Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 11, 2019

The Changing Field and Energy Field

changing energy

Last month spirit chose a few people for me to see as spirit sees us. Not humans walking around, but fields of light creating and uncreating. They see the entire earth as light, it is simply our brains design to take that light and see it as physical matter. In one of the sessions they showed me what our fields like as we get hit with super energies, these are the days I cannot see fields. This took place on a day she was the only field I was able to see. It was a few weeks ago so I do not recall which energy event was talking place, there has been so many.

Instead of being 3 dimensional hills of light (which is how spirit sees our interactions with anything) the entire field was almost rolling light, like the slightest of waves on a lake. The lights were blending and mixing and separating. I think I hung on to this experience until I seen the one this past week. It gives much more sense to the event.

I did my very best to create a (very humble) visual of this next energy field. This is someone purposely doing energy work/metaphysical works on someone or something. I only included the person in the visual.

energy work.jpg


The bottom yellow circle is what I call your field, Where the person is standing is your center field, all around you is what I call your immediate field. You can consider all the white space the external field.

The secondary field created just above you is there when you are purposely working energy. Whether it is energy healing, reiki, massage, even our readings, all have this secondary field that comes online. It is like the energy systems that you have worked, aligned with, forms just above you for use. I have created a spiral (not as dysfunctional as the one I created lol) within the field. I was shown like blocks that contained various energies within the spiral. The closer to the crown area the block of energy is, the more resonant you are with that energy. The further away from the spiral, the less resonate (need more practice) to the energy. It is all still used, but not as effortlessly/quickly as the ones closet to your crown.

What truly surprised me was that when you are working on a specific thing or person, your entire field gets the benefit. It spreads out to all that is a part of your immediate field ad extends slightly to the external field. It really brings in the idea of “what you do for one, you do for the all.”

I can now bring this understanding into our readings. When I am in change, or you are in change, or even the field of life itself is in change, seeing/connecting is an impossibility. The above field cannot form until there is a retaliative constant.

Another huge thing that I am coming to understand, choosing to work in the field of energy, however that energy is being done, has its hazards to it on the biological thing we call the body.

Imagine your field is a nuclear power plant, and someone or something needs some nuclear energy. It is filtered thru you, directed thru you, so you are always pulling in high frequency energy’s. We have learned to put up protection so we do not take in the persons emotional traumas, but we cannot put up protection for the energy we bring thru us, if we did, it would distort the energy. This why we see so many in the energy work field in rough shape after a while. It takes a toll on the physical body aseptically as the body is now changing so rapidly at the DNA level.

Using myself as a real example, I am constantly bringing Your field in thru my core as well as the energies it takes to produce the holograms I see in our readings. So my core is always on speed. Eventually the physicality kinda goes into dysfunction. Often times what it needs is something to slow the energies down, which is where our traditional medicines come in, to slow down and repair.

On a completely separate (but not really) note, I met with my rhuematolgist yesterday. I really, really like her. She is sending me for specific blood work and a series of xrays at all my joints and neck. She does not think I have psoriatic arthritis, but does rheumatoid arthritis. The blood work will say for sure. She also assured me that my loss of voice has nothing to do with arthritis and since I had already been to an ears nose and throat doc many times, it is more than like a neurological disorder. and recommends I see a neurologist. She also explained how deteriorated my spine was and there is nothing she can do to help the pain in my back and suggested to see a spine specialist. My lumbar discs are closing together and pinching my nerves. There are injection they can give to elevate the pain. If my finances weren’t so upside down, I would invest in one of those chairs that push you to a standing position, it has gotten that bad.

I am not emotionally ready to deal with the neurology part yet.

There is more to share about our light fields and a surprising understanding about time… but I will leave that for tomorrow.

I love you all soul very much!! Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of transformative light to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





(With the full moon, equinox and new moon coming up, September is fully booked.)


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  3. Hey, I found your blog post really interesting. As an intuitive energy healer I do feel that the work I do goes beyond me, if that makes sense. Thanks for writing


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