Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 24, 2020

March – April Current of Energies

ocean current

There is so much energy happening as we close out the first quarter and open into the second. With the (spring/fall) equinox I could see a large pole easily 50 feet high (going to scale of my vision of course) that was akin to a large sparkler, shooting sparks from top to bottom clockwise and counter clockwise.

Now that we are past that wonderful energy enhancer, we are into yet another massive energy gig. My team keeps referring to it like the mid-atlantic current or ocean jet stream. For your viewing pleasure, I created a handy dandy visual:

March April Current.jpg

My first reading yesterday had my beautiful man with his toes in the jet stream just on the other side of the days of clarity (white spot in the center of March.) The energy stream is taking the energy of this first quarter and mingling it with the pure energy of the second quarter. Actually, that realization just came to me. I thought it was simply mixing with April but nope, the entire second quarter, which is why I keep seeing Aprils energy as sort of like a void of energy. It is drawing in all the mastry released thru the collapsing timelines/parallel earths from the first quarter, and the pushing thru the experiences that lay ahead in the 2nd quarter so each one that puts in the effort can become…. enhanced, new, more magical than ever. Bringing new ideas, abilities, and even discoveries to the fore with their life.

Keeping in mind, our teams can relate the imagery to anything, with this, they are choosing the ocean currents. Ocean waters represent the depths of emotions in my readings. So this jet stream we are now involved with are bringing to us new and enhanced emotions that is the only spark of life/creation we have.

We can imagine a thing…. but without the emotion behind it, it remains part of our potential. Emotion is the spark of life!! (It also is the aborter of life as well.)

So my precious man was absorbing this current of energy into his toes to his feet, from his feet to his calves and on upwards in sections. When the energy entered inside of him, it turned from a fast moving current to an effervescent type energy.

My next lady was laying on her side in the shape of the first look of the figure 8. Toes and hands meeting at the crossing line of March/April. I could see her body start to (stay in that exact position) stand up straight (hands and feet still on the ground, body still rounded in shape) and start to lay down on the April side of the energy, obviously absorbing with the opposite side of her body.

Then I had a lady sitting in the center of the March loop waiting to engage at the March/April rise of this energy stream. For her tho, both March and April sides came together at the center, and she stood up as the energy from this now combined streams created a single circle that she stands under and drops the energy in what looked like multicolored tic tacs.

With all of that said, we are all interacting with this energy in our unique way. One thing that does remain consistent is the integration of mastery from other lives into this current stream. Equally the second quarter is releasing (mixing together) experience potentials so everyone has the opportunity to become so much more than they are now. What my team is calling at the moment “the greatest spiritual evolutionary step in mankind’s history.”

My advise to you… go into meditation, see how you are engaging with this energy system, feel what is coming into you, the potentials that lay ahead of you and see if you have any new guides/helpers. My 2nd lady’s new helper said she can call him Zoloft. It made me giggle and equally reassure I heard him correctly. My lady, obviously in-tune with her soul, explained that Zoloft is an anti depressant and there are a lot of depressed people out there. A clue into her new, expanding super powers.

On that note, I am going to close. The house is waking up and I want to get this out before I miss yet another day of sharing.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in fast moving currents of evolution to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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