Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 5, 2019

The White of November’s 11:11 Gateway!!


This has been a truly wild ride these last few months. No doubt, we are not about to slow down any time soon. (I really wish it would tho lol.) I have not put out any sharings 1, because there was nothing new for me to share and 2, I have been babysitting my grandson while my daughter recovers from surgery and her husband works day-shift. I am out of the house by 4:50 am most days.

My voice came back just in time for November to start. And what a weird November it is already. The first day of November all I could see in what I call “previews” (imagery b4 the call happens) is what looks like a spotlight shining down on the earth and flooding it with light. The light is so bright I cannot see thru it. This was consistent for every person on my schedule. The next day, we got an addition within the preview… a left arm (physical reach for life) with a wrist watch on it. The numbers of the watch were blobby and blurry, there were no minute or hour hands. The only thing I can understand about this consistent imagery is… we tend to look at the clock, at time, the time it takes (for anything) and now, time is becoming less and less relevant in our reach for life. What we want or need.

Yesterday in the previews (no one has had an actual reading yet) it really became interesting because each person added a different element to the preview (unlike the previous 2 days.)

My first lad’’s preview was an opening of a curtain, very much like the opening of a play. The curtains themselves where extremely white and what was thru them was another layer of (a softer) white light. Nothing I could see thru tho.

My next lady offered a silhouette pacing back and forth behind the softer white light. So my guess is that the softer while light is a secondary curtain to the first one. Like a set of shears behind the brighter ones.

I am now wondering if the pacing is us… waiting, wondering and yet, the time is blurred, irrelevant to our desires for now information lol. And trust me, I want to know NOW!! lol

My third lady offered something incredible… the only thing of color besides white and silhouette . It was a ring/crown of brilliantly colored flowers. Flowers reminiscent of Hawaiian leis. I cold feel the thickness of their petals. This ring of flowers was about the side around as a Frisbee (going to scale of my vision of course) and hung in the center of the stage a couple feet above where this image of pacing was.

I kept feeling the energy of the crowning of the virgin mary (why, I have no idea lol..) Maybe it is the purity of the light and the brilliance (flower colors) of what is to come of the whiteness. Of course, we are heading into and thru the most significant 11:11 gateway ever.

Well my day has already started with readings and I am only getting the finger wag… meaning, not seeing anything. I have a deep inner feeling each day closer to the 11:11 the frequency of light is getting more and more intense. Which alone feels exciting, but not when looking directly into it.

Sadly, with the chaos of my days driving to my daughters, not having a voice, babysitting and days not getting home until after 7 pm, I have been really really negligent in my emails and many other things. The times I am at home I tend to take very long (and needed) naps. And just so no one worries, my daughter is fine, she got new boobs put in and cannot lift anything until a week or so from now, including her 26 pound chunky monkey lol. So I did not block off the moon periods or even the 11:11 and those days are all booked up. I would strongly advise rescheduling coming into and on the 11:11 (I have a feeling beyond that will be ok) or stay there and we can try and see what we can see.

A few days before m voice came back, I was sitting on the couch and tilted my head to the left and it felt like I dunked my head underwater and my right ear filled up. The next day, same thing happened with my left ear, Both are still pressurized, with my right ear being super intense and both ringing like crazy. It will be 2 weeks Thursday this ear thing has been consistent. My doc gave me antibiotics which helped everything except the ears.

I actually broke down and begged my team to help me understand what is happening. They gave me a dream just before November started. I was painting someones ceiling white. In this dream all I could think about is how great it would be if my son painted my ceilings before I move (I move out by the end of this month.)

We are all working to purify the ceilings of life, raising the frequency for ALL. When work is being done, it is not a time to understand but allow. This is what all the previews in November are reminding us of… allow. Time is irrelevant (unless you have bills to pay lol.) and life is getting a new coat of paint at the highest level for all of us.

On my car ride from daycare to home this morning, I was equally reminded of how incredibly intelligent and communicative our cellular body is and will do all it can to push us where we need to go.

I got insurance the 1st of Oct and had not yet contacted an ENT to explore my chronic, persistent voice loss. Well, with my ears in the condition they are now in, I called yesterday. The first thing they asked me is if I had an MRI done on my throat and head at all. Nope. My appointment is for Nov 20th!!

I am also being asked to remind all of us to stop thinking we are doing something wrong, or out of alignment, or not working on issues. Sometimes the light itself is so intense, the body reacts the only way it can as it undergoes change.


On that note… I love you all so much and for those of you willing to endure my rescheduling, thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul.

Ohhhh and we have decided to change the day and time of our Nations class so we do not have to cancel it. Right now we are looking at Wednesdays at 3pm and will be confirmed tonight when we meet. So the Nations Tuesday night classes live on (only on another day and time lol.)

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with light, love and pure excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Just asking (!?) I was worried for you, (my life is weird at the moment! Lots of worries!) so if I missed any of your posts, well, so sorry, last time I read you seemed to be having a hard time with everything, no doubt a lot worse than I! Haven’t read anything since Nov! Just sending you lots of Love and hugs, just wanted put my arms around you & HUG! Much Much LOVE XXXXXX


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