Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 6, 2020

The Fires of August!!


Well, August came in and burned the hell outta my voice. August 2nd or 3rd (days blend together) was the worse tho. I had intense heartburn from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep. No home remedy of a half bottle of pepto-bismal helped. I was not surprised when I woke up, yet again, without a voice.

When I kept seeing the pure fire energies that engulfed August, I kept asking spriit… where is the water?? There must be water to balance it out. Yet, I was shown, nothing.

In the middle of the night on the 4th/5th, I get a phone call at 3am from my son in law asking how me and zach are doing? WTF it’s 3 am, we are sleeping!! Then I heard the reason for his concern… well, sorta. It was pouring rain outside. But the who the hell cares. Then he told me that we are under tornado warnings. Well, poop. Worse than that, our electric was out and I did not roll any smokes before going too sleep. I just barely got back to sleep when my phone siren sounded a tornado warning for the next 30 minutes.

I was equally scheduled for eye surgery at 8am, and of course was canceled for the 2nd time. 3rd times the charm on 8/25?? lol

Once I actually work back up for the day, I wondered… well, here is a ton of water, will I get my voice back?? And went to my sons since we were still without power and the day was already heating up. For the most part the rains cleared and sure enough, my came back. And I stayed at my sons overnight since our electric was off for close to 2 days.

What an amazingly beautifully clear yard he has!! Connecting for readings was effortless!! And indeed, the day showed the huge significance fire is not only playing in our world during August, but period.

My first reading was an Ascended Masters readings. Two Beings showed up, each waving a flag. On the left was a white flag, on the right a red flag. It took me a bit to see who was waving them.

Waving the white flag of purity of spirit was a Being of Fire. He comes from a realm outside our solar system and the planet is home to many Fire Beings. They assist our earth with the energy of fire.

Waving the right flag, of both the new earth and purity of fire was something very surprising. It was Gaia, and then she was the blessed mother, then she was quan yin. It was explained to my beautiful lady that humanity has split up the energies of the Divine mother into individual aspects, but all are one. Gaia is a collective of souls and these 2 other deities are just some aspects.

Of course, humanity, as it is conditioned to do, assigns the energy to humans/Beings who once walked the earth, but has nothing to do with those brave ones. It is a collection of intelligent energies known as the Madonna. The mother of all living things on Earth.

Actually, it would make sense then that the fire energies would be the father of earth. Especially when we think of the sun.

There was another reading, my amazing mermaid looking lady was swimming in a pool of fire which represented her center field. Her soul explained that there is a realm where what we call mermaids are not only water oriented, but also, mermaids of fire. That they not only look like part human, but many other species have this tail like feature as well. Most people do not look beyond what they have been told. (Hence, why I still have a job lol.) It is nothing personal, just a human condition of deeply seeded bias.

As I watched and listened…. It became increasingly obvious (given the days readings) that fire is going to be a very very important part of this time.

My lady’s center field left a line a fires out in the 4 directions. Then each section was identified as work/home/relationships/all that is new. Not only is fire important, but the use and directive of the smoke that emanates from fire. A way to use it, in conjunction with each other, in ways not presented to earth Beings before.

Well, it was an amazing, humbling day. I cannot wait to see what today brings. My day is starting, my boy waking up and concentration to the weigh side lol.

I love and miss you and thank you more than my words will ever express for your incredible patience with me and the continued faith you place in my ability once we do get together.

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of fiery love and compassion to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. And since our Freezer was purified by the heat, lets run a replenishing special lol.







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