Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 17, 2020

crystal energy

Man oh man, I was so hoping, expecting even, the 2020 energies to be deLightFul. Instead they are beating the hell out of me. I have only done a handful of readings in Feb, all before the 14th, and damn, just connecting to their fields created so much pressure into my entire forehead, like my third eye was going to implode.

So many people had very unique geometric crystalline thingies (one had 7 pointed stars, another something that looked like the front of a cement roller…) coming into their field, targeting their center field and stemming out to the immediate field.

OMG, I almost forgot, before this crystal formations incoming, every person the day prior had what looked like this huge termite tent over their fields. Spirit explained so that the energies that were coming in specifically for them and the energies their center field were emitting, mixed without interference. I guess these crystal formations were the outcome of that.

I think my termite tent is serving to complete destroy my life. Of course, destruction usually precedes major change.

My voice is acting weirder than it ever has before. I completely lose it, it will come back for maybe two sentences, shut off again, come back a day later for an hour, go for days, come back for hours, sometimes moments since around mid January!!

I have decided spirit really does not realize just how important income is to this life we live, since mine stopped. My business and personal bank accounts are in the negative, all my credit accounts past due, and pretty soon, my website will be shut down for lack of payment. Yay.

I am not stressing that as much as my visit to my new lung doctor that my RA doc insisted I see (thank god for her wisdom.) He did a lung function test and took an x ray of my chest. He said their ar abnormalities with my lower lobes that showed up in both the function test and x rays. He looked at my past CT scan and seen what no other doctor did, including the guy who read the results from the CT, my heart is enlarged.

He is ordering an electrocardiogram for that and a CT for my lungs on the 26th, along with a 6 minute walk test for the lungs.

I already knew something was amiss with my lungs, I cannot walk from one room to another without gasping for breath. Walking up our stairs takes me 15 minutes to recover.

Before I discovered all this with my new doc, on Superbowl Sunday when I was driving to my son’s house, I was having a rather stern talk with my team about my body’s condition. Their reply, tho I still do not like it (and no one ever said we humans had to like a thing) made sense I guess.

They explained that as we progress in wisdom in our life, our souls energy changes and actually enhances its capabilities. There are things that our souls do that the body cannot, which usually happen when we sleep. I was not made privvy to what my soul does, but that the more it does the more energy it needs from the body. Utilizing the biological fields energy is so important. So the body tends to rest much more frequently as the soul helps in the quantum field of life.

The other hazard is, the body begins changes too. We experience it as illness in most cases, but the DNA structures change, as the soul agreed to experience if the ego was able to take it far enough in its evolutionary process. Granted, not all body’s that are in rough shape are wisdom filled lol, many are still in the dense emotional state of Being too.

In all things, one size never fits all, as much as we would like it too, for simplicity’s sake.

On that note, I just wanted to give everyone an update. I have not done any readings in this last week thanks to no voice, but as soon as I am able to talk out loud longer than a minute, I will and update everyone with what is being experienced.

For now, until I catch up, I am not taking new readings. I hate rescheduling more than anything in this world…

I love and appreciate each and everyone of you so much. Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with geometric love and gratitude ❤

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Someone has hijacked a few of your links.
    Under LISA’S PERSONAL WEBSITES: if you click on the last 2 links – 1. Phone Reading with Lisa and 2. The Soul Center – those 2 links have been hijacked and you are taken to a Japanese website that is in Japanese! I will also contact you via Facebook as that link is OK. I did not check on the rest of your links.


  3. Lisa have you tried to have a reading on line writing? The client could be on line writing the questions and you can answer writing back on real time
    Imagine a visual but soundless session


  4. Gosh oh gee Lisa! Is your lack of healing catching up to you? Who’da thunk it!


  5. Hope your voice gets better soon.. lots of love to you ❤️


  6. Feel better


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