Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 6, 2020

Memories of Being Taken by ET’s

What an odd and interesting world we are living in. We are breaking records with named storms, we are days beyond the election with still no results. The election itself is so razor close you can’t tell which way it will fall 4 days later, which shows the intense divide in this country.

The day before the USA elections, I did a combo reading (body/ET) for a lady and her team said they were going to help her, with hew new intense energy magic, where to focus on the danger zone during this election. I kept asking what dangers zones, danger from what?? It’s a freakin election. Well…. now we know!!

I also find it strange that I lost my voice the day of the elections and it still gone.

On a completely different note, much more light that all that… I have mentioned several times I think, that this 11/11 marks my 20th completed on this crazy journey. To me, it is a much more important milestone than my birthday is. My birthday simply placed me into biology, my spiritual birthday created an evolutionary journey for the soul.

11/11/00 was a full moon and a deeply depressed, very suicidal me. An insatiable yearning to play with a Ouija board and a couple volunteers changed my life, my story forever. Eight hours straight of talking to the spirit who called herself Jill Cadee and the damn thing never worked again.

One of the most recommended ways of contacting a spirit (I wanted to finish the conversation with Jill) was meditation. Holy freakin hell that was not an easy task. But I did learn all kinds of new and bizarre things about being human, especially the term, monkey mind and I had a whole troop of monkeys in my head.

I have always wondered what the hell kept me persevering the seemingly impossible feat of meditation. I am highly ADD and get frustrated and give up easily cuz there is always another several things to focus on.

Listening again to the Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon, I started to understand more than I ever have before.

In the segment I was listening to, there was a highly evolved Being from a place all knowledge is stored (no, not the akashic records, an actual place far beyond our universe.)

The lady she had hypnotized wanted to understand what happened to missing pieces of time as well as landmarks that she had seen on her travels that seemed to no longer exist as she was returned to driving her car in the time lapse.

Dolores asked this Being about how they travel. His reply made me smile with validation that what I had seen in a reading a couple weeks ago, was completely accurate (until I heard this, I questioned my accuracy,)

He explained that they travel as beams of light that take on saucer shaped ships as well as orb ships. How it is seen depends on the angel and dimension one is looking from.

In the reading, my lady was taken up by a beam of light to a saucer shaped ship that changed to an orb shaped ship when it moved an inch (going to scale of my vision of course.) Her team explained that when they move into different dimensions, it changes appearance.

I surely could not understand that as I have never experienced it in all my ET connections over the years, yet now, perfectly clear and understandable.

One of the experiences I had as an newly awakened Being was when someone wrote an experience he had (he wrote it on the spiritual forum I was growing up in.) He wrote about being “abducted” and being placed in what looked like a theater setting (with the black drapes closed hiding the stage) and many other humans in the seats of this theater. He wrote about remembering being operated on etc.

When I read that experience, I had the most bizarre reaction to it. I started shaking and sweating and getting nauseous. Everyone on that forum explained that I had that reaction because I had the same experience, which at that time, I thought was super weird. Of course, now, not weird at all.

As I listened to this segment of her audio book, it was as if my own memories were unlocking and releasing themselves (I wasn’t in the car listening but about 30 minutes, imagine when I listen on my way to texas lol.)

I remember being taken many times as a child. For about 2 years, my mother and step father would lock me in my bedroom and take the family on outings. I have fragment memories of being in that room, but I have felt all life I should have so many more memories, like what the hell did I do in the room alone for hours on end? Our toys were not in our bedrooms.

Well, now I know. I went visiting other worlds. One would say how can any parent do that to a child (hey, it was the 60’s, anything went then.) But it was important I was left behind by my mother (and step father) so I could go elsewhere without anyone realizing I was gone.

During these vacations (certainly never once an abduction) I would be worked on, what we may have considered implants. Some failed, some worked. Of course with the ones that failed they were removed and something new replaced it. The ones that worked, enhancements were done to them.

All of this (and is ongoing to this day) so I can one day awaken and do what I do. It is the enhancements that kept me pushing in the darkness of meditation til I reached light. That kept me releasing so much of the BS and worthlessness I felt all my life. And of course, so much more.

This is also why I can connect with any ET in any universe or multiverse and understand the language. I have an instant language conversion built in. I have been born and refined to do all that I have done on this spiritual journey and what I will do til my last breath.

Many of us have our own unique biological enhancements and continue to have them. Our work here has barely begun, we’ve just been getting much needed training.

On that note, it is time for me to close down this computer and get it packed. I leave out tomorrow morning so this will be the last you hear from me until I get to texas and get unpacked. I will keep facebook updated however.

Cue some Willie Nelson music… On the road again…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with a magical mystery tour to all (may as well throw in some Beatles.) I love you all sooooo damn much!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Lisa, I am loving all your new posts…………………….thank you, thank you, thank you/.

    Lots of love



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