Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 15, 2019

The Living Field of ALL Life and Your Affect with it.

living light interaction

This could have very well been a three part series. I suppose it is a good thing there was a break in sharing yesterday, so much more was revealed in understanding. So lets get to the lady I didn’t get to in yesterdays blog.

Her center field, or what I am now hearing as her core of light was a deep lavender. What has been explained to me (I have been doing a tremendous amount of pondering) is what I am seeing as the color of the core is the souls primary color of light. The soul is made of colored light. The colors represents experience and wisdom. Each soul brought in its core strengths of wisdom needed for this lifetime. It equally brought in colors it is still evolving towards. Not one color is better or less than another.

It was also explained that the various of colors I see within this dome of light I call your center field, is where the other colors combine. When you have an inspired thought and/or action of any sort, those colors are what combine in patterns to engage. Our strengths and weaknesses combine for the experience.

I also realized that I see everyone’s extended field (immediate and extended) as flat. Our teams are creating it in this way so I can see the differences and most importantly, understand them. Nothing is truly flat except the base of our Light/Life field. However, there is a variation in the patterns and light frequencies when something is not being engaged with. And even that is over simplifying it.

So, onto my lady’s reading. I could see the black circular energy moving around her field. I have read for her long enough to recognize the energy signature of her husband. When he stood still for a length of time, it created what I would normally call a tear in her field. Her team was clear to tell me it is impossible to tear light. However, it can hmmmmm…. remove the light frequency from that pattern. Even this is not being accurate, but it is as close as I can come with words.

The light of my lady’s center field was truly amazing with outward illumination. It kind of reminded me of a porcupine with its quills out, except hers was all light. When her team showed her husband coming near to her body, the light would dim until he moved away then became super bright again.

I am also being asked to explain there is nothing alive that is ever void of light. What I see as black simply represents a person who lives completely from the ego mind itself.

The next thing that was shown in her reading as her work environment. She works at an art gallery and this truly blew my mind. Altho there are more than just paintings in the art gallery, the focus (again, for simplicty of what I could understand) was on paintings. The artist may have drawn a particular design, but how spirit sees it is a field of light patterns. Amazing and beautiful beyond words. The energy and emotion of the artist combined with the energy of the paint itself, the canvas, even the brush, creates a very unique pattern of light that we see as the painting itself.

Ohhh, once spirit focused on the gallery, it became huge and a 3D structure of Light on her immediate field. Prior to that, I did not see it at all. This is where something becomes enlightened by your presence/interaction with it (even if it is in thought only.)

The next thing they showed us is a customer coming into the gallery who was in a bad mood. His energy interacted with every thing in the gallery and (to use spirits exact word) defiled the light pattern of the artist. Once he left, the energy restored itself.

Then they contrasted that negativity as if it was an employee that came into the store every day. The consistent negative energy would distort the light patterns of the paintings where they could not recover. So whoever purchased the painting took that negative energy output home with them. The new owner could restore the light field of the paining with loving it, consciously or unconsciously.

The next thing I know, we are in a grocery store. Very particularly, in the fruit and vegetable department. Her team allowed me to see the fruits and vegetables as my physical eyes would see them so I knew where we were and to contrast what happens when she walks near them.

First their energy field was down, sort of like dipped onto the floor, as they explained, to keep themselves from absorbing all the different energies of people going in and out of the store. The moment my lady was placed near them, OMG, they had these super excited light strands that spiked straight up in the air and the joy I could feel from them was amazing.

When someone passes anything that is pure of heart, their light field is on high, it is not only noticed (including by the paintings and all things) but celebrated. In the store, these hungry little Beings we call fruits and vegetables took in her light field to nourish themselves, in exchange, sent her nutrients that they contained that she may benefit from.

Of course, we all should know that an equal give and take of energy is crucial for everyone’s well being, all take or all give creates a defiled light pattern… for all parties involved.

If you ever noticed that one person can take fruit or veggies home and they seem to last for ever and another they go to rot quickly, this is due to the quality of light in the environment.

This really goes to reinforce the fact that everything is alive. Everything contains a pattern of living light. Everything is affected by your interaction with it. Interaction being emotionally infused thoughts as well.

Well, there is so much more to share, I suppose tomorrow will be part 4 as the next phase of my day has already started.

So much love wrapped in illuminated ((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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