Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 7, 2020

From Eclipse to Eclipse: Meditations included within.

eclipse energy

This is going to be a quicky just to let everyone know what has been up right before this lunar eclipse and what I know thru the solar eclipse on the 21st.

About 3 days before we entered the eclipse that (thru spirits eyes) started on the 4th (thru the 6th) every person had the same image. Standing in their center, even tho we were already into the 1st of June, they were actually still at the end of May. On the ground at their feet was a rainbow that went from their feet and arched up and went down thru the spray of black of the eclipse. Obviously I could not see thru the eclipse energy, but at the ground on what would be the 7th, there was a tiny bit of rainbow at the ground level.

Every person was given the same instruction and I am going to state it in meditation style for you to do as well. Keep in mind time does not exist in meditation, it is not a real thing. So even tho we have already moved into and out of the eclipse energy, the experience will be as real as those who did it prior.

The next day there was an addition to the rainbow energy and again, everyone was told to add it to their meditations, separately. Today I was given yet another part to this exercise. So do each one in separate meditations, building yourself up…

Eclipse meditation Part 1:

Get centered however you get centered in mediation and then see yourself standing on the ground, feet bare and right next to your toes is the start of a amazing rainbow. Breathe in the energy and then put your foot on the rainbow, slowly walking up and breathing both from your nose as well as the souls of your feet. Feel the energy, feel the intensity and harmony taking place within your body Do this until you feel yourself drop into the blackness of the eclipse energy.

Eclipse Energy Part 2:

This time as you see the rainbow at your feet, see and feel the crackling and jumping of energy off the surface of the rainbow. This energy goes all the way thru to the end of the rainbow. See the energy sort of like the sparks that fly out of 4th of July sparklers all emanating from the rainbow itself. Breathing in from your nose and souls of your feet, feeling where within you the energy is targeting. Once again, do this until you drop into the eclipse blackness.

Eclipse energy Part 3

The eclipse is not longer present, just the rainbow at your feet and you see it arching into today. Once again, walk up the rainbow, with each step, allow the rainbow to be absorbed into you. So as you walk, it is no longer behind you, but within you. As you come back to the ground, rainbow full absorbed into you, feel the changes within, they may be subtle or they may be strong. Suddenly you will begin to see a thick electrical arc that moves up from in front of your feet and connects to the top of the electrical pole that is the summer solstice. Start to walk up the energy arc, drawing in this energy, slowly and consciously. Participate with it however you may feel led to do so. You may or may not be able to make it to the solstice pole all in one meditation, however it works, is perfect. Keep going back until you feel the magnetic energy within you that is the solstice pole (day of energy.) .

This is all leading up to the solar eclipse on the 21st, the very day after the solstice!! I think we will be joyfully electrocuted thru June lol.

On a personal note. I got my CPap machine the other day. Unfortunately I paid bills before I realized I was getting it and needed distilled water to work it. So I have not used it yet (It’s pitiful when you don’t even have $2 to your name.) But I do get my food stamps today, so tonight will be my first night using it. I’m kind of excited!!!

Ohh I don’t think I shared the results of my sleep study thru my blog, only on facebook:

I do have obstructive sleep apnea. During my sleep study I stopped breathing 14 times per hour. When I was in rem sleep, I stopped breathing up to 27 times an hour for up to 86 seconds each time.

My oxygen levels were at 83% 30% of the night.

My doc ordered a CPap machine for me. This is why I have such brain fog and cannot stay awake during the day.

Enjoy the adventures!!!! Big big (((HUGZ)))) wrapped in high frequency rainbow energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  3. If the machine helps, that’s awesome.

    Two things that worked for me was getting used to not sleeping on my back and breathing through the nose all the time. Some people go all in and close their mouth using surgical tape before going to bed.

    One good exercise is to practice running without breathing through the mouth, speeding up to the point where you feel like you’re not getting enough air through the nose and then slowing down until you feel comfortable again, over and over.

    Yogis say the nose is for breathing and the mouth for eating. There’s some evidence to support it, the nose has better filters and the air is optimized in the sinus cavities before entering the lungs.

    The real issue seems to be that our jaws are too tight due to lack of exercise while growing up, most of the food we eat don’t require chewing much. Which is also why many have to pull wisdom teeth.

    Good luck!


  4. Lisa, my apnea number was 66! I stopped breathing 66 times an hour. I was nearly dead.

    Be sure to use water with a higher (alkaline) pH value, like 9 or 10. it’s the same price.

    Oh. Try asking Spirit WHY we stop breathing. What is interfering with that mechanism?




  5. Lisa you might find benefit in checking out the facial and throat exercises that can help with sleep apnea (Youtube has a variety!), toning and humming is another easy way to strengthen your breathing muscles / airways and improve the muscle tone there, you may also find that a digeridoo or didgbox if possible is another great way to improve sleep apnea and improve oxygenation with the breathing techniques that are required. The didgbox is specifically marketed to treat sleep apnea and is portable.


  6. Dear Lisa,

    I am not sure If you will read this email. I also posted a comment on Skype
    that I may not be in time for our Skype session at 14.30 my time. If I am not there
    I will make a new appointment (not a reschedule)

    Lots of love Lia

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


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