Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 7, 2019

Just Catching Up…

"I'm somewhere between O. and K."

“I’m somewhere between O. and K.”

Well it sure has been a long time since I put out a sharing. So sorry about that!! It was not for the lack of trying or desire. I dog sat for my son while he went to Mass. for custody court, but silly me… I grabbed my bag with coffee supplies and the bag with tobacco supplies but left the bag with clothes as well as my computer home. Can you tell what is important to me?? lol But, to be fair to myself, 2 bags were by the door the other two on my bed. ooops.

On the morning of the new moon, I was sitting outside having my coffee and smoke and suddenly I could see this chain of what I will call sacred geometry in in and down triangles that linked together. It must have stretched out a good two feet long, but was not straight out, but curvy. It is not the first time I have seen this, but it has been a long long time since I had. Many years even. I watched it for several hours before I could no longer see it swaying about in my peripheral vision of my right eye. Because of previous experiences, I knew what I was seeing were chain links of DNA enhancements.

What I found really interesting was the next day, still within the 3 day new moon event, something interesting showed itself. Altho I thought I wrote to everyone that was scheduled the day before, day of and day after the new moon, I still received three calls. I so apologize for dropping the ball on day three. But, when I went to talk to my clients, each and every time I had no voice. However, when I talked to the dog, my voice was perfectly fine.

The next day and last day I would be at my sons (he was coming home) I started to get a serious case of the dizzys. Just moving my head was nauseating.

When I woke up at my own home, I had so much to share and sat at my computer to write and OMG the head spins looking at the computer screen was more than I could take. I also realized I had a low grade fever. Then I noticed the battery in my mouse was dead, as was the battery in my TV remote. Neither should be dead they are both relatively new and barely used. But dead they were. I also realized I left both charges (phone and tablet) at my sons house. So tablet was dead and my phone had 10% more life before it died too. WTH?? So I picked my dizzy, fevered ass up and went to Walmart to get new chargers. Thank God my son sent me $40 when he realized I needed them, or I would not have been able to get them. I left a trail of fevered sweat thru Walmart. Not fun, but necessary!!

I decided while I was out, to go to the clinic to order my meds since I had unexpected money come in. I was hoping that not having my cymbalta (nerve pain blocker) for close to a week, was the reason for the intense dizzy I had been experiencing being so dizzy. I knew it was the reason my leg hurt like hell again. However, I was being reminded, often, of that chain of DNA codes I seen while at my sons house. The fact it was on my right side, made sense of the intense irritation I was experiencing so often too. I am sure coupled with the financial stress (which I never handled very well) had me cussing even at my phone, a lot!!

The one thing I already knew from the readings before this particular new moon, it was huge, life altering at the DNA level. It was bringing in a lot of light altering changes at the brain wave level of life as well. I guess that is where dizzy happens.

I am so chomping at the bit to read the field and see what all is going on, but alas,I am still without a voice today. This is the first time has a series of effects when I try and talk. My throat hurts, my lungs are challenged to breathe and I get dizzy.

I know there are many experiencing similar symptoms, especially the dizzy. May this be finished before we head into the next Light event… the full moon on the 13th!!

Well, this was just to catch everyone up with why I have not been sharing. I miss you all so much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with loving gratitude to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. I’ve seen those triangles on spirals! Happened to me in the Italian alps in 2016! And a couple of times when I got back to the USA. The ones I saw were iridescent and had stripes like a bar code within the triangle! It’s a mega data download for body and mind. Takes weeks/months to decompress the data into the conscious mind and body field.


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