Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 14, 2020

The New Moon Squeeze!!

Well I am bummed. I had a close to finished blog written yesterday, I couldn’t finish it because my day started. Then I strangely fell asleep. I say strangely because I don’t remember falling asleep. It is not the first time it has happened. This has been happening this whole last week. I mean its like you sit down the next thing you know, you are waking up from a sleep so deep you swear its the next day. There have been times I made coffee because I was sure it was the next day. All that to say, when I sat down this morning to finish it on squarespace, it was gone. It’s so frustrating!!

So, another has passed since I wrote the above. Some days my hands, feet and legs swell of so bad, sitting here is not pleasant. That was my day yesterday. Today much better. So onward and upward!!

Let me tell you about this extraordinary new moon we are walking into. In all my years of reading, the new moon always presented as black. Not now. It is the most extraordinary shade of deep burnt red. For many I am reading for it matches their path forward coloring.

Not only is this new supersized moon and different color than any other time, it is also set up straight on the ground, or everyone’s path forward. The overall theme is both looking back at all mastery within major incarnations (not limited to earth, but all that has been experienced) and focusing on one’s path forward, but doing it simultaneously. What also seems to play a part in this moment, is the intense pure white light energy covering the left and right part of the fields. Of course this light is caused by each of the full moons of October (1st and 31st.)

(I just went to and felt I needed to add this in here too, especially about the red aurora’s: NEW SUNSPOT ALERT: A new sunspot is emerging near the sun’s southeastern limb. Its magnetic polarity marks it as a member of new Solar Cycle 25. Astronomers with safe solar telescopes can look for it here. Minor B-class solar flares are likely in the hours ahead.)

MORE RED AURORAS: “Is this the new normal?” wonders Rayann Elzein of Utsjoki, Finland. “For the second night in a row, we have photographed red auroras–an extremely rare event.”

As the readings unfolded yesterday, it came to light (smile, and yes a pun) that the reason I cannot see thru the while light energy of the full moons is because it is there for you and only you to see, reflect on and use in your own interpretation of clarity as well as application.

Sadly, I am on day 4 of writing this blog (first day the entire thing disappeared and was much longer than now.) So I am giving you current as well previous days information.

This morning as I was on the holy throne (smile) I could a major cone of energy permeating the entire earth in a 3 days span, day before, after and the day of the new moon. Along with that visual comes something that I can only explain as a squeezing energy. This cone of energy, with each passing moment, squeezes into the new moon. Considering all of October has been unassociated with timelines, but more a focus on the energy system I can October as a whole, I am not sure this is directly related with our new moon on the 16th, or it happens as those who finished the work in the first half of this energy system, (October) and then the squeezing happens. The more I know, the less I know!! lol

I did an amazing, unintentional combo reading (she was wise enough to book her ET connection and body reading follow up same day, consecutive with each other) yesterday. It allowed me to understand so much more about our new body template system’s progress.

Since so many people are working and using their part of the body system, it now held in firmly in the field of light. Accessible to those who hold its frequency level. On top of that exciting understanding, I realized the new body template (she was already assigned her body part weeks prior) was running in conjunction with her body and not beyond it (as it has consistently been in all readings.)

Her reading included ET’s as her helpers with this new body template. They started showing up in my field of vision an hour before our appointment (talk about excited to connect with her consciously!!)

Before we connected for our reading, her friends (a Pleiadean and an acturian) were holding her hands. One on each side. The moment we got together, they started walking forward with her, elevating her with each step until she hit about 3 feet off the ground and zooooom, upwards to what humans call a space station.

Once on the station I could see them infusing their energy into hers at the palms. What is interesting and kinda funny (we are so human, make that, I am so human,) I knew the energy they were infusing her with was what we call creator/creation energy. I was redirected every single time I used the phrase “creator energy.” I was reminded each time, we are creator energy, we have never been separate from that. It is impossible to infuse what already Is.

I changed my word to manifestation energy, close enough but not complete in understanding is what they said.

So Franklyn of the Pleiades was pumping her with this amazing pink energy of his. I watched it go up and thru each node in the new body systems and circulate thru her brain. Just for the record, for those who remember my friend Franklyn from the Pleiades, not the same one. I was surprised by his name and knowing who I was thinking of, said do you think there is only 1 Franklyn in all the Pleiades… ummm… well I never thought of it before now. lol

Fred, (not his true name, he said it was too difficult for us to say) the Acturian, did something really different than franklyn. In her other palm, he was pulsating his manifestation energy into her. I could see it pulse up into each node, turning various colors as it made its way up thru and into the brain.

Once I seen both energies circulating in her brain, I told her, this would be a great experience on acid. It was the most beautiful light show I ever seen!!

I will not know its full outcome until we meet for her homework session.

On a completely different note… Valorie was denied bond. Her attorney (thank you for that everyone that helped hire him) told me that they most likely would be willing to grant a bond if she goes into a rehab directly from jail. I found her one on Florida that I loved!! It was totally spiritually oriented and even included hypnosis, massage, acupuncture… and we even got her insurance in place. All I needed was a release date to buy the plane ticket. Nope. Must be in Virginia.

I called a few places including the one her atty suggested. Most wanted a 14 day quarantine out of jail before they would take her. Well, it must be bed to bed. The one her atty suggested would not answer the phone or return my calls. I started calling Friday, left 4 messages thru Monday, not one return call. I was so frustrated. That is until my incredible lady yesterday. Keep in mind, when experience your readings, no matter what they are, I experience in my body too. So I snuck in some manifestation desires of my own…. Answer the damn phone!!

The moment I got off the phone with my precious client, I called that same rehab and about shit when the very person I needed to talk to answered the phone. Long story short, they have a bed, they are waving all fee’s for her, the stay is 1 year (which excited me to no end) but it is a come to Jesus place.

Valorie was all excited when she called (she gets 1 hour a day out of her cell while she is in her 2nd coved quarantine.) She refused that place because it is a one year religious place. The way I look at it, having faith in god is not a bad thing, even if they place him outside of ourselves. She knows better and can certainly discern what needs decrement within their teachings. I hung on her yesterday, and told her, I’m done. This is the only option other than staying in jail. She needs long term rehab, period.

So I called her atty and he said as soon as she has her intake interview and is accepted, they can petition the court for entry into this program and he will not charge me for another court appearance (phew!!)

I just got off the phone with valorie, she is willing to do this 1 year rehab. Now to get it all set in motion thru the jail. Once she is settled, I will be transitioning back to Texas to help my oldest daughter with babysitting.

Ahhhhh the journey of all sorts of twists and turns!! On that note, I am going to close before it is yet another day of not finishing this!!

I love you all so much!! Thank you for showing up on the field so we can all keep ourselves squared away!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving adventures in so many new ways!!

Lisa Gawlas

A Special Special: To go to our Attorneys Fees and now my moving costs.




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