Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 30, 2020

The Light and Dark of it <3

I remember a month or two ago, when spirit was so focused on moon phase that never once popped up in any of my readings. I believe it was the first quarter moon, the one that is half dark and half light. I do believe that moon energy has now parked itself directly over my life. I cannot say I like it one bit, but it’s truly amazing the teachings, the light of life’s dualistic nature, comes thru.

Yesterday, I launched a gofundme for my daughter and my self to retain attornoy’s. In that, I explained what is happening here, so I will not repeat most of it, since you can read it at the end of this sharing.

The light of my days is you. The readings. The incredible Light energy that comes thru, especially the high frequency of the body readings. Which has changed into, hmmmm…. I am not even sure we have words to describe it. When something is brand new, never used, there is an extreme lightness to it. I think the closest word I have is pure. As those assigned in humanity to start working with it, it becomes…. thicker. Still amazing as it once was, just as duality touches it (humans on earth) it gets heavier, but not in a negative way. It just shows that humans are doing their part to solidify the body template into created reality.

If I could just park myself in those readings and never leave….

But then I walk in the house. Ohh my dear good god, the heaviness, the chaos, it dense emotions that not even that light can remove from the floor.

That Light does allow me to be clearer, to see life and its contents with new eyes, the eyes of the incoming body template. In a way, I feel like in the last several weeks, I have been placed directly in the middle of duality and can see the light and dark of it (my life that is.)

My daughter, who has been on a roller coaster of drugs and sobriety since she got out of prison two years ago. My son in law, who does all he can for her then takes it all away, especially what she loves most, her son. And now, is doing the very same thing to me. God bless my grandson.

In the 6 days my daughter was out of jail, we talked. She had a clarity about her, her own actions, her consequences from those actions, and the self forgiveness that it takes for true and deep healing.

People close to us have no faith in her. Yes, she fell down so many times this past year. But no one really see’s the emotional abuse she has endured. Hell, even I was blind to it until it started happening to me. Little things you never really notice and would think, surely it can’t be that…

My mail has been being sent back as undeliverable, except when I go to the mailbox. Then my mail is there. I had a friend send me two separate cards a week a part. One I received because I went to the mailbox. The other returned to sender.

When I got my stimulus check mailed to me, he handed it to me, opened. So he checked to see what I got without my permission.

My drivers license went mysteriously missing about 2 months ago. Everything else was in my card holder, except that. My first instinct was to blame the baby… because I would never ever ever think for a minute that my son in law would be so… shitty. He has done many such things to my daughter, but I really thought we had a good relationship. But really, I have no idea, just gut feelings.

It truly is amazing how your eyes get closed in the darkness of the moon that has become commonplace. The light can become a very heartbreaking eye opener.

It is equally so easy to see how the energy of hate, of vengeance, of darkness can, and has stole the light of a person, and environment and weakens the weak trying to be strong.

And a flood filling the house and surrounding those that are open to receive… not only helps, but creates an inner strength of determination.

My greatest hope, desire and full on intention that everyone in this house, the house itself, absorbs the Light and keeps the highest and greatest good of the child, who is helpless in all this, at heart.

For the second time in doing these body readings the heart energy was the focal point. I started seeing her before we actually connected on the phone. It was as if there was a geyser pouring out of her heart.

The energy center of her heart was about the size of a basket ball and pouring energy into the atmosphere outside her. It was the most beautiful energy, effervescent it its release. Her team explained that the energy I was seeing and feeling is equal to stem cells in the body, undesignated until it reach’s something that needs it enhancement. This is when the heart is at rest, (not being intentionally focused on something.

Once again, when she wants to focus on something she must drop her consciousness into the throat of soul expression, bring in at the solar plexus and release thru the heat.

Let me tell you, I have been working that focused part in overtime last couple days. And here is how that (as well as the others that were focusing here on our world) has helped so much.

Valorie was alerted the day before her birthday there is a warrant out for her arrest, which confounded both of us. She immediately put a call into the police department to find out why. They explained that they are not actively looking for her, but yes there is a warrant for her court date (which we already knew this hearing existed.) So she called her PO and she knew nothing about it and had to check. Her PO called back that yes, there is a PB 15 warrant on her (a probation violation hold) and that when valorie see’s her this coming friday, she would have to turn her in on that warrant.

We had 2 days to get our shit together. A lot got done in less than 24 hours, including talking to a family attorney and a criminal atty about what is happening, that she would be going to jail any day (she was going to turn herself in Thursday) and they have full right to talk with me, she is giving me power of atty. Because it was her birthday yesterday, I guess a computer automatically checks status in her records and an alert was issued to her PO that she has a warrant. That is what the police said anyway when they came to pick her up.

So there she is, in jail. I missed two phone calls at 4pm yesterday and she has not called back since, which worries me a lot. I can find her on the jail manifest, but she is not listed in any of the other things like to put money on her phone or tablet. They only list her prior incarceration date. So I don’t know, can’t find out a thing without an atty.

Which brings me to my gofundme. I do not know where else to turn for help. I do not even know what to give in return for your compassion. I will reduce all my readings to 50% off until I have what I need to secure her the criminal atty. I did get the family law atty hired yesterday on a payment plan. Both reduced their fees for her, but shit atty’s are expense even reduced lol.

So on that note, I am going to get ready to do some readings and thank you for your love, the energy you send us to lift us up in our darkest of moments. It has already created a calm in our house with us. My love and and deepest of gratitude flows out to you.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in Faith, Love and Inner Balance to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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