Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 10, 2020

The Energies and Days of Clarity for March

march energy

I am so so grateful February is done and over with. I was pretty damn sure I was creeping towards my death date. My ability to breathe declined so rapidly to the point just standing up from a sitting position left me breathless. Not to mention losing my voice for over 1 month as well. I was begging for the exit door actually.

A CT scan and electrocardiogram later, I find out I am allergic to the animals I live with (2 cats and a husky blowing her coat.) One Zyrtec a day and all is back to normal, well, as normal as I get!! My heart is fine and my lungs show no changes since the last CT in July. Enough about me, lets get to the energies of the field.

BTW, I cannot seem to get my mornings organized enough to put steady blogs out. I’m working on that.

If I can set up the way I see March. Imagine a super large round swimming pool as round as the earth but only about 5-7 feet tall. Inside this pool is intense energies that are circulating round and round in an intense whirlpool motion that leaves a hole at the center, like the eye of a hurricane. The direction of circulation depends on who I am reading for in the field. Some are going clockwise, sealing in energies, some in a counter clockwise directions, opening energies and one person going in both directions. What ever persons team has been saying, as we get to the eye (if you will) there will be several days of absolute clarity. Clarity of the energies that are surrounding you, what has been removed, what is being added in and the new skills that are part of this change.

Of course, when spirit says absolute clarity, it rarely transpires like we, the human, expect it to.

There are some seriously interesting skills being opened up in people. Skills that will take the rest of this year to master. With these skills is a focus on something happening in 2021… some sort of illness that spreads outwards. Spirit keeps showing it like a drop of honey that once it hits the planet, spreads outwards. It is stated that this is on purpose, to clear the energies of earth. However, there will be people affected that is not meant to leave the planet and that is where these new, specialized skills will come into play.

Many are also getting new, specialized guides to assist in the perfection of these new skills.

I had one beautiful man the other day show up as a dolphin instead of human. It was explained that he has incarnated many times as a dolphin, holding and assisting with the human DNA and its changes. One of his new team members is a dolphin who was the very first dolphin on this earth and incarnated yet today. Dolphins arrived after the first seeding of humans to assist with the many changes humanity has gone thru as a species. We are now at the quickest, most radical changes ever since the humans arrived on earth.

I am not able to see into April yet, but thru one person we were able to get a glimpse of May’s energy. It was the most beautiful, intense illuminated yellow that i had ever seen. It felt more alive than any energy I have ever seen thru future months in readings as well. I am sure that the readings leading up to May will reveal what that means to us, but today, it just excites me.

I am sure I am missing information to share with you, but before another day goes by and I cannot finish sharing, I am going to close here for now.

Because my voice and anyone’s scheduled appointment has become unreliable, I am going to keep the Buy one get one free at the reduced price going for the next 2 weeks. Plus, I will also give everyone that purchases this particular BOGO full access to the Nations recorded class page. It has many exercises and information on it over the last two years. Much being relevant today.

(((HUGZ)))) wrapped in amazing life infused energetic LOVE to and thru the ALL

Lisa Gawlas


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  3. Allergies – make sure you are properly hydrated (get enough of both water and sea salt).

    Technically most people’s “animal / pet allergies” are not allergy to the pet but to what the pets are being fed. Just imagine how bad that so-called food is treating the animal if it irritates you.


  4. “Because my voice and anyone’s scheduled appointment has become unreliable….”

    “The throat represents our ability to “speak up” for ourselves, to “ask for what we want,” to say “I am,” etc. When we have throat problems, it usually means we do not feel we have the right to do these things. We feel inadequate to stand up for ourselves.
    Affirm: It’s ok to make noise. I express myself freely and joyously. I speak up for myself with ease. I express my creativity. I am willing to change.” – Louise L. Hay

    Are you willing to change Lisa? Are you willing to heal?


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