Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 6, 2020

Becoming the Masters You Are!!

master yourself

Ahhh the energies of April, so far I like them much better than the entire first quarter of the year. I also feel that with Aprils crazy but fun (I hope) obstacle course, the clarity spirit threatened us with, will become… well… clearer.

In the last few readings an added element has become visible. It seems to be something that illuminates and/or binds the left and right sides of the field. One gentleman had this arc of energy, altho visually it was relatively clear, there was a rainbow connection to it. I am understanding now, that we have enhanced colors coming into our reality that has been out of our scope of vision prior.

Another person had a intense beam of sunlight hitting her obstacles which started to reflect like multi colored flecks of mica.

My lady yesterday had what appeared to be a tee pee formation (narrow at the top, wide at the bottom) of rain with the feel of crystalline rain mixed in, coming into her field. some of it pouring directly thru her crown, magnetizing her to the obstacles of experience awaiting her.

What I find very interesting, after years of being told not to use the word “healing,” spirit is now talking about people with the potential of advanced healing skills coming to the fore. Of course, I had to call spirit out on that and it was explained that using the term healing is more understandable to not only those working their skills, but also those that will need those skills in times to come. With the gift (not my idea of a gift) of the covid virus, it allows people to grow in more enhanced ways and the general population to look for alternate treatment since the worlds government will continue to be challenged to find a vaccine due to the ongoing mutations (all of which is on purpose within divine love here.)

Since I have been pondering my own obstacle course and my tremendous deficit everything financially related (lost my car, bank accounts, credit cards…) I have told I closed down my broad scope focus of what I am able to do. There is much I have learned, hands on, that is valuable for others to learn. Especially in the realms of hands on energy reading and energy enhancements. What I once called Hands of Light energy work.

I am now 2 readings into today and I am seeing that we all going to be asked to help others in our very special way. The governments are correct in saying we are only at the beginning of this outbreak. Earth has always had a way of purging itself. We see it with massive storms, tsunamis, earthquakes and even plagues thru the ages. This time is no different. It will force us to stretch beyond what we think we are capable of doing. Again, April is our bootcamp of Self awareness with that. May we start to go “live,” which is why May’s energy feels more alive than ever before. It is us!!!

On that note, my day is well into itself and I need to close.

I love and honor each of you so much!! Big big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with expanded skills and new wonders that you Are!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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