Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 25, 2020

Connecting with the Extraterrestrial Team – Part 2


I am on a sharing streak!! 3 days in a row 😀 So much information is coming thru. When this happens, we are in a massive shift.

I had an amazing, exciting connect with a precious lady who signed up for the ET connection. It has been so long since I have done one that I ‘bout peed my pants with excitement. And I was not disappointed at all!!

Four ships showed up, 3 to the front of me, one in the back. The formation created an arrow affect. All the ships looked exactly the same, silver discs. It was explained they are keeping the ships the same so we do not focus our attention them , for that does not matter. .

One ship had the main speaker. His appearance was absolutely stunning. The mother of pearl skin from top to bottom. The energy of his skin just oozed from him was of tender love. The kind of tender love you just want to fill your bathtub with and soak in it. His body was long and lanky This is the closet image I could find of him, only his eyes were perfectly round and there really was no nose or mouth, more like their face was disappearing… which I will explain.

Maybe it is what I felt all the while with his skins ooziness, but all you seen was beauty. So beautiful in his own rite.

He said he is from the planet (Spelled phonetically) Plutonious and it has nothing to do with our pluto.

He also told my precious lady she can call him Mario as he gave me the image of the game character Mario in my mind. He wanted us to be sure there is a reason and correlation to his name and their job!!

The ship to the left was Andromada Beings, the one at the front point and the back were Pleiadian. He is the main speaker for now.

He gave me an amazing view of his planet, much like seeing earth from space. His planet was deep red, purple with stripes of yellow. I was so amazed to hear that the yellow were the clusters of incarnating souls that have no body, just pure energy. This is what his species is evolving towards, hence the disappearing face. They will be, eventually, all incarnating souls without matter tied to them.

He explained that the purposeful formation of the ships (a forward arrow – -> ) is to represent piercing the veil of the future!! There has been so much tainted dense choatic energy released from humans this year, that our future of Light, is no longer assured. They will be the clean up crew (mario in the sewers.)

When I pressed him further about this surprising future he said (I put his direct quote on facebook yesterday so I wouldn’t forget)

“Our future is being filled with energies not becoming. They (ETs) along with special boots on the ground (like my amazing lady) are “piercing the veil of the future” to change the energies for the better…. It is primarily the “Lightworker” on earth creating this with miss information, energy work that comes from the ego (no one can access the future… hence the veil, but you can park the energy at door and once that timeline arrives., it enters.

Our Spiritual A team are working in the here and now, our ET’s are working in our future timeline (and yes, time does exist on earth. We should always be focused on our Now moment (unless now partnering with an ET team for this special work.)

Today’s reading, my beautiful lady’s A team Gandalf looking Helper said that this focus and partnership opened in June (at the equinox and will close at the Sept equinox. This is why I was prompted to keep my special going. Which I will thru mid September.

There is much much more to share, but my fingers are not happy at the moment, I will continue tomorrow.

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of opalescent tender love to and thru ALL

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Wow!! You are On FIRE! This is amazing and wonderful. I adore you! (Hope you are feeling much better.)


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