Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 4, 2020

Aprils Color Coded Obstacle Course

Garden Obstacle Course Illustration

Wow! April is turning out to be very color coordinated month!! As I mentioned in my last blog, April is also set up to be an obstacle course, well these “obstacles” are color coordinated to the energy center of growth. Example, red for a stronger connection to earth and life itself. Orange for a change and or enhanced sense of self… some have two colors on one obstacle blending the energies, example red and orange is enhancing their sense of self thru life and earth connections and the challenges coming up with be in relationship to enhancing that aspect.

There are two seemingly separate courses, the left side (your physical life) and your right side (emotional spiritual life.) It seems half the souls I have read for so far this month, their right side obstacle course is still being set up.

The one thing I am (slightly) understanding so far, is some people are going to have major changes in their life this month, changing their sense of self and the direction they thought their path was heading, and some will simply be expanding what they have already been doing. Some are getting details, some still vague what the obstacles will be. Either way, it is all setting us up for the brilliantly alive yellow energy of May.

I thought May was pretty much yellow for everyone, nope. I one beautiful gentleman was yellow/orange. So there will be things to understand about that as we get deeper into April. However, the one thing I do understand is that the obsticle course set(ting) up is based off of the entire 1st quarter and the mastery we will achieve thru it as we enter May.

Our guides has been saying that not everyone will make it into May, as some will go around, and avoid some of the obstacles. Very much like we experienced the end of 2019, everyone had the opportunity to arrive in the high frequency mastery zone energy I call 2020, but as one persons guide told us this week, only 5% made the ascension into 2020. Those that made it, are the ones with the obstacle course that will help with endurance, strengthening and showing you what you did not realize you could do!!

The reason I keep calling April an obstacle course is when I see it in my minds eye, I keep seeing the obstacle course from boot camp. However, when I see anyone’s field, what I see looks like the shape of a tombstone that is created in color energy. So far, we do not know what any challenges will be specifically, but can see where the strength training is focusing.

Hand in hand, heart with heart, we will all master this crazy thing called our divine obstacle course!!! To make sure we do, I am going to keep two specials running thru the middle of this month!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wide eyed adventures!!!

Lisa Gawlas




P.S. It was brought to my attention yesterday that my website is down. I didn’t realize my website URL was up for renewal. I will have it working as soon as possible. My booking calendar remains unaffected.



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