Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 3, 2020

October Moon Madness!!!

(c)2004 Fred Espenak

I know how much you love and miss my handy dandy diagrams/visuals of what I try and explain about stuff, in todays case, everyone’s field thru October.

Keep in mind, time only exists for me and you. In energy systems, there is no time, no arrival, no past, just energy systems as a whole. Even what we think of as our moon phases, in the quantum world of spirit and energy, exist all at the same time. However, to the human incarnate, we are not completely designed in that way, so we experience time as an orientation to this crazy ass realm we call earth.

That said, here is the diagram of October. I have had enough field readings to say, it is the layout for all of us in the higher frequencies on earth. Wait, for us to consciously work with and assist ourselves in our evolution.

October Field.jpg

This is how the field I read (you ) from is laid out. Except all circular, but much easier to show it this way for this explanation.

As we entered October, the field shifted to present this massive, life changing/destroying energy system we are in. The little stick figure is you. So all the energy at this moment is hitting what I call your immediate field. In my readings, the center field is where your biological and energy body’s are. Your immediate field is where your life unfolds. It encompasses your home, work, family, relationships (the good and unpleasant ones) and things that exist in your normal world. Anything outside of that area is considered your external field. Think of when you go to the store or something, no one there is a part of your ongoing created reality, but your paths cross for the moment, no matter what you think that moment is or isn’t for.

Nothing has been seen beyond anyone’s immediate field yet, altho, the center path forward, at this moment, goes in that direction. It is usually set up left (past) to right (future.) Spirit has their own gig with anything that is our field tho.

So the recurring theme thru the few field readings I have done, is not only this layout, but also the full moon of the 1st as well as the 31st is affecting us.

Each person has a unique covering on (or above) their field. The substance(s) is hard to explain, but one man had the ocean way above his field in the upper atmosphere and one lady had something that looked and felt like fluffernutter but not sticky.

All of it is focused on what I created as the center path. However, each persons center path is color coded differently. Even the way to the new moon energy is different. Some flat, some have like speed bumps and no two alike. Of course, no 2 people are walking or even creating the same path.

Since we were were only 2 days in, not much more detail or information is known. But you can do in an access your field to become a conscious co-creator of your life path forward. See who your helpers/guides are, and what it is your soul is designing in its need for evolution.

I wanted to get this layout out for those that actively go into meditation and access their field according to the energy system at play. It is truly the most powerful way to be a conscious co-creator in your life.

On a Val update, I was able to secure retainers on both her divorce and criminal attys. She has a bond hearing on the 6th and her atty is going to push for a program to help her drug abuse (in house rehab) and her hearing is on December 10th. She popped positive for fentanyl a couple pee tests ago.

I will be at her bond hearing and will be able to speak and I will beg for rehab. It’s what she needs most, not jail, not freedom, rehab. Period. And not just 30 days, that was a waste of money.

I cannot adjust the gofundme orginal asking donation. However, I have built a p2p game platform (several) over the last 3 years. I sold them for a combined $2500, all of which I put towards her attys. Go fund me has raised $475, all for her atty so we are down to needing $1200. The money that came in thru my paypal, forgive me, I bought food with it. With my ongoing saga of getting mail then not getting mail, my snap (food stamp) renewal was returned and they closed out of snap benefit’s. I had to reapply, so lost my food stamps for September and wont get any until the 7th. Please forgive me for using funds other than they were intended for. The choices we have to make!! But, I thank you so much for given me the ability to have a choice!! Dear god y’all have held me hand and my heart thru so many crisis’ thank you for loving me (and my family, living and since passed) that much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of eternal gratitude, love and super powered moon energies to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Lisa, thank you for your sharings, and sending much love and energy to you and your family. I was wondering if you applied for the pandemic unemployment? It is for small business owners, independent contractors etc..and you could still be making sone income. This is the $600/week that can be retroactive to March!!! If you haven’t applied, please give it a try! 💜


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