Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 23, 2020

The Importance of Duality in Mastery!!

Ohhhhh the deliciousness of drinking in the light field doing readings!! I have missed it and dare I even say, needed it more than I can ever express.

There are many still finishing up their evolution touches this month (myself included.) We have a moon coming up that I am so not familiar with, so when moon cycle was shown the first time in yesterdays reading, I just assumed it was the new moon. Well that was already in our rear view window I learned when it came up again. But my ladys reading helped to make me understand which moon.

Her field was shown out of the normal place I have been seeing it in. Hear team explained that this is because the effects are deep in her emotional/spiritual field. They showed to ancient time pieces (pocket watches) They explained that she is going thru and picking up varies fragments in alternate timelines and parallel earths going into the next important moon phase. She had a pocket watch with beautiful etchings on the left side of her path and one blurred out on her right side. My understanding was all that happening in her spiritual field deeply affects her physical life. She is the one that said the new moon was yesterday. Hmmmm I knew about where in the timeline it was so I had to google moon phases. This one hit me square in the sacral plexus as “it.”

first quarter.jpg

The First Quarter moon is on the 27th. The blackness is the energy of our physical life. The deep unknown, the base emotions that are innate in all Beings. The wise and focused use of these base feelings. (not the squelching out of them. That only reduces your power.)

I had one lady who’s path was a 2 hilled roller-coaster. The strain of going upwards in frequency as she headed into the Lions Gate of 8-8 and the “gift” waiting for her at the top of the hill(s).

If I am remembering correctly, only 1 person received their new teaching guides yesterday out of 5 readings. Our preparation is huge.

On a side note, I always feel so bad when I have to send an email to reschedule. Especially this month when so many Meet your Teachers were scheduled then rescheduled. It’s often time frustrating and hard to understand why you (especially some of you) get rescheduled (s often.) Spirit knows exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it and when I am capable of understanding that knowing.

With the information of yesterday and that surprising moon of importance. We can see the increase of (needed) duality in our lives. We cannot master what we do not allow ourselves to experience.

On a completely different not (I am running out of time to write) I seen my Pain Specialist the other day. I am now scheduled for a pain block at the base of my spine and some sort of injections at my iliac area. My only sadness is her first available is not until September 16th.

I have been saying to every doc I have seen that if I didn’t know better, I swear I had a stroke at some time. My entire left side is so week to the point of unusable. She is the first doc, after doing all kinds of strength and pain tests on me, who said it first. She feels I have at at least one, if not more, mini strokes and suggests that my GP order an MRI.

Another side note, can you please please please flood our home with bright white light (no intentions, just pure light.) My daughter is doing some really bad stuff to try and destroy Alex. She must have had someone mark her face yesterday as she is trying (and succeeding) to put Alex in jail. He was just served with a warrant for Assault and Battery from Val. She is knee deep into drugs again and not fighting for her son, but fighting to put Alex in jail.

I have a reading soon (cops were just here) and need to find my happy place.

I am also going to throw a special together. GiGi got so fluffy new clothes are required lol.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of dualistic High Light to and thru ALL




Good thru the 27th dualistic moon phase!!! Use coupon code GiGi (smile)

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