Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 2, 2020

Heading into the No Time of the 11/11

Just a quicky on the November field as I seen it yesterday. We are obviously heading into the 11/11 portal of “no time.”

As we exit the October energies (thank you dear god) we enter the pathway to the 11/11. We have enhancements from the vastness of energy infusions from October to adjust to, but at the same time, use. This use of new energy, which of course will be unique to each person, codes and builds you pathway exiting the 11/11.

The way I seen my incredible lady was with three energetic streams exiting her body. One at the ground area, one at the heart area and one just above her head. All are choices of application and yet, we do not get to know exactly what that means or how it will come into application. However, I do know it has a highly electromagnetic charge to the stream being output. Here is the way I am understanding these streams:

You have various DNA that was dormant until we hit the October energy system, this DNA has been activated and is extending its energy field outwards for you to use. It can be something that hits you as radically new to try or something as subtle as a different approach to an ongoing situation and any variation in between. Spirit does not make it easy for us humans who want to know details, explicit details (laughing and point to myself there.)

One thing that was repeated yesterday that our coming 11/11 portal collapses all time. We enter what we can call no time and come out with a new engorged timeline of experiences that we needed to for the ongoing soul evolution.

The energy line that was above her head was kinda different. When I first seen it, it zipped outwards to the abyss of the 11/11, then as we settled into her reading, it shorted up to look more like a diving board above her head. In these golden egg shaped bubbled contained figures that so reminded me of weebills (weebills wobble but they don’t fall down, if you remember that toy.) Howeer, the energy contained in these odd eggies were that of the what we consider archangels. We know by now that there are no such thing as archangels in spirit, but there is the energy consciousness of what we have assigned to the angels. For example, the only one I am familiar with is AA Michael. His energy is about truth and protection within that truth. So a part of the consciousness was embedded in this egg thingie, as it dove off that line, it evaporated into her as it came down. Her team said the more she IS that energy, the more available to her.

Think about that, it is not an energy/quantity to USE, but to own24/7 so that it IS YOU!!

So I think about my own journey into the 11/11, which happens to mark for 20th full year on this crazy path, I will have just arrived in Texas. Old energy expressing new. (Old only because, I have already lived there, lived with my daughter, etc.) My mind even wants to include “unfinished business” there, but I hear, not so, new business. New experiences and new approaches to everything, even that which appears old.

There is so much I have not caught anyone up on with the ongoing, emerging New Body Template that I may make that tommorws’s focus. There is so much more to the power system of the heart and the details around it. A blending of breath and heart beats to create a unique rhythm and out flow of energy. This is my little cheat sheet for tomorrow lol. My memory is not what it once was lol.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in powerful new energy to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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