Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 5, 2020

The Mastry of May

master energy

Happy May everyone!! Sorry my sharings are far and few between these days. My mornings are rarely my own.

There is so much change in the field, within each one of us that is ongoing. These major moon periods (full and new) are so unpredictable this year. The new moon in April did not affect our fields (readings) until the last 4 days of April, where it fully engulfed the earth to enhance us for this amazing month we are in… May!!

May is all about discovering our Mastery. Things we have accomplished without ourSelves that we never take a moment to recognize, acknowledge and use further.

How do we discover mastry without ourselves that we overlooked?? By being pulled to people, places, events that we may have acted one way towards and realize that we are now acting totally different than ever before. Not by force, not by effort, but without thought. Your universe will be sure to pull you to these revelations and/or bring them to your door.

I swear I am still working thru mastering my mornings. I used to be so good at just waking up, grabbing my coffee and sitting down and fully reconnecting to the field to share. Now, it takes a good two cups of coffee before sleep clears out of my brain and by that time, I have a rambuncious 1 year old spreading his joy from one corner of the livingroom to the other lol. So, please forgive me for not sharing near as often as I could or should. I have a half written blog from about 5 days ago, but that information is nolonger that relevant to whats happening now. The field changes so much, so fast, but I am tending to bring you the news after instead of before, but with some insight about what happening and coming up.

I find this month of Mastery discovery happens as the world slowly starts opening up again, after being forced to go within during the pesky bootcamp month of April. Nature knows what its doing and how to get things that are needed, done!!

As we approach the full moon in a few days, there is a tremendous illumination on everyones physical life field (in the readings.) That is where you will be pulled into situations that reflect your mastery back to you. Your job is to not only acknoledge it, but own it. You will find the more you recognize and own, as you put them all together as this month ends, you become empowered with new, special, amazing gifts in its combination.

Keeping in mind, mastery includes things like, compassion, forgiveness, stillness, joy, along with the more noticable things like the clairs (clairavoyance for example.) Combining it all is bringing new, much needed skills to this ever changing, ever evolving planet we live upon. There is a bookend with the September equinox with this May energy, but I am not yet completely clear how.

I had a small glimpse of the energies of June, centered around the solctice. I seen it as if we were looking thru the most haziest of days, but this haze was an astonishing blue and purlple. To me, that would be focusing on the full on expression of the master embodied.

Well, my day is about to begin. I Love and appreciate every one of you.

Happy May filled with the eternal (((HUGZ))))) of the Mother!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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