Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 8, 2019

Ending 2019 and Prepping for 2020


Not surprising at all to see, there has been a major shift in our fields. That amazing fractal filled new moon juice has been taken in and set the stage for our next great adventures as we end 2019 and set up for 2020.

This final quarter will be filled with absolute endings that bring birth to new beginnings. Powerful new beginnings if we dare to follow it all thru.

There is a reading that stays at the forefront of my mind. Her reading opened up with something similar to stage curtains pulled slightly apart so that I could see what was thru them. Just beyond the stage curtains made of bright paisley designs, was this huge hill. It went up at almost a 90 degree angle. At the foot of the hill was a gold bicycle. Every part of this bike was gold, including the tires. Bicycles are all about balance in my readings, gold the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see. So my lady has a very special spiritual balance to navigate this challenging hill that will bring her to extraordinary outcomes for her personal evolution. At the top of the hill was a little flag, like the marker flags that matched the paisley design of her stage like curtains. The arrival point of the energy it will take for her to get there, God forbid we would see the exact details of what that little flag represented, but I did understand the energy it will take to arrive there. The balance, the spiritual fortitude. The dedication even when your legs get tired from peddling uphill.

I wrap this around all the other readings and their information for the person, there is a sense of inner and outer spiritual focus that is needed to achieve our next series of abilities and events to accelerate it all. Staying in balance with that focus, with the push it will take to reach the top of the hill before this year ends as we prep for 2020.

I created a handy dandy visual of the way I see the rest of this year into 2020 visually:


If I am understanding this correctly, the moon juice that concluded Sept is creating the inner and outer acceleration needed for those who are ready/clear/spiritually focused It is filled with the energy needed to enter the curve of December without being derailed and flung out. (What that means or looks like, I do not know yet.) The only thing spirit is focused on is what you need to focus on now. Some people are getting a whole new set of soul blue prints, others stopping activities in midstream to change its outcome.direction from what it started to be.

What I cannot show in my incredibly humble diagram… 2020 is not directly above us like every year prior to this one, but forward about 5 feet. So the C curve of December accelerates all that was put into motion these last 2 months (oct and nov) to meet the high frequency landscape of 2020.

Well, my reading day is about to begin already. I will finish this tomorrow, promise lol.

Love you all soul much!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of accelerated energies to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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