Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 24, 2020

Connecting with the Spiritual A Team – Part 1

energy of love

Oohhhh two days in a row!! This will be a quicky, but what I feel as an important quicky. (baby is up, hence a quicky lol.)

I had 4 readings scheduled yesterday, 2.5 were MIA (the half was still asleep.) But the first one, which is why I rushed my sharing closed while leaving info out, was so amazing and dynamic. It was also the first Meet your new Spiritual Teachers session since offering it.

I now realized they are sectioning out my backyard into 2 rather large sections. Physical life side, emotional/spiritual side and then, straight down the middle of those two. So far, everyone showed up on one side or the other. My beautiful ladys new A team showed up directly in the middle. (I kinda find it funny that there is a big trampoline in the right/emotional field.)

Standing there were 2 very dynamic Beings. The one on the left had the feeling of what I would call a witchy like Merlin energy. He had a very heavy garment of super deep purple and blue. so deep these colors it almost looked black. In my world, those colors are representative of masters, which I already here him say they have no hierarchy like we do, they are simply evolved Beings. They told my lady they all were in body at the fall of Atlantis to assist. They chose purposely to stay on the other side of the veil because my lady is more evolved with the earth energies and the use of her whole Being when incarnated than they are.

The right side was an immense wash of love (which, with my daughters lies and chaos these days, I needed more than my pain drugs lol) and she referred to herself as Madonna. The mother energy of Humanity. Can you imagine that kind of love being incarnated in a body when so much hate is at the surface. Even our ascended masters fail (if you will) at their incarnations!!

Now I want to intersect this here, sometimes you have to wrap things in light (smile.)

My daughter is… geez no word for it. Ugly maybe. She has pressed assault and battery charges on her husband. Seems she either had someone punch her in the eye or did it herself, but had a black eye when she went to the magistrate to file these charges. Alex was served (and thank god, not taken away) yesterday with assault and battery charges, his his hearing to have a hearing is on the 30th.. She also put a protection order on him. He is not allowed to return to work. They gave him the 3 day protection order off with pay, when it gets extended to 2 weeks, he may not get paid at all. If he gets charged, he is fired.

So I am sitting having my holy smoke, sad, just deeply sad at all this and suddenly the blessed mother shows up (whom I have not seen for a long long time.) I could equally feel her sadness and she explained to me that my daughter is so far off her path she may not return to center. Her team gave her a second chance when she went to and came out of jail. She has opted to return to the darkness. The blessed mother also explain there are times. the human is unreachable, as is my daughter, and tears ran down her face as the love poured out of her heart.

This was the first time I ever realized that spirit can feet sad. Deep sadness too. Obviously they do not hold it in as we humans often do. But the feeling, very real.

Now, I want to say there is a very distinct energetic difference between my blessed Mary and my lady’s Madonna.

Geez…. there is so much more to share, but I have an ET connection soon and I need to prepare. Part two tomorrow. I know my schedule is almost full in August. I am going to open up Sundays for now. Those that need a weekend only appt, please hurry and get on there!!!

I love and honor you so so so much!!! Big big (((HUGZ))) of deep Light of Love to and thru all!!

Lisa Gawlas


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