL LIVING THINGS are being concentrated, enhanced and even changed.

The greatest thing we all can do, is shower all things with life sustaining LOVE. We really can love something to death. Death simply being a transition into Light!

Speaking of Light. On my very very long drive to Texas, I listened to the Convoluted Universe Book 1 (I had no idea there were 3 books!!!) I had several experiences when I was on the mountain side in Vermont in my early beginings’s that I had wondered about to this day. Well, now I don’t have to wonder because Dolores Cannon made it very clear with one of her hypnosis patients.

Several times, while meditating outside, I would see my ancestors doing various rituals at night. The night was lit by these crystal towers, easily 5 feet high and about a foot squared. I knew they were crushed quartz put back together to create these lights but for the life of me, I had no idea how on earth it could do that… emit light. Well, imagine my surprise when her subject started talking about these types of crystals. Some naturally emitting light as they were, others crushed and reassembled. They existed in the earth. Some still do to this day. It was fully explained in the session of how, sadly, I can’t remember. Something about the molecular structure.

Now I am going to jump back to what I learned in the readings so far. We have sections of enhancements (as usual. We will arrive in the next section as we past thru this eclipse and get it with the next, all in prep for the solstice that will will start receiving the energy as we cross into December (firs two weeks are going to be intense with a double energy system hitting us!!!)

These systems are also serving to enhance our New Body Template and bring more energy in for usability as we end this year. Just a human warning here lol, keep in mind that these New Body Templates are overlaid in our physical body’s. Power up, Power in!!

On a personal note, I obviously arrived in Texas. It was smooth sailing every day. The weather and traffic was perfect. I was able to push my daily driving longer than I originally expected to each day which I am grateful for. My daughter had my bags completely unpacked and put away the next day and had an amazing treat of 2 bags of dove chocolate set up in my room. It was and continues to be a wonderful arrival into her world.

This morning, while on that holy throne, I could hear spirit ask me to do a BOGO special. After writing todays sharing, I completely understand why. Each event (eclipses thru the solstice) will give new attributes and magnetic nodes. So that will be my Thanksgiving Special.

On that note, it is time for me to start my day. I have missed you all so much!!! Ohhh and please keep in mind, I am now living on Central Time.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) filled with the power of Love!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  3. Congratulations on completing your journey in record time, and in ease and grace!

    Will you be sending out some kind of e-tap-on-the-shoulder when you’re ready to reschedule my cancelled reading? Or should I just try to find your online scheduling system again and look for the “reschedule” section, and have at it?

    Thanks & bows for now —

    😀 Russ


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