Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 27, 2020

The New Wonder-full You!!


I have been trying to get this sharing out for the past week. I have a bit of an RA flair in the long bones of the back of the hand (and feet) not very pleasant to type for hours. I would put down a few paragraphs to wake up to none, several days in a row. So I am going to do it all at once today lol. There is so much information coming thru, I don’t want to forget it. I’ll start with the readings yesterday and go backwards.

We are in a “segue” energy system as we come out of the fires of August and bath in the waters of the Solstice. There is so much quantum energy being lit up in the each person. The focus of the fire and water is on the physical life area of the immediate field (the area that takes in your home, work, relationship, etc. Everything that is a natural and ongoing part of your life.

The fire is removing debris that we naturally carry forward in this human suit that we no longer need and charging up new parts that is crucial for our individual and collective evolution. It is amazing to see and feel the energies of fire and water working as a team, together!! (What humanity could learn from it!!)

Everyone center field (your physical and energy body’s) has one major combine energy working with and thru you. I have to share this one lady from yesterday, keeping in mind, everything I am seeing on your field, I am very much experiencing in my own. Our soul energies blend together to create the communication (visuals) that I can understand and express outwards. Given that I just had eye surgery the day prior…

She had 2 lightening bolts coming into her physical eyes, alternating its penetration, and constant. What I didn’t realize yesterday, but do today, the lightening blots are a blend of the electrical field of fire and the hydration of water. They there this stunning light blue bolts.

It was explained that the bolts are coming into her physical eyes thru her penial gland and blasting her visual cortex at the back of her head. It’s opening up quantum packs within her dna to be able to see and understand higher frequencies of creation and truth (emphasis on truth.) It is equally changing the construct of her penial gland.

It is literally changing the penial gland, altering the way it exists in the brain. Changing the light field but also, changing the melatonin output. Which she had said, her sleep has already been affected.

Which brings me to information that has been coming thru the Meet your Masters connections. We are changing our physical construct. Our bodies have changed drastically since our first created form on earth. It had to change to work with the density. We have started to processes of restoring the body back to its Light construct.

When I was still doing hands on energy work, I had seen several new glands and organs start to present in the light field. Anything and everything in creation must form as light first before it becomes physical. And even then, the process on the earth plane, to the human, is very slow. Generations slow. That said, the process is so important.

Many people see the changes in various people, groups of people and then start the blame game. Look at the constant rise of autistic children. Has anyone notices how amazing they really are. The brain in these precious souls are wired (purposely) different than most dense brains. They came in lighter, brighter and still having to deal with density. They are restoring the psychical brain back to its neuoratctivy back to the field of light it was designed at. But, humanity feels more comfortable to blame instead of recognize.

Which is why so many people are being charged with the higher quantum truths of who and what we are (where we are returning to) and get the muck of false information cleared up. They are being brought to the world stage, one way or another, to herald the truth. Not an easy task for humans. To stand before what we would consider “well respected light workers” and tell them they are inaccurate.

God knows, I have been kicked out of many a light circle for doing that on my way to here.

My day is about to start, the house is up and I am utterly distracted. However, spirit is on me to offer a new special. It is important for those working at the leading edge of light (those I read for) to know what alternations are being done in their body. So I am creating a 15 minute special that will include one body scan for new light organs and alterations, followed by a follow up reading. Knowing and working with the body accelerates its energy into reality. Also, I will only offer this thru the end of August per spirits request as well. What affects you, affects me.

Until tomorrow…

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure fire and water to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

5 Day Special, Buy one get one FREE:


$49 book here:


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  3. Dear Lisa — I am unfamiliar with your processes. I just paid for one of the $49 specials you are offering right now, for a body reading and a 15-minute reading. But I don’t know how to find the actual calendar for scheduling the appointment with you. Can you please point me to the scheduling function, assuming that you do that online as well? Or tell me what to do instead of that, please?

    Thank you very much!


    Rev. Divina “Russ” Russell Zen Buddhist Priest | Interfaith Chaplain Mindfulness-Based Integral Life Coach 831-818-8974


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  4. Much Love & Light to you, sweet Lisa……so glad your eye is fixed up. I am hoping to get my other one fixed, but even getting to the Optometrist is proving to be a chore. Thanks for the tips for moving forward & etc…Sylvia Melaynia XOXOX


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