Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 25, 2020

Energy Overview for Sept, October and Yourself!!

Well this sharing is a long time in coming. I have wanted to write it every day, but every morning my plan goes south, today, thankfully is an exception.

Let’s talk about this equinox energy. Holy heaven balls of fire!! In the readings I could see the constant intense blast of energy; a mix of light blue and white energies. It always targeted a person where the energy was going in at lightning speed. Some the face, some the guy, some the feet, but always targeted with intensity.

The colors were easy to understand. The blue of pure water, pure creator emotions. The white, pure canvas for creating. In the midst of it was something that felt very much like an intensified version of the energy system we are bringing into biological life/light.

As we got closer, it was obvious the intensity increased as well as the focal point. Well let me tell you, the focal point on me was the throat as usual as well as my lower back. OMFG that hurt. I recently had steriods’ shots in my lower back and butt which relieved the pain so well, I was mobile again. Until we got to the equinox energies. I about cried that I only got 2 weeks of mobility back. Of course I lost my voice for 3 days. As we entered the day of the equinox, my back stopped hurtling and no more voice loss. Thank you dear god.

Yesterday, I had one reading that was a field reading. Thankfully were able to get her done, since none prior to the equinox was possible due to the intensity of the energies. In her reading, I could see a line of powerful energy infusing into her core energy straight up her back. from ground to head. The energy was no more than an inch wide, but holy heavens intense.

The only thing I could see what a line representing the path in front of her, it stretched out about 2 weeks. From there it became an inward spiral. Her team explained that she is in a 2 week rest period then enters the spiral, which will create a new aspect of her life. God forbid we get too much usable information, no details were made available.

However, it was revealed that we have a massive energy influx coming around the 8th thru the 15th (datelines general pretty much.) Which puts us just before new moon that is centered betweem 2 full moons in October. It only gets more intense from here!! lol

So this started me reflecting on my own, chaos filled life and I can see what many of us may be going thru, beyond the pain body.

Before I detail that, let me talk about these systems of light we are working to hold, use and solidify in the new biological Being we call the human.

As I expected, there is a major focus on that “power center” system coming in. But also, those working with their first energy or magnetic system, are now being given an addition to what they are working on. At least, a power center anyway. Time and many more readings will reveal more.

I am not sure of I mentioned this before, but in the lower region of the body, what we know as the root chakra and the sacral chakra are merging to become one intense power center (very distinctly power centers, I am constantly corrected when I call them energy centers.)

I also want to mention this too, not sure of I did or not. Our power of creation… Every time someones team is talking about creating, using this new system, they keep showing me something that resembles a blank sheet of paper. In a 1 inch strip going directly down the middle, looks like a tangle of worms in various shades of purple. We are being told that we are missing two part of the “intention” system we have been using to create. This is why some cannot seem to fulfil their intentions and others have a severe lag with it. Unfortunately, neither has been reveled at all, in any hint of a way, yet.

As we get more and more proficient using this triad energy system (of light and only usable by those that are “on the leading edge of creation.” Spirits terms there. I keep saying the leading edge of light, yesterday I was corrected and told there is no leading edge of light, but there is the leading edge of creation. That is where (at the very least) those that I read for, exist.

So with all that information, let me tell you what’s happening in my insane world of late. Crazy went overboard.

As I said before, my daughter was in the local jail for a probation violation (pissing dirt.) It is the most expensive thing in the world to have a loved one in jail let me tell you. She has been held without an arraignment all this time (a month.) Finally, this past monday an arraignment was scheduled for November 19th at 9am!! 2 more freakn months!!!

My stress load has been so high (especially the last couple days going into the equinox) that I was getting gastric reflux so bad it would double me over. I chugging baking soda and water like it was my favorite this. It enflamed my esophagus so badly that its still hard to swallow past the mid section of my chest (rights at the heart area.

As much as I love and appreciate my son in law (who I live with,) he has been on this crazy vendetta against my daughter. Long story short, on the 23rd, we got into a heated argument about how much time she will get.. He is insisting on year minimum. Val has told me, it could be anywhere from time served to 4 months (what she has left on probation.) I broke and told him you need to stop, this is my daughter!! He then decided he is taking zach and moving him to Wisconsin. Shortly after I said I will fight you on that, Valorie called. She was released from jail because what she pissed dirty on, was a valid prescription for Percocet’s after carpel tunnel surgery.

I was inadvertently removed from our triad custody agreement at an over the phone meditation hearing that alex filed to completely remove custody from valorie and only valorie. I have now called the juvenile courts to get my custody reinstated and get ready for a fight to keep Zach in VIrginia with both parents and the only other, full time care giver he knows and loves, ME!!!

I am waiting on a return call from that division. If I need an atty to fight this, I will end up having to do a go fund/please help zach-me campaign. I am hoping the erroneous removal of me will simply be reinstated. We will see…

On that note, my day in the field begins. Hang on tight, life is changing faster than we can think a thought!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with love and adventure to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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