Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 26, 2020

The Body Template v3 and Energy Vampires.

With all my heart, I so wish I could make a working 3D model of the template we are working to bring into the field of light on the next generation of humans. Don’t take that to mean the very next generation, the final, functioning product “is generations down the road.” I keep asking spirit if I can go park myself down at the road and just wait to jump into a baby there. Nope. Without us working the way we are, the potential ceases to exist. Think about that for a minute, and just how important you are, here, in body, for the next generation of human. I wanted to say human 2.0 but instantly I am remanded. We have gone thru so many versions of the humanoid prototypes, depending on the evolution needs of the soul. Many many of the initial versions were completely biodegradable. It was only with very specific purpose of the next phase of evolution, that the remains of anything, started to happen. ‘

So I have updated the energy system I last placed in a sharing. This new one is with the addition of the tubes (I guess more like the arteries, but spirit does not want us to associate anything with the current body, especially the blood. So they refer to the transportation within the magnetic system as tubes.

new energy template.v3.jpg

I have added in two new things since last time. The mustard yellow lines are the magnetic tubes. The round thingies are “power centers.” I was so surprised to see the ones at the legs, and yet, their placement makes total sense. No one showed up yesterday in the field that had the arms assigned to them, so I did see if they had power centers too, but my gut tells me they do and no spiritual being is kicking me in the ass for saying it lol. But until I see it and most importantly, understand it, I will not add it in.

Notice I made the power centers two different colors. As I was adding to this diagram and wondering about the ones in the body and the ones in the leg, my team explained there are lesser and greater power centers. The ones in the legs would be considered the lesser, therefore I colored them slightly different for distinction.

All of these power centers sort of breathe for the body’s energy system. They draw in energy from the atmosphere around it (including, and especially the multidimensional energies that coexist around us.) I say energy, but are designed to take in the magnetic particles that are always present as well. The one focused on yesterday in the legs, was at the knees. That is part of the magnetic energy system. But as the body is presently and will be then, it all works as a whole system.

One of my amazing ladies (and every one of you I consider amazing) was assigned three of the major energy centers; the one at the solar plexus, one at the heart and one at the throat. This was simply amazing to witness and understand.

The energy of creation… remember I said there are two parts missing to our creation ability. We use 1 of three at the moment. Intention. I do believe our lady provided one of the missing parts.

Spirit was kind enough to let me use my current understanding of the energy center known as the throat. Self expression. Over the course of the last decade or so we have been moving away from the small self expression and towards the soul self expression. In this new template, it is all soul expression.

Expression not being limited to what is said, but mostly what you do, how you present yourself in the world and all that goes with the full on expression of love.

So my lady, in her new body template, actually brought the energy of what we call intention (but man oh man, is that a limited energy) to the throat power center. Like her emotions of desire, the soul mind of creation (which is highly magnetic in its frequency on earth) and started charging up this power center. Her next instruction was to breath down the the power center we know as the solar plexus and feel the drawing in the magnetic energy, all pure magnetic particles (kind of reminds me stem cells lol) and then on the exhale, out thru the heart. The release of this energy thru the heart was freakin fantastic to see and feel. I could see steams of what looked like particles of confetti that radiated itself in the light of earth. (Not the sun, because this can be done at night and yet you would see and feel the light of earth connecting with each particle.

As I write this, I am questioning if it is an actual visible thing to others. Yes.

In our pure soul state, there is no deceiving of others. No secrets, no manipulation. All that the soul is, desires, puts into thought or motion, is visible (so to speak) to any and every soul. It is what unconditional love is (in part.)

In this way, we can also assist in the energy creation of the soul (earth is going to have to wait a bit for this, but will be available when the whole system is held in the frequency of light and functional.) That said, I get this gut hit we will have zoom classes to come. (Not today or tomorrow, my personal life is like a tornado out of control lol.)

Speaking of which, it is amazing what I am learning and remembering parts of myself that I lost over the last couple years.

Most often (pretty much every time lol) when we find ourselves in a volatile situation, there is tremendous learning/remembering/understanding of the Self that comes with it, if one allows. This tornado is running directly along side all this amazing new body template information, truly creating a light field that I personally allowed to be tamped out over the last couple years within myself.

I have always taught by my personal lessons and I must do that now, too much understanding is coming from it that is vital for our work with the new body template while in the density of duality.

My grandson as the focal point of all that is happening. A little boy heading towards 2 years old in November, love on two feet. Crazy ass little boy that just oozes joy naturally. Who love his mother and his father with all his Being. It is so evident. The month valorie spent in jail (a much needed time out) every day, several times a day, he looked at her pictures on the wall, call out “mama, mama.” He would go to the door, or stand at his bedroom window, calling out to her jeep parked in the driveway “Mama, mama.” He would see her purse, or an item one would never even think he understood in association (her hair cutting bag) and call out “mama, mama.” I would always tell him, mama is working and loves you so much.

Because his fathers presence is usually home, he does not do that for his father. He may have a melt down at the door when his dad goes out of it, but he knows his dad will eventually come home. So he pays no attention to the longing he has for his father thru pictures or items.

My daughter has her demons, struggles with them, sometimes collapses into them, and eventually picks herself back up and try’s again. Can I put a strong emphasis on TRY’S AGAIN. The very thing we came here to do in this lifetime. Overcome the challenges and learn, grow and teach from them.

Human expectation is that is better hurry up and happen now. No tolerance for slow pokes, No understanding for the struggle within and the need for these precious beings to be understood and loved in spite of their failings.

As a grandparent, I so understand both sides of this very ugly divorce. It is a place that needs to be. Neither adult are good for each other, but both adults love with so much of their Being, that little child named Zachoriah. They both try to be their best for him, love him unconditionally. If they could only move that love up for each other, not as a couple, but as co-parents. Help each other thrive thru this divorce, allow the child to learn that you can end a relationship without the ending costing the child his love and need of loving input from both parents.

I am understanding the power of an energy vampire. OMG in detailed ways I have only heard about but never experienced. In the lack experience, it is so easy to get pulled, and align oneself with that energy.

There are tentacles that seem to grow outward, manipulating and drawing in every conceivable energy that would allow it to, and the highest of Light Being is just as susptible.

As it currently stands, he is drawing in so much support for him to take the baby away from a mother he loves and loves him. (We wont even talk about his other, full time care taker named GiGi that he loves as well) and permanently remove him from his mother to a state far far away.

In a (text) conversation I had last evening with someone I love and care for deeply, about my daughter and this crazy, intensely ugly situation, I said If I do not stand beside daughter, who will. The reply confounded me. One word.


Hmmmm…. God expresses thru us, as us. Every thing on earth is an expression of god and the more we are connected at the heart of our soul, the more unconditional and unbiased that love is and see all from the highest degree without taking sides, without defaming another and what is best for the least of his children.

An energy vampire can suck the light out of you while you do not even realize it. I am living proof. It is this body template that reminded, redirected me, enlightened my eyes that I allow to be blinded from.

That said, I am being blessed with the full working model of this system. When I read for you, I feel every part within me. Its going to be interesting to see how I can create the highest magnetic field of Love centered around the well being and higher good of my grandsons (unspoken because he is 2) desires.

On that note, I gave you a marathon read. lol

I love and appreciate each and every one of you. You truly are the Light that keeps me going and redirected in my life. I pray I give a little of that back to you.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of Loving Light and Magnetic creations to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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