Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 20, 2020

Catching up… the Caterpillar Effect on Us!!

changing dna

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update, mostly about me lol. I have been in the hospital this past week because I could not breathe. When I slept, an elephant would jump on my chest and throat and suffocate me. Seems they don’t like recliners as much lol. Walking a couple feet put me into massive breathing spasms. Not to mention, I was swollen up like the stay-puff marshmallow lady.

Much to my dismay, when I got to the hospital the first day (as well as the next) the ER waiting room is outside. Its been high 90s here in VA with intense humidity. This was not a good condition for me, but I sat and waited like the lady instructed. I watched person and after person go in, but no one came for me. When I asked what their process is to get seen, they then instructed me (and everyone else) to get in line to be seen. I went off on them. As I struggled for air to create voice, I told them I cannot stand long, its one of the reasons I am here. Instantly 5 people jumped in front of me and I tapped out. I just yellled fukk this and left.

My family was at the Y for an hour while I got seen (it was just around the corner.) I decided to lay down on their grass to cool off and get off my (3 Xs the size) swollen feet. Well!!!! That did not bode well with ER security as 3 of them came and told me it looked bad on the hospital to have me laying there. I ended up on the hot concrete in the parking lot.

I eventually went home, at least til the next morning. My son in law was not having me not able to breathe and took my butt there. Once again, outside in the thick air to wait. I could not breathe, so I said screw it and went inside to the AC. Breathing in was so hard, I leaned on one of their sanitizer stands to try and regulate my breath. The intake nurse asked me if I was having a hard time breathing (freakin dah!!!) Even after saying yes, nothing. No assistance. No immediate intake, just more waiting. At least I had AC.

Well, the next three days were… confusing. First I was told (in the ER) that salt now acts like a poison in my body and to get it out of my diet (that is ridiculously hard.) The next day they did CT scan with a special contrast that focuses on the veins (looking for clots.) Then an electrocardiogram.

On day 2, the doc told me that my heart does not open all the way, hence allowing the fluid build up. So, heart failure.

Day 3, discharge day a completely different doc told me I am perfectly fine, change nothing in my diet and he couldn’t understand why they had me there. And absolutely refused to let me go home with a lasick script.

We won’t mention that while in the hospital they didn’t have my inhalers in stock, so I got none. They did not give me my pain meds and just told me to follow up with my pain doc, not my lung doc lol.

Fortunately it was my lung doc who told me to go straight to the ER, he was (and has been) concerned about heart failure. So he already made me a follow up appt. He told me my body now acts like a sponge. Not only am I to stay away from salt, but to reduce my fluid intake.

Ohhhh… they weighed me on day 2 after quite a few lasik injections. They insisted I dropped 30 pounds. I told the lady it was impossible. They told me to get out of bed, they recalibrated… sure enough. 30 pounds. Imagine my heartbreak when I got home it was only 7 pounds. lol (Just for the record, that 7 pound loss is now a 10 pound gain… damn pizza.)

I go for eyeball surgery today. The cataract I had removed is full of scar tissue and the other one is progressing too fast to ignore.

Thru all this, I tell ya, I bitch and moan to my team. They keep showing me a caterpillar as it goes into the cocoon and turns into sludge before solidifying and becoming a butterfly.  However, it will take another generation of two (or more) for the true butterfly (human) to emerge.

Humanity is doing the same thing, minus going into hibernation (or turning into sludge.) It is nothing we have done, or can do. These changes are triggered by various light frequencies. Considering I have been doing readings and teaching metaphysics for 2 decades, I have gobbled up every frequency in the known universe (thanks to you and your connections.) So my body is going thru accelerated metamorphosis that was in my contract of life at menopause, the bodys nature change time. But, I am not the only one.

We can look at any given person who is having various body issues that does not respond to anything. That is because it is spiritual and not just physical. Our medicines can help, but wont stop because the spiritual frequency of change cannot be addressed in our medicines… yet.

I did manage to get one reading in thru all this incredible chaos called my life…

Her team became an overpass like bridge with their hands and arms (no other body parts were visible.) The coloring was a beautiful bronzey gold and hands were in prayer position. I could feel in my body the pressure they were making as suddenly I seen large, liquid drops slowly coming out from under the hands. Multiple spiritual energies. The first drop was like an oil that saturated her brain… her neuro-network. This is her special team assisting her. There was more… but I have eye surgery soon and need to go.

Before that… I have been utterly confused with my emails and calendar, for which I deeply apologize. If you were on my calendar and I was either a no show (in the hospital) or this past week (kids divorce court stuff) please please forgive me, reschedule and take a free 15 minute (thru the reschedule zone) as a begging for forgiveness (smile.)

I love and appreciate you all, soul very much!! Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with drenching light to and thru ALL

Lisa Gawlas

Because of the importance of this session combo, I am going to keep it running for the next week. Spirit insists on it and who am I to argue (OK, I argue a lot, but not when the importance is presented.

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  1. then the butterfly emerges, patience, I think you need to relax more if it’s possible, to allow the spirit to find peace inside you, if you don’t offer it up to the One Holy God, how can that eternal power work effectively inside you, amen


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  3. Dearest,


    We need you, we love you, and ALL of your Family.

    Love and Prayers,

    Susannah Keith.

    On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 8:19 AM The Shift of Time and Energy! wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” I just wanted to give everyone a quick update, > mostly about me lol. I have been in the hospital this past week because I > could not breathe. When I slept, an elephant would jump on my chest and > throat and suffocate me. Seems they don’t like recliners as m” >


  4. Oh, my! So sorry you are having such an awful time of it. Sending you much much Love & hugs, I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from you, you are the only site I still follow, my little problems fade away when I think of you, dear dear Lisa, I sure miss you. I still include you in my prayers, my Heart goes out to you, big time. Sylvia Melaynia, Sydney, OZ.


  5. feel better! 0x0xdarla in Falls Church, VA


  6. Bless your heart, LIsa…that was a horrible experience. It certainly sounds like congestive heart failure to me…are your kidneys ok?

    Here’s a trick to get a bed faster, if you feel ok fibbing a little…tell them you have chest pain. That will get you in, and it can mysteriously “disappear” later. I am appalled at the way that E.D. treated you. (Or rather, didn’t…) Shortness of breath alone should have gotten you in.

    Take your Lasix or whatever the doc gave you, and cut down on the salt. (I know, no fun! Extra herbs & spices.) Pizza has a lot of salt, unfortunately. (Cheese has a lot all by itself.) Water goes where salt is, and it’s hard on your heart & lungs. A pint of water weighs 1 lb. Walk more, sit less—start slowly and gradually work up. (This is assuming your joints are good, which they may not be.) This is also assuming you want to stay on the planet…you have helped so much that I know you would be greatly missed by many, many people.

    Yes, a lot of this is spiritual but it’s showing up in the body so you need to deal with that, unless & until you can override what is manifesting physically. Some people can–I’m not one of them, but you may be. I just hope that the spiritual stuff will integrate fast so you can be freed of the physical problems.

    If there’s any way I can help you…do research, interpret “medicalese”–please don’t hesitate to ask. I think the world of you. I’m so glad you have your team for support.

    Much love, Carla

    On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 8:19 AM The Shift of Time and Energy! wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” I just wanted to give everyone a quick update, > mostly about me lol. I have been in the hospital this past week because I > could not breathe. When I slept, an elephant would jump on my chest and > throat and suffocate me. Seems they don’t like recliners as m” >

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    • thank you so much!! ((((HUGZ))) of gratitude ❤


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