Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 30, 2020

The Electrical Energy of US Create the Fires of August!!

fire august

Dammit, I had half a blog done yesterday, my fingers gave out, and some how it disappeared today. So one way or another, I gonna get this done today!!

So we had this surprising badass moon on the 27th. The first quarter moon that was half dark and half light. It played such a major roll this week.

The last 2 days I have done what I call non-readings. We got information from every person, but planetary, not personal. Without YOUR connection, that information would have been lost, because you have that vital puzzle piece of our stage of evolution.

So the way I had seen the 1st quarter moon that started on the 26th was very much like ms pacman:


Minus the eye of course lol. But… it started to sli in half and open itself up on the 26th and each person was placed inside as it started to close back up on the 27th and release a very powerful energy into the core of each person (that is consciously on this evolutionary path of truth. (emphasis on truth.) It opened back up to release us on the 28th.

My back was in such intense pain the 26th and the 27th, I was ready to tap out. The 28th tho… so much better. I knew it had to be all the moons fault!! I did attempt to contact my Pain doc as well as my General Practitioner, neither have yet to call me back. I literally cried on the answering machine of my pain doc… guess he don’t care how much I hurt.

Again, all of this came thru the connections, nothing was released on its own or without many people dispersing information. Spirit reminded us we are all a puzzle piece and no one has all the information. Trust me when I say I need you to understand me.

As I looked to our next few days, I could see what reminded me a flat lining on an EKG that extended thru the rest of July. When I did the non readings on the 29th, I realized it was not a flat line but a very thick spiraled electrical line that looked something like this;


With each reading, more and more information was added.

WE are the electrical energy running thru the line (and there is only one line.) We are increasing the frequency at the ground level for all.

Before these non readings, I had already seen the lions gate of 8/8 as a pole of flames coming down from above and running straight thru it. I then seen what I will call fire balls throughout August. What came to light yesterday is that WE are the fireballs. At the end of this electrical line it rises from the ground and spits us into August as fire balls.

As the day went on and more information released, I could see that August was a circular month. This has happened before, but is very very rare. So there is no beginning or end to the energy of August. We, as fireballs, are scattered thru the entire month.

Even the 8/8 gateway shifted to the middle of this month. The two loops closing in on itself for the insertion of the fire pole.

With all this new information of what is happening at the highest level of light frequency, was also the consistent reminder (if you will) that we are the very boots on the ground commissioned to restore the energies and direction of earth back to its purity.

I was shown the quagmire of misinformation that has been coming thru (this is spirits words) those that think they are speaking from the light (light workers) that are actually speaking from the ego and does not recognize it as such. Of course, many align to it (whatever is being shared) and repeat the cycle. Making what I see as bring energy, dim and in what I can only call cooked spaghetti quagmires.

I am getting added insight to that sentence. When we are sharing from the highest light, the energy becomes a straight line forward allowing many to connect to and share from. When the energy becomes tainted with non truths, it starts to splinter and bend and dim. When enough of this happens, it looks like cooked spaghetti with no forward path, just intermingling strands.

When enough of these quagmires happen, it seeps into the energy that we call the future. At the highest frequency of light (where we are) the future itself does not exist in detail, but it does in energy. Nothing is void of energy. There are now quagmires to clean up.

What I also did not realize until someones A team expressed it (passionately) when I called her a guide… they are the Guardians of the Earth since the beginning of time. The arrive en masse when we create these intense quagmires. Because of this particular evolutionary state the earth is finishing up, a human MUST be partnered with for the correction to take hold.

Well, my fingers are tired and the house is waking up. Anyone scheduled today and tomorrow… I anticipate more non readings. Just a warning lol.

I love and appreciate each and every one of you brave souls for doing what you do!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



They are… YOU ARE The Guardians of the Planet.




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