Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 15, 2020

Crystalline Seeds Embedding

crystal seeding

Happy post Easter/Christ Consciousness Day!! We spent three day (day before, day of and day after) in the most beautiful and intense crystalline seed rain. The energies, as you know, were high and the seeds rained down on all, embedding in our biology, light bodies and our fields.

Thru the readings yesterday, I can see we now have a lot of helpers assisting us as we made it past the first half of Aprils obstacle course. One lady had a helper dressed very much like a farmer, tilling the landscape of her field around the images I see as her obstacle course. Keeping in mind, most, but not all, perceived in my field of vision are in the shape and size of individually. It is only this morning does that connection even make sense (the tombstones.) Easter is all about death and rebirth, so does our month of April. Dying to our perceived limitations and going beyond what we ever thought we were capable of, individually as well as collectively.

I had one lady with a blue and white large Easter bunny hopping around her field on a pogo stick, opening her ground for the seeds. Always in relationship to her obstacle. What we overcome/master, evolves into mastery, which then we need to perfect its use while in body.

And yet, another had her seeds sprouting. Just poking out of the ground, but ready for exploration and creating it into the wonder of mastery in bloom.

The challenges we have had from the start of April thru now, gives us a clue as to what our evolution status is focused on and where we need to apply our mastery. And the mastery is not always something we would consider spiritual. Like… breathing!!!

I have/am having the hardest time breathing than I have in a long while. One could (and usually do) think something is wrong and miss an amazing growth fulfillment. The energies of April are shifting and opening up so much more than ever before as each person, each collective, overcomes an obstacle and increases the frequency around them and thru them. Unlocking mysteries that have never been released to earth before. Since my job is seeing those mysteries thru you, my lungs are always getting a work out/work thru. It doesn’t make my day to day life easier, but I am not here to be human, I am here for the soul evolution, period!!

Many people this last week have been talking about how much they hurt, whether knees, back, general body aches and so on, it is because we are stretching and growing and become more than ever before.

I kind of find it funny that the whole world has been put in time out, to give them time in!!! Ahhhh how amazing this life is!!!

On that note, my day has begun. I put a never before offered special on Facebook Easter morning, my way of honoring you and thanking you for your patience with me. I will offer it here too!!!!

With the consciousness of the christ you are engulfed around and thru you…. ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas


15 Minute reading only $11.11

I love you!!!



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