Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 4, 2019

September Into October Energies


Long time no write. Hope everyone has been enjoying these intense, crazy energies!! The field has been rather interesting since the new moon. At first what I was seeing was the new moon dripping like a leaky faucet down towards earth. Within this moon juice (smile) contains all the energies from the fractal event (full moon, equinox, new moon and the void day.)

As the readings unfolded I could see that this “moon juice” was affecting everyone differently, opening different aspect within each person, changing the magnetic patterns in some, abilities either intensifying or coming online. So many interesting and actually down right exciting things in store for us as we conclude 2019, all in prep for 2020.

As we started October (1st) suddenly the end of September turned into a black lake of moon juice (black only because that is how I see the new moon, black, including the dripping energy from it.)

In a way, the readings looked like this (change the water to black tho:)

river bank.jpg

The bank was about 3 feet tall and the grassy area represented the entrance into October, and of course, the grass was different for each person. Not everyone was making their way into October tho. One was still absorbing the moo juice energies, some were reflecting on what got them to this point and others making sure that what is no longer needed for them to carry forward, it fully released.

There is an amazing, fortifying energy coming off this moon juice lake. It would be a great idea if you were to go into meditation, recreate this image in your field and see yourself on top of the grass looking out towards the lake, feel the energy, communicate with it. Feel what is coming in or going out for you. Pay attention to the grass as well, it has a lot to say about what your going to be doing. Remember, everything in meditation is conscious and communicative. Talk to the grass, ask questions….

As for me, I am in a world of change as well. My lease ends the end of next month and I will be moving in with my Valorie. I just spent the last several days there critter sitting then babysitting my grandson who has a rough head cold and could not go to day care. For the entire time there, my back or leg has not hurt.

I’’ve got home yesterday and this morning, my back was in pain again. Either my grandsons energy is my miracle cure or this house is on a lay line that is too much for this body, or both!!

I also did my readings there the last 2 days and the ease of seeing was incredible. I hopped around different places in the house to work from, back yard, front yard and their kitchen, all fluid and easy. YAY!!

I have also decided that with the last bill-out of October, I will be ending everyone’s paid membership in the Nation. I cannot see how I can do Tuesdays classes past November. I must getting a footing in my new world when it comes and part of my obligation will be babysitting in the evenings when they are both working so they do not have to pay a sitter. Same with weekends. So I will be adjusting my calendar days off to include Saturday and Sunday for now starting in December.

The energy of change has been running deep in me this last week, when I am actually awake to feel it. I have been sleeping so damn much since the new moon, naps daily. I think I am getting like 15 hours of sleep a day lol. I wish I could say I wake up with so much energy but nope. I just get tired eyes really fast all day long.

Ohhh sometime last week I was trying to reduce my amount of emails in my gmail (I had close to 5000) and starting from the oldest, somehow it reverted to current so I accidentally deleted two days of current emails. If you mailed me and I did not respond its because I accidentally deleted you and I apologize. Please resend.

On that note, my day of readings begins…

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) drenched with incredible moon juice to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful words of wisdom, I, for one really appreciate your champion efforts & all the energy I receive thru’ your words! I have no way of knowing how I am doing, Spiritually speaking, I only know how much I am comforted by your posts! Just wanted to let you know how much I Love you……..XXXX


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