Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 12, 2020

March Meditation


This is just a quicky update to our ever evolving field and the energies affecting it and a meditation exercise for you to enjoy learning about the new, emerging you.

Here is a handy dandy visual of March as I see it in the fields so far, sorta.


March Energy Layout.jpg


The light of the full moon we just went thru was added to the fields. There are “things” being released thru the moon energy that is unique to each person and affecting the air or energy field or both of that person. It seems to be conjoined with the enhancement of the developing new “super powers” within each person.

Altho the energy field of March I see in any reading is larger than the whole of earth itself, everyone has their own personal energy field. That is what is represented in the visual with the March energies.

A couple people were given meditation instructions to enhance their understanding of what is happening to them within these energies. With that have been consistent layouts… seeing a large pool filled with about 5 feet of energy. Everyone has a ladder that goes up to the top of the energy pool with 5 steps to climb. 5 is the number of change. What is not constant is the color or substance of the ladder. It is unique to the person I am reading for.

The energy is either rotating clockwise or counter clockwise in a fast whirlpool like motion. In the center is a clearing, very much like the eye of a hurricane. This is what spirit is calling days of clarity.

My first instinct is to relate these days of clarity to the middle of the month, but not one persons team lets me do that. Instead if will arrive according to each persons field. Not everyone’s field is the same size round, so the center is not going to happen at the same time for everyone. And not everyone is going to get “clarity.” One lady yesterday was told these will be rest days. Days she will not feel like doing anything at all. Her clarity will come later.

So, with this in mind….

March Meditation Exercise:

See a large pool about 10 feet in front of you. Walk over to it and climb up the ladder, slowly. Feeling the energy of each step, breathing it in thru the souls of your feet. Walk up to the 5th step and see which direction your energy is moving. Clockwise? It is sealing in energies for you. Counter-clockwise? It is opening energies for you. Maybe it is going in both directions at once…

Step onto the energy, you will stay on top and not sink. Which direction do you feel compelled to walk? Are you walking with the same direction as the energy flow or opposite. Either is perfect, and purposeful. Communicate with your body and the energy your walking on to find out why. Keep in mind, all things communicate. All things are conscious and communicative..

You may see new guides appear. Teachers of your new specialty. Or you may not find them til March ends. If your new team is there, go talk with them, get to know them. Ask questions.

Feel into the center of your energy pool. Can you feel when your days of clarity will arrive, will be clarity or rest.

Ask questions, assume nothing.

Look up towards the moon, what area of the moon is releasing something other than moonlight for you? Right side is affecting your emotional spiritual life/growth, left side, physical life, center, both.

What is coming out? (this is o vast and so unique I do want to pre-imprint anything for you. Ask questions. And feel every part of this exercise. There is so much information in the feeling and body sensations.

In-Joy the meditation and go back often!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) flooded in moonlight magic to and thru ALL,

Lisa Gawlas


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